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Ain’t No Lie Baby, Bye Bye Bye

**Read the finale letter at 12PM EST.**
***If you’re a true sadist like me, I included some music at the end to listen to while reading*** 

Dear Twilight-

It’s weird to be writing my last official letter to you after four years of a near contant stream of crazy, stupid, and awesome. While writing a different letter a few days ago I was searching for some particular pictures and ran across so many old, epic posts, that I sent UC an email titled “WE DID THIS SHIT!!” and then I just put a ton of links of us posing for pictures with people like Sam Bradley and the Bananager and stories from Twicons and a a little fanfic I wrote called Inside Our Home. YEA, we did do all. that. shit! And it was fun. A LOT of fun!

The last fours years have taught me so much about myself that I never knew was possible. You know how they say to make a habit you have to do something consistently for 30 days? Try writing something “creative” (I’ll use quote marks here because they weren’t ALL great!) EVERY DAY for almost 800 days and not learning something about yourself. Impossible! Even when I had bad days or off days I knew there were people out there who would want to read a letter the next morning no matter what. I learned that there were people who the only time they got to laugh during the day was at our site, I learned that people go through terrible things yet life moves on and sometimes Twilight or a couple of girls can help you get through it. Talk about motivation! Talk about life lessons.

The ship that launched a thousand blogs.

Things I’ve Learned:

  • Just when I think I’m done I need to proof about 20 more times (yes, I love typos)
  • I can blog in a stupor at 3AM from a friends computer after I vaguely tell him I have a “deadline” for a secret blog he knows nothing about
  • Some people are SUPER amazing and awesome and treat you like family even if you’ve never met
  • Some people are super mean and terrible and will Tweet about you from the same room instead of saying mean things to your face
  • Twilight really does bring people together
  • Krisbians will NEVER understand us
  • Once someone finds out you blog about Twilight, they will tell EVERYONE
  • Everyone is secretly (or not so secretly) fascinated by Twilight
  • When you’re out of ideas or need a one liner UC is always a text or instant message away with a home run. She hits a lot of home runs. Though she probably doesn’t know what sport a home run comes from.

These girls

I’ve learned a lot in the last four years, but just like Victoria in the films I’ve changed a lot as well. Ok, maybe I haven’t become a totally different person in a heinous  red wig, but you get the point. In the last four years we’ve been writing letters…

  • I’ve lived in 2 houses
  • I’ve had about 4 different jobs
  • I’ve traveled to 6 countries outside of the states
  • I’ve covered 2 Twilight red carpet premieres
  • I’ve interviewed Stephenie Meyer and actually said the words “Fuck, Kill or Marry” to her while others stared in horror
  • I’ve gained too many friends to count
  • I’ve re-discovered 1 unbelievable best friend and business partner

UC once said that we could’ve been halfway through schooling to become doctors if we’d decided to apply ourselves to studying medicine instead of studying what hat Robert Pattinson wore to a bar the previous night. To that I say BORING!!! I’ll let the doctors do what they do best and I’ll stick to photoshopping Taylor’s face onto an alpaca. Cause that is totally normal. So who knows what will happen in the next four years, maybe Kit Harrington will tell us he needs to use the bathroom at a red carpet event or Ryan Gosling will agree to our polygamist lifestyle contract we created. Who knows, but one thing’s for sure, I want UC involved.

We did it our way

After we started LTT and LTR UC and I would have regular discussions about how we could play with “the big kids” and get invited to special stuff and gain tons of readers. Every time we’d come to the conclusion that none of that was worth it if we couldn’t continue writing the blogs our way. I’m so glad we stuck to our guns and talked about Twilight  our way because it ended up turning out exactly how we wanted it to, it just took a little longer. But it was SO worth it. A big thank you goes out to each and every reader and follower we’ve had along the way for sticking with us and proving that what we were saying wasn’t totally crazy and that there were more Twilight fans out there who were just like us and wanted to be represented like we did. I hope we did you proud.

This was the day I knew…

UC – You told me you cried writing your name for the “last” time and I laughed. Well, I just wrote your name and started crying, so I guess we’re even. And I guess it’s finally hitting me. After four years I don’t think we have anything left unsaid on the subject but I want you to know you’re amazing and talented and special and a heck of a business partner. Really, without you pushing me sometimes things wouldn’t get done. I appreciate that about you and I appreciate that we both recognize our strengths and weaknesses and have pushed each other to shine in our strengths rather than try to be something we’re not. People have asked me how we’ve made it work when so many partnerships fail and I think it really comes down to just that, we both know what we do best and we do it. There’s no ego or passive aggressive BS, just two friends doing something they really love together. Who would have thunk it? We’ve seen, done and heard a lot of crazy shit in the past four years and I knew we were meant to be because we’d ALWAYS be on the same page about it. Thank you for getting me and getting us and having the same vision for this blog as I did. Now go wipe your eyes, we have another blog to blow up.
So yes, Twilight, we came, we saw, we laughed and WE DID THIS SHIT. It’s been a mind blowing four years that I don’t think I’ll fully comprehend for many years to come.

Thank you for everything.

PS See you at That’s Normal!

These guys

PPS A HUGE HUGE special hug and thank you to all those who have contributed over the years by sending in letters, commenting, tweeting, giving us ideas and generally just being supportive. We couldn’t have done it without you. To the LTT family – White Yorkie, The Font, Brooke and Mr. Choice. To all those past and present who have kept the forum lively and working- JodieO, Zephyr, KelBel, Kristin, Jena and Dancing Echoes. To our friends at Summit- Ryan, Matt, Ramzy, Nancy and Jack, thanks for accepting us and trusting our form of Twilight love. To Rob. Why not? To Meghan, there are 24 usable hours in the day. Someday I’ll use them all, like you. To the Twilight family of sites and Bitchin’ Bloggers: Will, Elena, Gozde, Lauren, Erin, Abbey, Allison, Andrew, Kaleb, Laura, Matt, Heidi, Lori, Jen, Kimmy, Michelle, Kate and Patty! You’ve been invaluable resources and most of all good friends! To my SoCal friends who happen to love Twilight, thank you for doing all that stuff with me. To our Twilight cast pals- Thanks for acting like we’re not crazy (we are). And an even bigger thank you to Stephenie Meyer for getting us started and for helping provide the amazing content we spent four years writing about. Thank you for getting us. Thank you for Edward and Bella and Jacob. Thank you for being the reason UC and I reunited. And really, the offer still stands. If you need a place to escape and a computer… the closet is open.

And because I never do anything without music… follow the jump for some tunes to listen to while you read this…

  • BrookeLockart

    I’m going to need therapy…again. I CANNOT QUIT THIS. WAHHHHH

    • itshowtimenikki

      again. ha.

    • Nelle

      I’ll miss your posts. I think the first one I read was one of yours.

      • BrookeLockart

        Aww, thanks @c7d45f10e31f35c1a2658db703c3b838:disqus! You can find me over on thats-normal.com I am using my real name there. And I posted today! Come play!

  • Love the music! Dude…beginning of We Found Love….deep.

    • itshowtimenikki

      oh Rhirhi

  • debbiedoo89

    going to see bd2 for the first time today with my 20 yr old daughter…we like to wait until the crowds thin out to go. am very excited!!!!

    • haha. YAY!

    • itshowtimenikki

      how have you not been spoiled by now?!

  • janetrigs

    EFFERY. Hooker

    • itshowtimenikki


  • nat_meadows

    from one lurker who has been reading this blog every day for the past 3 years i am truly grateful for your wonderfully funny stories. My daily ritual will need some tweaking now. You both have such and amazing talent and I am so glad I came across this site. It is the only twilight site i have stuck with after all this time.

  • TeamJacobEdward

    What? I can’t. What are you saying? No! No! You can’t go! We have to be together!

  • I’m gonna get this post printed on a pillow. And keep it on my bed next to the Edward Cullen pillow. love you forever. (ps you forgot to thank T&W)

    • itshowtimenikki

      they’re thanked every day. duh.

    • itshowtimenikki

      i’ll send the edward duvet cover back if you want to add that to your collection.

  • Nelle

    My calendar pages will be blank and all I’ll hear in my head is “There’s a possibility…” Thank UC and Moon.

    • itshowtimenikki

      are you sitting in your chair or emailing alice?

  • Luludee

    Love you too Moon!! <3

  • KStewBoy

    I am currently in the third stage of the Kübler-Ross model of grief. Bargaining. Is there anything I can do to keep this from ending? What can I negotiate for 5 more months? I don’t want to get to stage 4. Stage 4 scares me…

    • itshowtimenikki

      go to TN. maybe you can be our KStew correspondent

      • KStewBoy

        I’m already at TN. We’re only just flirting – I’m not in love yet. It’s too soon.

        …KStew correspondent sounds like a position I could fit myself into 😉

  • alice_av

    I should be working but instead i’m reading LTT, and I’m sniffing I will miss this, even I already follow That’snormal.. keep it up girls. And thank you for these wonderful years of laughs. Best wishessssssss

  • operarose

    Well said and congrats on the past 4 years! I am glad that you stuck with your own brand of Twi blogging/humor. It proves that if you write well and genuinely then readers will follow & appreciate it all the more.

  • lovindashow

    Thank you guys for all the laughs. It’s been a fun ride I’ll never forget.

  • Sisterpenguin

    I’m tempted to do a reaction video a la Nutty Madam but it’d be more the snotty cry scene from Truly Madly Deeply – “But I just miss them so much!!!”

    • TeamSeth

      And by “I’m tempted to” you mean that you did it and now you’re trying to see if you should post it? Because the answer is YES.

  • Lali

    I am so glad I found this blog a couple of years back. Although I seldom commented, I read all of your posts. You will truly be missed by this big fan of yours! Now I am off to follow you on your new blog!

  • stupidshiny

    I’m one of those people who Twilight ‘saved’ (not really but I was at a real low point…) and then I found you. What a ride this has been too! 🙂 Even though I want to be thanking you and Twilight I have to acknowledge that it’s the interwebs that has brought so many people together on this. Ugh this post is weird 🙁 Anyhoo thanks for the ride girls it’s been grand. See you on the flipside… *hearts

  • TeamSeth

    Pauses for tears to stop.

    Okay. No. I’ll be back later.

  • Blondieinco

    Thanks again for this amazing blog!! I’ll be seeing you over at TN 🙂

  • Tryshlynn

    I’m going to miss your stories with your unique sense of humor. Often I would read your letters with my coworkers and we would laugh and say “that sounds like something we would say!” Not many people get our sense of humor, but you ladies did and understood how we feel about this little series.

  • chicken.lady

    Another lurker here that is so grateful and have enjoyed this blog so much. Buzz words that you have written has become a fiber of our group of Twi ladies (aka ‘Older Woman’s Group’). Last get together there were group pictures doing the ‘leg hitch.’ I mean where else but HERE did we all know about that without ever discussing it? And so loved when you both commented about Rob’s pants in Eclipse, practicing for the newborns. ( I thought it was just me that hated those damn pants!) and I still smile everytime I think of you guys wanting to yell: ‘Beller is alive!’ when you saw Michael Sheen.

    I mean this is really IT? THE.END. NOOOOOO (pounding my head against the wall.) Can’t we just end it with……like….. forever ???
    Ok, pulling myself back together: **zero weirdness** saying it out loud ** and feeling very normal: thank you UC & Moon

  • MsJBell

    I feel like I should leave a comment, but I have no words. I smiled the whole time reading that. For some reason the thing that sticks out in my mind is the “conference call” we had about the forum when it was in the development stage. LOL I was so nervous to talk to the ACTUAL Moon & UC. Thanks for the memories ladies, and thanks for the blog. No joke, my life wouldn’t have been so awesome the past four years without it. xo

    • awwww it’s you!!! I remember that call— oh man… the “business” side of things always felt so silly….. Love you girl! Hope you’re well x

  • Dazzled Cathy

    OME! just tell me a lá Michael Bolton how I am suppose to live without you? you girls have been my rock the last couple of years my escape from reality and at the same time the reason I feel normal and happier since I know there is real normal people out there lik you. Thank you for your enthusiam, energy, the talent and the great times we had here…You are my botox I can go 10 yeas younger with you… I feel 25 again well actually a teen everytime I read you….:) You guys are not planing on putting down the site aren’t you? there is plenty we could re-read…Hope someday we’ll be organizing a get together reunion and I’ll cross the pond to meet you…would be really special.. Thanks again!

  • Dazzled Cathy

    Just amazing! thank you girls again! just love everything…gonna miss you…

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