Kicking it old Twilight Old School: Pieces of Flair

Kickin' It Old School TwilightDear Twilight,

If you know me, and I think by now you do, you know that sometimes I like to start a blog “series” that I never remember to do for a second time. Today is one of those days. Except that I hope to remember to write a letter like this again because I had a lot of fun crafting this one. We’re gonna KICK IT OLD SCHOOl, TWILIGHT-STYLE & bring back a topic, discussion or something fun from Twilight in the past. Today’s topic: Pieces of Flair.

You know you had them- You thought it was cool. You just saw the movie. Or you just finished the books & you wanted to share with the world via your Facebook page that You were on TEAM EDWARD (or You were one of the proud
“WOLF GIRLS”) and so what better way to do it? Pieces of Flair- yep, useless small “Buttons” you can barely read that you post on your Facebook wall, but then disappear 30 seconds later, never to be found again, but give you a good 15 seconds of pure joy & laughter before they’re gone.

I did it. Moon did it. And we spent an embarrassingly amount of time looking up Twilight flair, laughing at it (and even creating some Flair of our own)

I completely forgot about this “Old School” Twilight activity- mostly because they disappeared from my wall & I had no idea where they went- until we got this email from LTT reader & friend allryans about the beginning of her Twi-obsession:

Twilight bookwormNov 08
TheBFF: I just got your Pieces of Flair…hilarious.
Me: The Bookworms Against Twilight one? Yes, I’m sure [random mutual Twihard acquaintance] won’t understand.
TheBFF: My favorite is the Narnia one.
Me: “I just read Twilight and now I can’t get into Narnia – Susan Pevensie” HA
TheBFF: “I just read Twilight, so Voldemort wins. – Harry Potter”
Me: Those are the best.
TheBFF: I cannot bring myself to read those books.
Me: Ugh, anything that [random mutual Twihard acquaintance] likes that much has to be complete shit. Her favorite song is Jessie’s Girl.

March 22, 2009
Me: [Good guy friend] told me he rented Twilight and LIKED it. I’m removing him from Facebook.
TheBFF: Deserved.

March 28, 2009
TheBFF: You’re going to kill me. My sister rented Twilight tonight.
Me: Don’t do it.
TheBFF: She wants to watch it.
Me: You’re dead to me.

…. three hours later …

TheBFF: It really wasn’t that bad.
Me: And the sparkles?
TheBFF: THAT was bad. But I like vampire movies. So it was good for me.

April 7, 2009
Me: I have a confession to make, and you may never be my friend after this.
TheBFF: Doubtful.
Me: I have just spent the past 10 hours READING TWILIGHT (and I’m going back for more).
TheBFF: I do not believe you.
Me: I’m serious. [My husband] rented it this weekend, and I caved and watched it with him. Then when he went to work yesterday, I WATCHED IT AGAIN.
Me: THEN I went to WalMart and bought the book (and the dvd). OMG.
Me: I even went to WalMart so my regular bookstore lady wouldn’t see me buying it, and I could hide it under a box of Capri-Suns.
TheBFF: YOU ARE [random mutual Twihard acquaintance] !!
Me: I hate myself.
Me: But God help me, I love Edward.

A week later, I was gorging on Rob interviews and lurking on LTT.
I still hate [random mutual Twihard acquaintance] though. Idiot. – allryans

Amazing. Do you know what else is amazing? I have 55 pieces of Useless Flair on Facebook – 35 of them are somehow related to Twilight. Yes, 63%. Yes I’m 27 years old. Yes, I am so very proud!!!!

Take a quick look at the amazingness that is my Twilight Flair:

How 2nd-hand embarrassed of me are you that all of those have been (hidden somewhere) on Facebook attached to ME for the past 2+ years?

And in case you’re wondering what the 411 is on new Facebook Flair (since I last added some), here is a sampling:

Oh & don’t worry- I sent Moon some great Robsten flair yesterday too, for old times sake!

of COURSE we made LTT flair long ago!

Long live Twilight flair (of course I didn’t delete a SINGLE piece!)


Do you have embarrassing “old school” Twilight flair or other images on your Facebook (or worse- MYSPACE) page!? Send us links!!! (PS: hate the new Facebook image layout? Hit F5 to view the old style (fn F5 on a mac!) and then right click, copy image link to link in comments!) Also like us on Facebook. DUH!

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