#RIPTwilight: Your Stories Day 1

I have the be honest as we approach our 4th anniversary, the “end” of this whole-Twilight thing, despite knowing #RIPTwilight was near, is as surprising to me as a head rolling out of an aquarium on The Walking Dead. I know the friends I’ve made over the years on LTT are here to stay. I know I’ll continue to write about Twilight (like I could quit you!) but it will be in a new place (Thats-Normal.com of course!), and I’m really excited for all the potential of letters to write & obsessions to have over at TN (like I need another “excuse” to drool over Damon Salvatore) but I’ve felt down. And reading all your #RIPTwilight stories sure hasn’t helped! But this week as we approach our 4th anniversary (PS Moon we could be halfway done a medical degree by now…) we wanted to share some thoughts from people we love- from you all. Twilight has touched our lives in so many ways. And these letters are just a reminder that we aren’t alone! Join us all week for more #RIPTwilight stories such as these:

Traveling Rob

What can I say? I love the friends I’ve made thru the Twi Fandom even if I came to the party waaaay late (discovered Twi the summer before BD1). Sad that there’s so much I missed! But thanks to this Fandom, I discovered the awesome that is Travelin’ Rob. He made my work trips a lot more fun:

Will miss all the letters you’ve been posting in LTT, you guys are amazing! ♥


The sads through gifs

Ugh! you guys! I know that you and Rob can’t just be my happy place forever…it’s just that I think this might
be the saddest thing ever. I have never really subscribed to the whole RIPTwilight thing. I mean, books are re-readable. Trust me on this one. I read all the way through all four books in a week and then picked Twilight right back up again. But YOU. You are leaving. #FOREVER. Sigh. Okay:

I found LTT because, well because of the aforementioned sudden onset insanity that befell me when I read Twilight. I actually resisted for the first book, but once my eyes fell on those blank calendar pages in New Moon, I knew it was all over for me. I was well and truly f*cked. Irrevocably. I had never done this level of crazy fandom before, so I wasn’t sure what to do. I perused the internet for like minded people, finding scary TwiMoms and teenagers and nobody like me at all. Finally I ended up on some board somewhere, and it was okay. The day I left the forums for good was the day I posted something like, “Haha! Today I bought coffee just because it was called “Midnight Sun”! I am a dork!” and someone else said, “Oh I always buy Twilight scented Downy, it doesn’t even smell good!” and we all giggled a bit. THEN the post got flooded with grown women talking about how they never sleep without their Jacob Face Pillow and how the sight of their Creepy Edward Cut Out at the foot of their bed soothes them and OME I swear I saw a vampire while wearing my Cullen Crest face paint…I had to walk away. I thought I would never find my kind. You could call me a nomad…wait, no. Don’t, please. That’s weird.

THEN. LTT came into my life, and with it the only comments on the internet I will ever read. TeamSeth, GoWithIt, NatteringYeahRobber…and who doesn’t want to be friends with someone called SisterPenguin?! Everybody here is FUNNY. and CLEVER. and snarky but snarky with the absolute knowledge that we Love This Shit.

Twilight changed my life, in a lot of ways, including the fact that I got a job through a person I met via fan fiction. (yes, really. it pays me money and everything.)

so, to conclude:

Love Always,

I came into the Twilight world rather late (January 2011) but it was a very hard time in my life and the books gave me a place to go when reality was just too much. Instead of sitting up all night crying I read until dawn and fell in love with the story. Once I was done with the books I needed to fuel my obsession and that’s when I found Letters to Twilight and Letters to Rob. I spent too many hours reading and laughing at old post (when I should have been working). I will forever be grateful to you ladies and Stephenie Meyer for putting a smile on my face.

From GMB (I don’t post very often, I am more of a lurker and sometime I just post as Guest)

Whether old or new friends, we love you all & are so glad to read your stories!

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