We’re back: We just HAD to comment on this Twilight news

Hey guys! Remember us? YOU BETTER. OR ELSE

Well, we’re back with some REAL QUICK thoughts over on That’s Normal about the BIG 2014 TWILIGHT NEWS. Oh you don’t know what we’re talking about? Nikki Reed and Paul McDonald are getting divorced you guys.


no really, We cue it, embed it & so much more over on That’s Normal today. So you need to read.

We miss you guys like, WHOA. It was fun to be “UC and Moon” again for a hot minute.

What have YOU been up to!?

#TwilightForever You guys

UC and Moon

UC and Moon are Back for a Real Quick Minute >>


  • Jeanne

    Dear Twilight, While cleaning up my passwords note book I ran across LTT and the Twilight fan fiction world. It’s 2016 and we have all moved on but it sure was fun. Your humor and sarcasm kept me laughing.
    Please do a reunion, like Oprah, “Where are they now” Look at all the material you would have…Kristin really is gay, Rob dates an exotic dancer, Nikki is married to a vampire, no one can find Taylor as he’s most likely running in the woods of the northwest.
    What are you and Moon doing now?

  • Angela

    So midnight sun?

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