New Faces Friday: Casey LaBow

Introducing New Faces Friday which is when we introduce a new face on a Friday. Brilliant, huh?

Dear Casey LaBow,

Remember that time we had a round table interview with you & some Twi pals earlier this week? And we got a chance to ask you what you are super passionate about? (Hint: Her answer wasn’t Rob– which is good. One less hot girl WE have to compete with. I THINK WE’RE NEXT GUYS!)

Well, that was fun.

But not as fun as the dude who photoshopped all the character art had this year on the job. The guy was drunk right? And of course I assume it’s a guy– a girl would NEVER do what he did to those beautiful women (and men). More on that later when we’ve recovered long enough to give the pictures a proper Break Down. But it seems like you got the guy on a sober day– you look pretty decent:

Most people don’t know too much about you. But since I’m a 75 year old woman and I watch ALL of the CBS crime shows (Surprised?) I remember you as the Mac-obsessed loveable yet totally creepy Ella. Someone else liked you as Ella too because she took 4 hours out of her day (confessed in the details of the video) to make fan vid:


(And someone remind to do research before interviewing a potentially ex girlfriend of Ryan Gosling.) I found this headline on the every-so-reliable RadarOnline:

Casey LaBow and Ryan Gosling a Couple: Who is Casey LaBow?

Casey LaBow is a girl I sat 3 people from a dinner in LA a few weeks ago oblivious to the fact that I was mere inches from someone who was seen with Ryan Gosling. And maybe dated him according to an unreliable source.

I failed the fandom, guys. I’m sorry. (The Twilight/Ryan Gosling crossover fandom, I mean. Which is every girl. Every where.)

NOW WE HAVE SO MUCH MORE TO TALK TO YOU ABOUT CASEY! Can we get an interview do-over?


The First two questions with Casey LaBow are available below. She plays Kate. It’s okay that you didn’t know that. #ThatsNormal

The rest are available over at

Q: Can you tell us about your audition process for the role of Kate?
A: I believe it was five [auditions], if I remember correctly, it was four or five. Initially, they didn’t tell us which part was for, it was for a “Russian sister.” We weren’t given the exact specifications and we were given these fake scenes that were sort of relevant to the story but weren’t actually from the script. They were sort of this rewrite to make it ambiguous so we wouldn’t know who it was, because if you didn’t get the part they didn’t want you walking away with any plot details. I went back in several different times, they wanted me to do different things like straighten my hair because they thought it looked too much like somebody else, then they gave me some new material. There were a lot of people who had to make the decision and everyone had to come in line. It was my part they had some trouble with because according to Maggie [Grace] and MyAnna [Buring] they just sent tapes in and several weeks later found out they got the role. I didn’t have as easy of a time getting the job.

Q: At what point did you first meet Lee Pace and what was it like working with him?
A: I absolutely adore that man, he is just a delight! You have to get really close to a person when they’re playing your lover, and we just got along right away. I met him on set the first day and the first scene we shot together we had already progressed quickly through the love story so we had to pull it all together right away.

Go over to to read the rest of the interview.

Oh guys there’s more from where this came from. Guess when??? That’s right. On FRIDAY!

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