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Remember that whole Robsten thing? Well…

Dear LTT-ers,

If you were not on Twitter late yesterday (west coast time) than you might have missed ALLLLL this:

Kristen Cheats on Rob! – US Weekly

Kristen Stewart cheats on Robert Pattinson with married director –People

Kristen Stewart “Made a Mistake” and feels “Awful” for cheating on Robert Pattinson – Gossip Cop

uhhhh… YIKES!

So when my phone started blowing up with texts from far and wide asking what was going on/what was happening/WHYGODWHY/Why should she do that and UC texting unintelligible things like ZOMGROmKirstncheeteosjhasisdj!!!!!jn!_!! I knew Twitter would be a mess and MAN did it not disappoint. We’re talking a 2009 era explosion among the fandom. I saw people who hadn’t tweeted in years come out of the wood work to weigh in, Nutty Madam was confounded, the fandom Glitterati came out in force to share their thoughts!

To say it was/is spectacular is an understatement. We hadn’t seen this much creativity and hilarity in months. Thank you fandom Gods for seeing to it that we got Christmas in July and that I wasn’t half way across the world when it happened. Since the story is still developing and since we couldn’t let you miss out on a single moment, we’re going to be bringing you all the best from Twitter and around the nets all day. Stay tuned here for a the best of the best in Krupbert-Robsten-gate.

Moon & UC


Always the voice of reason and my blogging idol Micheal K from Dlisted has A LOT (of awesome things) to say about this

Every Twihard Just Melted Into a Puddle of Sparkly Misery – Dlisted

PS Michael we beat you to the Nutty Madam response. BEHOLD the twitter convo:

Now Nutty Madam is an elegant lady who is refraining from a reaction video (sadly) because she supports Twi and all it’s endeavors but just think about the possibilities and what might have been… 🙂

More as the story develops… (I think that’s the first and only time we’ll ever say that)

Tweets we Love (authors are anonymous)

She was careless. Her popularity will plummet. She has jeopardized sequels to SWATH & put BD at risk. No studio will want her. And with a director? Oh god.

Cuz when someone cheats in Hollywood it usually does completely ruin their career:

The spectulation about “the pictures”

so i am not in the crazy robsten forever and she woudl NEVER..but the ones standing..way too tall to be her, unless
she has heels on


These things we know to be true:

somewhere out there, michael angarano is having a pretty good day.

@joshuahorowitz sir, you know you secretly in the corner whisphering, “yes” because you think you have a chance with him. Don’t play

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  • MarbleNutSlut

    I would like to preface my remarks by acknowledging that it sucks that two humans have to go through this so publicly. I know it’s celebrity culture and all, but I feel for them as fellow humans, and acknowledge that actual feelings by actual people are involved, and I have compassion for them. I truly do.

    However, I don’t so much have compassion for the people who are so invested in two total stranger’s love lives that they actually freak about this.

    SO! That said:

    Just LOL’d at “Cuz when someone cheats in Hollywood it usually does completely ruin their career”

    I thought about Nutty Madam, too! I want a reaction video!

    • GoWithIt

      I was just revisiting the Robsten Trampire breakup after a weekend relatively away. Mr. GoWithIt was asking about the latest developments, and I explained that it was still speculation as Kristen has not made any more public appeals, and Rob likes to joke and give fucks and tell fibs, but does not like to tell his real life business to people. I then explained that I would have totally gone the get married and have his babies route if I were Kristen, but to each her own. I then got giddy and carried on, and Mr. GoWithIt informed me I was making things awkward. I gave him a reassuring “Oh honey, I’m sure there is somebody you’d like to impregnate”.

  • It’s so beautiful. 

  • TeamJacobEdward

    I am guessing the world’s orbital path will shift with all the world’s female populous flocking to UK in hopes that Rob chooses them to drown his sorrows in Stoli with.
    And I’m pretty sure everyone w/in a ten-cube radius heard my very loud giggle when I read this:  “somewhere out there, michael angarano is having a pretty good day.”  Thanks for that girls.  🙂

  • Edible Art ?

    I blame Summit……

    Ha ! didn’t think I’d ever get to use that again

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  • Luludee

    Hmm, People is claiming that KStew issued a public apology.
    I laughed, because it screams FAKE to me. It reads like something from a fan fiction. KStew and “public” don’t exactly mesh. 

  • Alice_NaA

    Wait. Is he going down on her in that picture in the car? Can we discuss this please?

    • TeamJacobEdward

      It totally does look like that, doesn’t it!

    • We can discuss that endlessly…

  • Crisvillacci

    For three YEARS the papi could catch one good makeout pic of robsten, the only confirmation (to my knowledge) they were even a real couple was her off camera my bf is.english omission…suddenly shes making out w a married producer in daylight…sounds like a fishy publicity stunt or attempt at neg press…shes so closed lip about even dating Rob, suddenly shes vowing he love n apologies throuh people magazine…somethings off…

    • purplescool

      I agree… something doesn’t add up…I mean for someone who studiously tries to avoid being photographed at all costs, why would she be stupid enough to be with a married man in areas where there could be papparazzi (i.e. anywhere in the world outside of a private home)?  But then, maybe she wanted out of the relationship…this is certainly one way to do it…

      • GoWithIt

        Super horny or very strange publicity stunt are the only assumptions that can be made here. Or super horny publicity stunt I guess. 

  • janetrigs

    Seriously, your Tags for this post could have been golden. But you’ll make it up to me, I am sure.

  • TeamJacobEdward

    Am I the only one waiting for an official comment from KStewboy?

    • MarbleNutSlut


  • Venom

    Ted_casablanca has an interesting tweet
    About this which makes me wonder…

  • BeaDee

    Today could have been such a productive day. But instead of ironing and canning I’ve been reading all your tweets. It’s the once-a-year Twi-event that makes me wish I bothered w/ Twitter (Rob driving that boat in Brazil, the leaked sex scene…). Part of my head thinks it’s a “Robsten speculation was over, we need something new” publicity stunt… Blame Summit! But the obvious man for that job is her SWATH prince, new HG it-boy. The married director twice her age is just yucky. And she and Summit have gone to a lot of work to make her likable in the last year! I can’t wait for the tell-all book that explains not only what was really going on with the actors but also in the Publicity department. They can call it, “Real or Not Real?” to cross-promote thanks to the Lionsgate merger. I’m totally going to embarrass my kids by reading it poolside.

    • TeamSeth

       Blame Summit! HAHA. I can’t even blame Nikki for this one, she seemed all grows up at SDCC. Nikki Blame days are over.

      And to think, 2 days ago we cared about 50 Shades…

      • BeaDee

        Nikki is frighteningly likable these days, yes. But, when in doubt, blame Summit. Is there any way to blame the wig department specifically?

    • TeamSeth

       Also, ironing and canning?! I thought you lived in WA not Laura Ingalls Wilder books! 😉

      • BeaDee

        This is totally funny to me because I used to work as an interpreter at a museum w/ a working 19th century farm… so I kind of did live in Laura Ingalls books. Now I’m just to cheap to let the husband take his shirts to the cleaners and get a weird amount of satisfaction out of full Mason jars.

  • TeamSeth

    Sadly I’m on travel today, so I missed the bulk of the explosion. Fortunately, I’m on travel today, so I just saw a group of three girls walk by. One holding Harry Potter book 7, the other two fully immersed in Us Weekly’s KStew Cheats article. All of them speaking German. I LOVE AMERICA on days like these!!!

    (fuck, I need a beer… my flight was delayed 4 hours, and STILL i did not get to go see NattingYeahRobber cuz the timing didn’t work out! Such sadness… is now delirium)

    Anyway, KStewBoy, good news for you, right? 🙂

    Someone text me when Dan Cudmore and his girlfriend/fiance thing split up 😉

  • bnewby

    Oh my goodness… in all the media madness today, I came across this site. Y’all are hilarious. “Somewhere out there Michael Angarano is having a pretty good day” Genius. I may or may not have just spent the last 2 hours reading older posts.  

    • BeaDee


  • Ok, so this all sucks.  I don’t like cheering for the ‘bad guy’.  It was always tough hoeing (pun sort-of intended) being a Kristen fan, but now it’s going to be very, very, very tough.
    Yes, she slept with a 40-year old father of two. But it wasn’t me… but now I know she wouldn’t be turned off by my age!
    I just really fear that this PERSONAL stuff will affect her career. I just want to see her in movies and magazines and on red carpets in sexy dresses. Anything that reduces the number of times I see her in the media is bad for me.
    Did you see her in the leather pants at the TCA? I mean wow. Please don’t tell me that I won’t get glimpses of that kinda goodness anymore.
    Kristen, my flame for you hasn’t gone out! I’m almost 40. Married. Two kids. Call me.
    (End of half-drunk incoherent post.  I’m on holidays. I shouldn’t even be near my computer. I love LTT!!!)

    • BeaDee

      It’s totally normal that we all kept thinking about you today while reading this craziness. (Your blog post today is brilliantly classy.) 

    • MarbleNutSlut

       See above. You know Liz Taylor had like, 55 husbands, right? I think your girl is okay.

      • As usual, MNS is 100% right.  You need a talk show of your own. Srsly.

        • TeamSeth

           Ironically, she has one!

          • MarbleNutSlut

             well, I am the foul mouthed foil to a very smart but very boring political pundit. I do talk about Twilight way more than you would think possible in a liberal progressive political podcast, though.

    • TeamJacobEdward

      I’ve been waiting for your comment on this (see above).

      Thank you for not disapointing.

  • G…
  • GMB

    jeez.. and I was just starting to like her…

    • BeaDee

      That was absolutely my first thought. Well, second, I guess, right after, “Wait, US Weekly has a story that’s true?”

      • GoWithIt

        I am constantly surprised how many times all those rumours are true. 

  • lovindashow
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