A (very) moving Happy Birthday to UC

Dear UC,

It’s your birthday today! Duh, you were born today you remember this but I wanted to make sure everyone else remembered so I did a little Google Hangout (duh) with some of our old pals…

1st up was Kristen because I had to pull the bandaid off and knew she’d be on her SWATH/MTV Movie awards high, so I was like dude, Kristen it’s our girl UC’s birthday and she was all…

and I was like  wow, it’s amazing that after all the things we’ve said, you can just let bygones be bygones and get excited about UC’s birthday and then she was like, oh wait who is this?! And I was like ummmm this is Moon from LTT and it’s UC’s birthday, is there anything you want to give her?

It’s funny the video cut out after that…

So then I called up Taylor and I was like can you do what you do best? And he was like…

and I was like TAYLOR… this is your thing!

And he was like…

And I was like COME ON Taylor… just DO IT… all the kids are doing it…

So then he did this…

And I was like ummm… no, Taylor… that was nice and you’re talented and all but YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN…

Yup, that’s it!

PS Big Daddy wouldn’t do it either… I asked… no really, I BEGGED.

I called up Nikki and she was like…
 what’s the point?

And I was like NIKKI… it’s her birthday… so she gave you some of her Deb modeling poses.

Then ol Kel belle was up next… yes, video chatting Kellan…

Um Kellan… we’re supposed to be talking about UC’s birthday…

KELLAN!!! Stop distracting me… what are you getting UC for her birthday?

Ok, that’s a good start… can you sub that dog for  a cat?

Yes… getting warmer…

Then this guy showed up…

PERFECT Kellan. PUUUUURRRRRFECT. #paulwesleysabs

And I knew no birthday would be complete without a little Gos, so I called this guy up…

and he was SO pumped. He had a ton of ideas for bday gifts for you…

He wrote you some poetry…

then he cried, it was so beautiful.


and then some of them were all like WHAT are we going to give her, we can never top last year… not to mention since Breaking Dawn stopped filming like over a year ago, some of us are broke. So I told them you know what she likes…

These two did a dance

and I was like ummm maybe not. And Jackson was all..

and I was like no, cause you’re doing that with your mouth… AGAIN.

This guy’s too broke to have a gif but here he is writing you a birthday song (in Quilluette)

This guy made you his own gif…

I think he may have recycled this from his niece’s softball tournament but ya know… take what you can from Mike Welch, I’m surprised he even answered my Google Hangout request after I yelled Rob in his face at the BD premiere. No hard feelings Mike! This is for UC.

After I reminded them that you’ve been blogging about them for almost 4 years, come rain or shine, cease and desists, mean tweets, nice emails, meeting THE SMeyer, figuring out how to make the forum work again and the list does on, they spontaneously started a slow clap…



and then this happened…

and it just kept going… we all knew you deserved the longest slow clap in internet history because you’re that good… handling all the business and keeping shit in check and reading emails and telling me to do things, being the best super fan ever, being a pretty rad girl and  then there was so much stuff we remembered about you we couldn’t stop clapping.

Since we couldn’t keep this slow clap up forever  we decided to get you this bunch of cat gifs instead…

And then I found these RYAN GOSLING AS A CAT GIFS (yes, you read that right) and it was all over


Happiest Birthday UC!!! I’m looking forward to this year and all it’s possibilities, changes and opportunities. Wishing you all of the very bestest.

PS If you want to see what YOU KNOW WHO DID when I called you know where to go…

Share a UC birthday gif in the comments!!!

Source: all the gif makers who made these, you are a rockstar. If you made one let us know in the comments.

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The happiest of birthdays to themoonisdown

Dear themoonisdown,

HAPPIEST OF HAPPY BIRTHDAYS!!!!! Today we’re celebrating YOU & sharing all the things we love. 15 things to be exact. Why 15? Well, 15 was an awkward age no one wants to remember. So you should be grateful you’re not turning 15 today! So without further ado, here are the 15 Things about YOU that I love, plus a bunch of LTT friends love too:

1. I love that when I first met Moon (and UC) back at the New Moon premiere time (remember that whole gyno debacle?) she immediately hugged me like she had known me for years and made me feel like we were life long friends! –KrazyKidd (whose excuses to her job for why she needs time off to come to LA for a movie premiere have ranged from a 3-day long gyno appointment to claiming she’s IN a wedding (which of course meant she was attending Bella & Edward’s wedding))

2. She reps her love for Jacksper.  Our first LTT connection was over a swoon-tastic picture of Jackson Rathbone (in the wake of Twilight, pre-100 Monkeys and not showering).  Then she put the epic picture of Jackson on a bicycle up on the forum.  We had many a happy chat over that hot midget.  We shipped some Jashley (another bicycle that I’m SURE Jackson rode) for a while.  And then, the first time I met Moon in person, she was lounging by a pool in LA wearing a Jackson Rathbone Twi t-shirt on loan from our fellow Jackson lover, TxLiLi.

Jackson has changed over the years, and so have we, but trust me, Moon only gets better and better.  Freya

3. I love Moon because 3 years ago she sent me a picture of Rob that has been displayed by my computer ever since. He’s strumming his imaginary guitar & she made a bubble with “You shook me all night long” on it. I cherish it. –lula34

4. Everyone once in a while “Let Me Sign” comes on the ipod…and I immediately stop what I’m doing and picture Moon and I. Our boom box, the random dog on the street corner, us in wedding dresses and doc martens….running into traffic. That is probably one of my favorite inside jokes ever, and one I won’t ever forget. She even made me a jpg of our little carefully thought out scenario on the blog for my birthday that year, which I’m sure everyone thought was creepy and weird. No worries, we aren’t suicidal, just realistic that it was more likely we would die in traffic than actually get swept off our feet by Edward Cullen… 🙂

One of my other favorite Moonie memories over the years was rewriting songs with her. There was always lots of flannel mentioned, and those chats were so long, into the night, and with our 2 hour time difference, I would say “oh its 4am…I should probably sleep. My poor kids ate cereal on those mornings. We even attempted to record us singing on of the songs…on the phone…or something. It didn’t work. At all.

Can’t believe LTT and LTR became what they did, and I cherish the friendships I’ve made. Happy Birthday Moon! I’ll meet ya in traffic! –Kristin

5. Happy Birthday Moon!!! Thank you for the years of laughing inappropriately at work! Thanks for bringing the Twilight snark with style. Even now, 3 years later, when my wee one watches cartoons, and this comes on:

I ALWAYS fight the urge to exclaim, THEY’RE NOT BEARS!” Who am I kidding, I give in to the urge. You are responsible for that. Happy Birthday Lady!! –snowwhitedrifted

6. I love how many pictures of Action Figure we took together during a 3 day period back in 2009 –unintededchoice

7. I LOVE that although she vowed NEVER to camp out for anything twi related she was such a trooper last year and actually camped out for one night for the Breaking Dawn panel. –KrazyKidd

8. I love Moon for her AMAZING fashion sense. –Carter

9. I love that I can count on Moon to break down and explain every soundtrack for Twi. I would also like her to do this for every other soundtrack that sounds good. I need music explained to me. I am music stupid. Also I will always and forever love her for the picture that almost broke twitter of Robsten getting into the cab. Amazing Ninja picster. –Janetrigs


10. I love that she does photoshoots with me in the woods that look like Forks where it’s completely normal to have “Edward” photoshopped into the tree afterward –unintendedchoice

11. well, I  remember /the/ night not so long ago (august 2009?) that I met her at The Hotel Cafe to see Marcus, Sam or Bobby perform, not sure I don’t remember… but, the night I met Moon in real life (Ashfrag was also with her) was also the night that HHH Rob showed up with, wait as I type this it’s all coming back to me… Bobby was performing, it was the weekend of the teen choice awards, Rob showed up with Kristen and Moon got the photo of them!  Marcus was also there and they stood just feet from us!  What a way to meet and make such a wonderful friend. Then radar online started a fight about not seeing Rob and Nikki was “whatchu talking bout willis” I got interviewed as a “onlooker and source” by peoplemagazine online and yeah, best, most epic weekend ever, all because I met Moon! –emmyloowhoo

12. I love Moon because she lets me come over to the big blue house, drink her diet coke, watch her tv, she fills me in on the twi-gossip (aka the crazies on the internets) and oh, we also talk about our lives. she’s pretty awesome. –hisoneandonly

13. Happy Birthday Moon!! To the one girl who would understand the sentiment of a Ralph’s sheet cake with the word “Ole” on top which was hand crafted & decorated on the hood of a truck!! Big hugs on your BIG day!! xxoo –Obird

14. I love that Moon is always game. I mean, SHE WAS ON A TWILIGHT BLOG PANEL at TWICON. How can you not love that she’ll totally embarrass herself for our enjoyment?

Men also fall at her feet. I totally ship her and a certain guy who loves starbucks… TOTES. –Brookelockart

15. I love that this was our combined Twilight collection in 2009 & it’s probably 3 times as big now. And how incredibly normal this makes me feel:

In fact, that’s what I love most about you, Moon— you make me feel normal about all these things that have been so-very-far-from-normal for all these years!!

Happy Birthday dear friend. I’m not sure anything can top the last few years we had together. But I’m happy to try! XOXO forever and ever and ever

UnintendedChoice & friends


Now it’s YOUR turn– share something that YOU love about Moon!

And I promised a winner from the comments last week. This is what made me LAUGH OUT LOUD the hardest:

Congrats Kindred Spirit! E-mail us @ letterstotwilight@gmail.com with your address & we’ll get you your prize!


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We gon’ party like it’s Moon’s birthday

Dear LTTers,

Once upon a time, on May 9th, 1982 to be exact, Mama Moon went into labor. I’m not sure if that was a natural labor, one induced by drugs or if it was long, hard (ugh TWSS) easy or quick. But I know that the labor produced Moon. And life has never been the same.

Moon grew up in Arizona, mere minutes from where a young Stephenie Meyer was imagining the perfect mate who would turn into the fictional Edward Cullen. Coincidence that years later Moon would write about this Edward Cullen & obsess over the man who plays him on film? I think not.

A lot of “stuff” happened in the next few years. Ya know, normal stuff like growing up, learning how to read & write (things that would become very important for a future hobby) and being exposed to great music. Some of Moon’s favorites were: N’Sync, Jimmy Eat World & The Beatles. This love for music led her to a teeny, tiny college in Oklahoma that would surely not prepare her for a career in the music business. But young adulthood is for making silly decisions we don’t understand later in life. And thankfully the lack of provision the teeny, tiny school provided led Moon to look elsewhere to prepare her for her dream job. This led her straight into my arms. Well, sorta.

BFFs FOREVER (but not for like 5 years)

On September 7th, 2002, Moon landed on the tiny island of Martha’s Vineyard to join a group of 30 students for a music “colony” for one semester. Some were there to become better musicians, some were there to produce, some were there to make out with the guy who was assigned as her producer and others were there to manage the careers of the musicians. Moon was there on the management track. [I’ll let you guess who the one was who made out with the producer (and the name of that lucky producer*).] This little island was much like another small town we know. It was dead on the off season. There was a diner in town where everyone frequented. The winter was dark. Handsome vampires ran around wooing the objects of their affection. Okay, that didn’t happen but both Moon & I went on to not speak more than 2 sentences to each other the entire semester. But a few years into the future we became the dearest of friends & later started a popular Twilight blog. We have a dreary winter in West Tisbury, Massachusettes to thank!

The story goes that after Moon graduated & was “figuring things out” at her parents house back in Arizona & I was stuck at the world’s worst job scanning financial documents, we rekindled our acquaintanceship & started realizing how dumb we were for not becoming bff’s years before. We had the same taste in men (Adam Brody helllooo) an affinity for Pop Culture & bad/awesome Pop Music. And then one day, a day that will go down in the history books (that no one will read) we realized we both were obsessing a little too much over this Twilight thing & Robert Pattinson. You know the rest. But do you really KNOW Moon? Find out MORE & Celebrate with me, after the jump! Continue…

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The Top 19 things I think about Taylor Lautner on his Birthday

Tay Tay's idea of a good birthday

Dear Taylor,

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to YOU
you look like you’re the kinda guy Chris Hansen is gonna come after soon…
Happy Birthday to YOUUUU

Moon & I were talking the other day about how we have these perceptions of celebrities (mostly Twilight stars) and their lives that most likely are exaggerated or completely untrue. Like, does Nikki Reed actually have multiple STDs (probably) and WILL Ashley Greene for sure try to steal someone’s boyfriend if she ever meets him (most likely). And DO Rob & Kristen really make the sweetest love with bubbles popping all around them & kittens & bunnies running in circles while they’re on a bear skin rug? (Duh). You know what I’m saying. Sometimes we run with a quote from an article, or idea or rumor SO far that we truly start to believe it ourselves. So for your 19th birthday, I thought I’d share the Top 19 things I think about you that may or not be true:

1. You’re still so obsessed with Taylor Swift that hers is the only CD you play (yes, I also think you’re the one person left on earth with a DiscMan) and you have magazines of her stacked in your hotel room & the walls are papered with posters of her. Plus you buy Clean & Clear face wash. Just because she’s in the commercials.

2. You actually carry around a baggie full of meat wherever you go & a bottle of ketchup in your back pocket at all time.

3. Despite being one of the highest paid actors of the last year, you still live at home with your parents when you’re not filming & you have a twin bed, share a bathroom with your sister & on occasion can be found playing with Teenage Mutant Ninja turtle figurines that you still have stashed in your closet

4. This is legitimately how you looked before fame:

5. Your dad is really your BFF and you two actually own all the Olive Garden franchises found in The Valley. Plus you bought that cookbook where you learn the secrets of chain restaurants, and the one thing you DO use your hard earned money for is a private chef- but he’s only allowed to cook from the Olive Garden section of the cookbook. And occasionally the Red Lobster pages. But he doesn’t tell Big Daddy

7. Sometimes the person in the hotel room next to you wakes up in the middle of the night to someone groggily singing what sounds like the Taylor Swift song “Back to December.” You sing it in your sleep

She won't leave me alone!!!

8. Instead of explaining to your friends who visit the set who “Renesmee” is who you have been filming a lot of scenes with, you just say she’s one of the sound guy’s daughters who follows you around and wants an autograph

9. While you’re a black belt in Karate & could probably hold your own against some of the greatest fighters out there, you’re deathly afraid of spiders. And ironically, wolves

10. You actually have no Native American in you & are actually a natural pale skinned red-head. Hair dye & a tanning bed have changed your life.

11. Considering one of your favorite movies is The Notebook (according to IMDB), you have a bigger crush on Ryan Gosling than I do. And I didn’t think that was possible

12. You only like the feel of leather against your skin. So instead of cotton sheets, you commissioned a special set of all leather sheets for you twin bed in the Lautner family home

13. You learned that in Hollywood and throughout most of the world, being a good Christian boy confuses people into thinking you’re gay (the leather and subscription to Men’s health don’t help either)

14. You are adopted. But Big Daddy Lautner won’t tell & still blames your differences on a “thyroid issue”

15. Every year for your birthday Rob has bought you a case of Heineken. Every year you have let it go to waste because you made a vow not to drink until you’re legally able to (21 in the US for all you foreigners!)

16. The$12,500,000 + 2.5% of the gross times TWO that you’re making for Breaking Dawn Parts 1 & 2 are just sitting in a can under your bed. You have absolutely no idea what to do with it (Call me! I have some ideas)

17. You’ve considered being the one who cashes in on the “Robsten” story after People Magazine offered you 2 mil to tell YOUR side of Rob & Kristen’s love story

18. Even though you’re a regular LTT reader, you didn’t realize what we meant when we said Taylor Swift was DTF until the other night when you accidentally watched “The Jersey Shore” http://letterstotwilight.com/2010/11/05/back-to-december-and-back-to-swiftner-we-break-it-down/

19. When you go to football games or go see the Lakers play, you are actually there for the sport & not just to see the Cheerleaders

Happy 19th Birthday Taylor! I can’t believe you’re almost out of your teen years!!!!

Love US & All of us at LTT! XOXO

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Twilosophy: Special Twilight dates – Should we care?

(Sit back and throw on your tweed and serious glasses as I try to be non-controversial and talk some Twilosophy)

Dear LTT-ers,

Did you know a week ago Monday was Bella’s birthday? And did you have Edward and Bella’s Anniversary marked down on your calendar for August 13th??? And what about the Newton’s Anniversary? And maybe even the day Jacob phased for the first time? Did you celebrate those days or do you even know them? Nope. I sure don’t. So does this make me a “bad” fangirl?

Can't believe this exists. Click to enlarge for maximum speechlessness

I mean sure, we love Edward and Bella. Obviously, we wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for them. We cheered for them when they finally got up the nerve to “be friends.” We gasped and felt 2nd hand butterflies for them when they finally got together. We felt those first love jitters right along with the blessed couple. We even cried when they broke up (be honest!) and we cheered when they got back together (FINALLY 379 pages later!). We jumped up and down when Bella finally gave in and accepted Edward’s proposal. We maybe misted a little when they got married in the Cullen backyard and we definitely sighed a lot during the Isle Esme honeymoon. And who doesn’t remember Bella’s issues with turning 18? Yea, psychotic, I know.

But is it necessary as fans of the books to celebrate their anniversary/birthday/whatever every year? I was just cruising around the interwebs trying to catch up on what’s been happening in the Twidom and I found out that we missed both Bella’s birthday AND Edward and Bella’s Anniversary (GASP! The HORROR!) which is according to come elephant-brained readers made August 13th 2006 their 4 year anniversary. Which means they got married the same year as my brother and sister-in-law and now I will never forget the year and now I can never forgive myself for knowing such trivia. Twilight Bar Trivia Night here I come!

You get this because the Bella/Edward anniversary pics from google are TOO embarassing

So if people post stuff about character birthdays and wedding anniversaries, who are we to judge but what do you get the couple who has everything? 4th year gift is something like paper… and that’s a lame gift.

Do you think Stephenie Meyer herself even remembers the date she gave Bella for her birthday or the date Edward and Bella got married? Maybe… but I bet she remembers the exact date she had “THE DREAM” cause I’m sure it’s like UC and I remembering the day we started these blogs. I’ll always think about LTT and LTR on December 8th every year probably for the rest of my life especially when I tell my grandchildren about that thing called a “blog” I used to write, cause “I’m down with the kids.” DUH! So I guess that’s what it is. It’s about remembering what’s important and special to you. Regardless of how inconsequential it may seem. Remember those special days in your life and pay homage to them because they matter. I guess I should do a little research and see when Buttcrack Santa died so we can host an official memorial every year plus a moment of silence to honor him. RIP. See what I did right there? A good ol BCS reference, haven’t seen one of those in a while, have ya?

March 15th, 1986 (the day Mike Newton was conceived. Duh)

PS See, I can be non-controversial when I want to be! Someone give me a Twilight Conversation Heart, forget the cookie.

What days are special to you? Any have a Twilight reference. Also, come clean do you know any of the Twilight special dates like Bella’s birthday? BE HONEST!

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