Harry Potter Vs. Twilight

This is spoiler free, but I can’t promise the comments are

Dear Harry & Edward (love me through that),

Damn you auto correct!

Yep. This is what we’re discussing today. The whole world is talking Harry Potter, so I’m using my Twilight blog to do that as well. Deal with it. I’m a “Harry Potter-Coma” having just seen the movie a few hours ago and I can’t get Ron and his BROAD SHOULDERS out of my head. I also love the irony that when I typed “RON IS SO HOT” in a text to someone on my iPhone, it auto-corrected that to “ROB IS SO HOT.” Apparently when I talk about Rob Pattinson, my phone wants me to call him Ron, but when Ron Weasley is the topic of conversation, the phone thinks he should be called “Rob.” Sigh… technology… All that to say, I love Rob & Ron and I don’t care what you call either- I still love them both.

Best Halloween ever

First on the agenda is how badly I wanted to wear my Hermione cape from Halloween a few years ago and my Harry Potter glasses to the movie, but we were rushing out the door & I couldn’t find them. (But my bff’s husband did show up to the movie wearing a “New Moon” baseball cap he stole from my “Box-o-crap” from Stephenie Meyer, cocked to the side. He’s 36 years old. And walked out after the movie, exclaiming loudly “That was good, but it’s no New Moon.” Jerk) And it got me thinking… why am I comfortable showing up to a Sunday matinee of Harry Potter dressed as a high school “logical” witch (loved that line) but would NEVER dress up like Bella and go see a Twilight film? Is it that I’m too invested in this fandom? I know “too much” (cue vampire killing scene)? And I fear that by showing a little Twilight spirit in the movie theater I’d be compared to That #1 Twilight fan who’s clearly on “The List?” I’ve seen too many Twi-crazies in my day & know better? But there are Harry Potter crazies too. Like this guy. In fact, Harry Potter crazies are probably weirder than Twi-crazies because of the magic-aspect. And their crazy fans tend to be boys who dress up like boy wizards. Weird. What if there is a LTHP (Letters to Harry Potter)-like site out there right now that makes fun of crazy Harry Potter fans like we do with Twi-fans? What if I had dressed up like Hermione & ended up on their site starring under the post “2nd-hand embarrassing grown Harry Potter fans?” I WOULDN’T CARE! I’d welcome that title. Seriously. I’d be proud. I’d tell my friends, I’d post a copy in the elevator of my building, I’d include it in my Christmas letter! Is that because I know deep down that despite being a huge fan, I’m not a crazy Harry Potter fan? And if so, does my lack of desire to dress in anything that connects me to the crazies of the Twilight fandom mean that I know, deep down, I really am a crazy Twi-fan? So many questions…. so little time. I need a time-turner. Hermione is so lucky.

As Mr. Choice & I were driving home, he mentioned that he thinks the story J.K. Rowling created was one of the best of the past 1,000 years. (Why the past 1,000 years and not the past 100? I have no idea. But I think it has something to do with the flask of whiskey he suck into the theater) And I agreed. The story is incredible. And he’s only seen the movies. That’s impressive and means the movies do a lot to pay tribute to the greatness of J.K. Rowling’s words. And so I told him that makes me even more convinced that Stephenie Meyer’s story is the sole reason for the success of the Twilight saga. After he was done rolling his eyes because I, once again, brought Twilight into something non-Twilight, he said, “Well, duh, it’s her story.” But no.. hear me out: He loves Harry Potter a TON and will never read the books. I know a lot of people like that. I cannot name one person who really enjoyed the Twilight saga movies and then didn’t read the books. I can name a LOT of people who didn’t read the books and also did not enjoy the movies. It’s possible for someone to see a Twilight movie & get interested in the story. But it isn’t until after they read the whole world Stephenie created that they are really entranced by Bella & Edward. I think the movie might wet their appetite & then the books seal the deal. And let’s be honest, the movies aren’t that great. I’ve said it before & I’ll say it again (unless there’s a sex scene like in The Notebook- should I even bother subliminally entering that into my letters? The scene was already shot- any room in the budget for re-shoots if I keep begging!?) So it shouldn’t surprise anyone that a lot of people are turned off by the movies & never give the books a chance. And despite the so-so films, Twilight has been one of the most wildly successful book series & sagas of recent memory. That is all due to one Miss- err Mrs. Stephenie Meyer. She created this story where WE feel like we’re Bella. We connect to her because it could have been our teenaged-selves! Everything is full of angst when you’re a teenager! And I think that’s hard to translate to the movie screen- maybe even harder than apparating in the middle of a wand fight or flushing someone down the toilet. Okay, maybe that’s hard too, but you know what I’m saying…..

Team Edward, we have competition. And she's rich

And speaking of comparing “Twilight vs. Harry Potter” (as I’ve called today’s letter) WHY IS ANYONE DOING THAT!? There is NO comparison. They are SO completely different! Sure, we can compare box office numbers: Last year New Moon opened this same weekend with almost 20 million more in revenue. WIN for Twilight. We can compare book sales: J.K. Rowling has sold more than 400 million. Stephenie has only sold 100 million plus. WIN for HP. We can compare how we feel after seeing each movie: During Eclipse I shed a few tears & felt gooey in my insides for “Ron.” During Harry Potter yesterday I cried like 4 times and felt gooey for “Rob.” It’s a tie. Why do people feel the need to compare & contrast two successful franchises? Can’t they both just be successful & yet completely different? Does one have to be “better” than the other? I write a Twilight blog, not a Harry Potter blog, does that mean I decided Twilight was better? I LOVE Harry Potter. I LOVE Twilight. Don’t make me choose between them!! That’s like saying choose between Rob Pattinson & Ryan Gosling. Why do I have to choose? I’ll take them both! You can find similar traits the guys share- or similar themes or qualities of the movies & books and then decide what excels in certain categories, but overall, they are what they are: Twilight has emerged as the best vampire series. Harry Potter is the best for the boy Wizards of the world. Oh, and don’t forget Hunger Games- that’s the best story of societal downfall & oppression of people. And Lords of the Rings wins for religious themes! And sometimes when you want a good cry, you just want to crack open a Nicolas Sparks book and watch him kill off your favorite character. Dammit- let me love what I love!!

That felt good. I like Harry Potter vs. Twilight days.
In conclusion, this video rules if you haven’t seen it yet. If you have, watch again. Pay attention to the last part. Twilight & Harry Potter just can’t escape each other:


What do you think the fascination of comparing Harry Potter & Twilight stems from? Can we blame it on Rob Pattinson aka Cedric Diggory? Would YOU Dress up to go see either movie?

FYI: If you discuss a spoiler, make sure to mark it  SPOILER nice & big & leave a few blank lines in the comments so no one gets spoiled!!!

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Cheating on Twilight with the Hunger Games

Can you believe that in 20 months of blogging Moon & I have never been gone at the same time? Well, we broke our streak of blogging perfection & we’re BOTH gone this week. Moon is in Africa being selfless caring for kids & I’m sipping champy from a can on a beach in South Carolina (and meeting LTT friend @lula34 for the FIRST time in person!) We were tempted to hang up a “Gone Fishin’ ” sign this week and say “see ya next week” BUT… we resisted. We’ll be bringing you fan letters, some fun posts & mostly just have a simple week. So rest up as we do too and we’ll be back with you next week! Oh- pending comments will be approved but slower than usual- Moon has to send me an owl from Kenya then I use send a telegram to Stephenie Meyer asking her to approve new comments- she’s the only one we trust.  You’re in good hands today- Obird Moon’s favorite “boobs in the shoes” girl takes the reigns today and has a shocking confession!

Looks like there's a new kid on the block...

Dear Twilight Saga,

I have a confession to make….you might want to buckle your seat belt.  I am fully anticipating being shot at dawn for my crimes, but I have to come clean.  The weight of my transgressions are just too much to carry and I just can’t take the guilt any longer.  So, here it is.  I have been cheating on you.  (ducking head to avoid the onslaught of flaming darts from the Twihards)  But wait, before you break-up with me please hear me out….I mean we were “on a break” and all.  Who was it you ask?   Well, if you really MUST know it was Suzanne Collins’ Hunger Games Series.  I couldn’t help myself….actually, I blame Janetrigs and Lula with their “Real Books are the ONLY way jazz”….and when the two of them love a book and tell you to read it….YOU DO IT!  How many times can one person read #PeetaOwnsMe on twitter and not be curious??  I’m only human after all.  I mean even the Queen Bee herself has a gleaming review on the back of the book.  I told myself I would just read a few chapters to see if I liked it.  I seriously didn’t even think I would like it….there aren’t even any cool hands holding apples on the front cover….it’s just some weird bird with an arrow in it’s mouth.  Alas, I was weak and it sucked me in with its amazingness from chapter one.

Now I know this might be a little premature because the Hunger Games trilogy is not yet complete (Mockingjay comes out 8/24/2010 count it down peeps), but I might go as far to say I think this series may be the “next Twilight”.  <—insert record screeching, car crashing, baby crying, woman screaming, apocalyptic mass hysteria  etc.  WAIT….don’t leave….I’m not saying it will REPLACE Twilight, but it just might be the next in line to take the YA fandom by storm.  So, being a major Twi fangirl fail I took to to my email to see if I was totally going crazy!  Thank goodness I had both Lula and Freya to help me work through the guilt…..proceed with caution and an open mind.  PS….slight spoilers ahead.

It's a fandom when the creepy drawings show up.

The first question Twi vs. Hunger Games……and GOOOOOO!!!

Lula:  Twilight is the brooding romantic fluff that we all love, the other is young adult literature with a strong heroine & sensitive subject matter with a Sci-Fi bent.  There is room for both!

Obird: I completely agree.  I mean Twi will ALWAYS be very special, but I was so taken a back by how much I loved Hunger Games.  It is the first set of books since Twilight that gave me that “special feeling”….twss.

Lula: Loving another series isn’t a traitorous act.  Like ebony & ivory, I don’t see why Twilight and Hunger Games can’t live together in perfect harmony.

Obird: I mean even SM loved them and couldn’t put them down….If that is a “get out of jail free” pass, I don’t know what is.

Then I pulled out the serious guns….aka my tweed jacket and brought Freya into the mix…..

Freya: The Twilight series were the right books at the right time for me.  I needed an Edward in my life; that romantic, protective hero who would sacrifice anything for the one he loves.  It was very satisfying, and I got hooked into the series.

Obird: Amen lady.

Freya: Hunger Games has not made me obsess like Twi did, but there are elements about it that are superior to Twi.

Obird: Well, I think I might have to join a support group, so give me an example.

Freya:  Katniss.  Katniss is extraordinary.  Bella downplays any talents that she might have (although I do think that Bella is more interesting and talented than she gives herself credit for), but Katniss knows that there are things she can do that are better than others.  She’s not vain, she just has some confidence in herself.

Obird: Yes, I totally fangirl over her with the bow and arrows….I wish I had at least some sweet nunchuck skills!!  Ok, I’m gonna hit below the belt ladies.  Peeta vs. Edward.

Lula: When Katniss kisses Peeta and says that for the first time since they were in the cave together, in the first Games, she “felt that thing again…something stir deep inside. Instead of satisfying me, the kisses have the opposite effect, of making my need greater.  I thought I was something of an expert on hunger, but this is an entirely new kind.”  That. Right there.  That my friend did it for me….slayed me, completed me more than any meadow scene or cold breathy kisses. ‘Cause that right there was freaking amazing….beautiful…frightening….HOT.

I'm team falafel

Freya: Edward vs. Peeta….Must I choose?  They’re so different.  So I’ll differentiate this way:
I would want Edward:
To do home renovations
To buy me presents
To be on my dodgeball team
To help me do math

I would want Peeta:
To snuggle with
To make secret plans with
To make decisions with (because I would get a say)
To go into business with

Obird: I guess I could settle for a Peeta/Edward sandwhich….heavy on the Peeta ’cause y’all know I’m a sucker for the carbs.

Well, fear not I will always love Twilight and nothing can take that away, but I must say I have enjoyed my torrid affair.  Hey, I will even share!  If you haven’t read Hunger Games…..GO READ IT!!  You will love it….and like Lula says….that’s ok.  There is room for both in your heart…I promise….you know ebony and ivory and all that jazz! If you have already read HG what are your thoughts???  Do you want a Peeta/Edward sammy??

Thanks to Freya and Lula for talking me off the ledge and making me want to play dodgeball at 1:30 am….you ladies rule.

Don’t forget “WE WERE ON A BREAK”


So what say you? Do you feel like you’re cheating on Twilight when you read and love other stuff or do you understand there’s room for lots of great stories in your life? Who’s read Hunger Games?

And hey… even though it’s not true… what the heck:

Hey- have you sent in anything for “While Moon was Gone” yet!?

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A healthy debate: Kristen Stewart's Acting

Throughout this letter I’m going to use something called sarcasm. Unfamiliar? Read this. Many people hate Kristen Stewart because they are sadface that she is (apparently) with Robert Pattinson. I am one of them. I cannot judge Kristen Stewart fairly without thinking of her with Robert Pattinson. She does a commercial for cat litter and surrounds herself with 18 little white kittens? I hate it because all I can think about is how she gets to do Rob Pattinson after she gets to play with all those adorable kittens. In Adventureland she does a sex scene with a douche-bag married to a Woody Allen darling? She is an automatic awful fake movie sexer because she’s having the real sex with Rob Pattinson. Remember, Read this if you have any questions.

Dear Twilosophy Debate Class 101,

Today we’re going to have a healthy debate. Any questions?

Why are you opening THIS can of worms when we have had peace on LTT for awhile and Robsteners/Nonsteners/Swiftners/Non-Swiftnerers (Wait a second- WHO could be a Non-Swiftnerer? Seriously? Have you seen these two? So freakin’ adorable) have been getting along?

Well, I’ve been thinking a lot about this topic and when I think of stuff I like to share it with the LTT community. Also KStew411 tweeted this amazing video and I really needed a reason to post it

The beginning

Kristen and I had a rocky beginning. First of all she kissed Adam Brody in In the Land of Women, and that’s when I knew I would hate her for eternity. Plus that movie sucked and that pains me to say because I heart Adam Brody something fierce. I remember being very underwhelmed by all the performances in that movie, not just Kristen’s.  I’ll have to break it out again to decide for sure what I think of her specifically, but I’d rather die than do that. So let’s just leave it at that.


Bitch! Seriously, I'll facepunch you so hard....

And then came Twilight. I walked away consumed with the desire to FACE PUNCH her except I didn’t know it was that desire since FACE PUNCH doesn’t get referenced until New Moon. “SHE gets to DO Rob Pattinson!?” I thought. (Except I didn’t think that since I didn’t think they were DOING it then since I was underwhelmed by their on-screen chemistry and knew nothing of the off screen rumors.) I was confused. I thought her casting was SPOT ON for the character of Bella. But her portrayal of Bella….? Well, it took me awhile to put it into words, but let’s just leave it at- I wasn’t so crazy about it. (Refer to the above video for many of the reasons why)

New Moon

I feared a Twilight repeat. I did. So much of that movie hinged on Kristen’s ability to make us believe in her pain. I came away from that midnight showing really happy with what I saw! I believed her! I felt her loss. I even shed a tear or two even though I knew that Edward would eventually come back and then they’d have some awesome make-out scenes complete with an EPIC Leg Hitch (Don’t do it and DIE, David Slade) and would eventually skinny-dip in the ocean after which they’d do it in probably the most talked about fade-to-black scene ever written, finally resulting in the birth of a half-human, half-vampire genius-child who would be imprinted upon by a werewolf. I cried even though I knew that would happen. (Actually, that’s probably why I cried. Couldn’t he just STAY and give her amazing birthday sex?) Also I didn’t cry until Lykke Li’s “Possibility” came on because I feel emotions through music. Plus, Kristen had my FAVORITE line in all of New Moon. Listen for it here in this clip, courtesy of Brookelockart’s pirated copy of the movie:

Click for awesomeness

So… why the sudden change of heart towards Kristen? Were my expectations SO low for the movie that surpassing them wasn’t that hard to do (That’s actually possible) Did she REALLY step it up a notch this movie? Was Chris Weitz a better director for her? Clearly I just forgot that she was banging Rob with his absence. Instead I thought about flowers, kittens and Swiftner. Or maybe Stewner- yes… that’s right! While watching the movie I invented, in my mind, a real relationship between Kristen & Taylor. She makes him homemade protein shakes while he improves his pectoral muscles. It’s a beautiful relationship. And an obvious one. How else would she know that Taylor carries around little baggies of meat patties? You know, I bet Kristen even bags Tay’s meat patties for him in NAME-BRAND baggies. She loves him that much. Best of all Rob is single & Taylor Swift writes an amazing break-up song that brings me to tears until the end when a wolf is mauled to death by a bear (because afterall, Kristen let us in on a little secret- “They’re Not Bears“) Continue…

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