Young love is Taylor-made

Dear Taylors,

Awwww, ain’t young love grand?! It’s not even spring and we get to enjoy a little bit of love blossoming in the fall as we watch you two meet up all over the country. I’m going to write each of you a letter and you can figure out which one is to who…


PS Can we come up with a better couple name that Tay-tay or Taylor squared for you guys? Those just don’t have the right ring to them

Dear Taylor,

Don’t screw this up!!! If it’s true and you are playing the hanky panky at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel with Taylor than you’re a lucky SOB cause this girl is 19, you are 17 and in boy/girls maturity levels that’s a lot. And besides that, she’s a young musician who not only plays an instrument but also writes her own music! This girls got it going on, and has the songs to prove it. Which you can learn a lot from, by the way! If we know anything about Taylor we know she likes Romeo and Juliet, love stories, flowers, screen doors slamming, Tim McGraw, castles, tear drops, glitter,  that stupid old pick up truck, burning shit, white horses, hates cheer captains and loves being fearless. Oh and she hates the JoBros. But who doesn’t?

So seriously don’t screw this up cause you KNOW Taylor will turn your relationship in her next number one album if you break her heart! And don’t think we won’t know who’s she’s referring to when she sings about “that stupid dog.”  I will also warn you know that Big Daddy told me he’s getting ready to sit you down and have “the talk” with you! So if Big Daddy asks to take you to McDee’s for some “one-on-one time” he’s not refering to private time with a certain fried fish sammy, he’s talking about emabarassing birds and the bees, this is where babies come from, true love waits, keep it in your pants shiz! Prepare yourself! And tape it, so we can listen later cause it will be epically 2nd hand embarrassing! Oh and if Kanye gets any funny ideas at this years Grammy’s you better come prepared to throw down. I’m talking “don’t get me upset” Jacob style throw down.

Ok now go send this girls some flowers and do a back flip for her while you recite a poem you wrote called “Taylor + Taylor, we can make it not a failure” So, clearly you’ll help you with your writing skills (and mine).

It’s a love story Taylor, just say yes!

PS If something happens and you have to break up with her don’t do it via phone like that loser Jonas Brother did. You’re a classy fellow have the balls and do that ish in person!

Follow the cut to see my letter to the other Taylor! And some other goodies…

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This Cosmic Love – Edward and Bella

Dear Edward and Bella,

Sometimes words can adequately explain why your love story is so great. So words like cosmic seem like the only thing that can come near to explaining something so big, so strong and all encompassing. When Calli sent this video over I knew somehow someone had tapped into just a little once of truth regarding you two. The video features the song “Cosmic Love” by Florence and the Machine and I really can’t think of a better way to state the good, the bad and the lovely about you two. I was so intrigued by the term cosmic that I wanted to see the full extent of the term and here’s what good ol Merriam Webster had to say on the subject:

1 a
: of or relating to the cosmos, the extraterrestrial vastness, or the universe in contrast to the earth alone b : of, relating to, or concerned with abstract spiritual or metaphysical ideas
2 : characterized by greatness especially in extent, intensity, or comprehensiveness

Yea, I think that about sums it up…

PS big thanks to the lovely, radical, funny Calli

What words would you use to describe Bella and Edward?

Follow the cut to read the lyrics

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Caution: New Moon may cause tears, read at your own risk

newmooncover(spoilers! though you should know by now this site is riddled with them)
(warning: total geeking out/stephenie meyer fangirl post)

Dear Stephenie Meyer-

After finishing up what you had written of Midnight Sun I inevitably jumped to the place it left off in Twilight and then last night inevitably ended up at New Moon all over again. It’s a vicious cycle I tell ya! But I think it was much like my experience reading MS and Twilight for the 2nd time. I enjoyed it even more… and was totally not looking forward to ‘the break up.’ If you can even call it that. Seriously, I knew it was coming and I kept turning the pages and I had to stop! I put down the book several times and walked away because I knew what was going to happen when he asked her to “take a walk,” and I just couldn’t bear to read it again. I wanted to yell “DON’T DO IT!!” But of course I soldiered on and read through it. And inevitably cried when he left and then cried some more at the October – January chapters, (it gets me EVERY time Stephenie) which by my estimation is some of the best usage of literary device/technique I’ve ever read… and I’ve read a lot of stuff.

It also made me rethink where I put New Moon in my list of favorite books of yours. I like to make lists. I guess I had forgotten how sad and melancholy and depressing and just plain PAINFUL this book is. And I LOVE it for those reasons. I was so caught up last night reading that I texted Unintendedchoice at some ungodly hour because I couldn’t stand it anymore. I said: “…I’m dying reading New Moon, the part where he leaves her. This is literally painful… God.” So good.

Which leads me too the fact that I’m now even MORE excited about how the movie version of New Moon will turn out! This is the stuff I’m looking forward too…

– The birthday party scene and JASPER!
– The break up scene (can we figure out another name for this!)
– finding/fixing/riding the motorcycles
– the development of the Bella/Jacob relationship

"Jacob was a gift from the Gods"

"Jacob was a gift from the Gods"

AND all this led me to figuring out that Taylor Lautner really IS the perfect movie version of Jacob! Though he isn’t exactly what I picture in my head… he’s the perfect best friend, puppy dog faced, TEENAGE boy that Jacob SHOULD be.

So as you can see Stephenie (and LTT regulars) I’ve thought A LOT about this last night and just HAD to share cause I know if I’ve put this much thought into it then surely there’s someone else out there who feels that same way.

Love you long time!
Me (themoonisdown)

PS (to you guys) So what stuff have you figured out reading these books or New Moon specifically a 2nd (or 3rd or 65th) time through?

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