The beginning of the end

Dear Twilight,

Last week I hopped on to my go to source for Twilight news (besides Twilight FB which is my go-to place for the opportunity to respond to news with comments like “I BET ROBSTEN REALLLY LIKES THIS NEWS STORY” (all in caps, of course)) and something struck me.

It struck me once with this headline from March 23rd:

Breaking Dawn Filming Completed of the Swan House, Deconstruction Begins

I snuck on the set & got this picture for you guys

Then it struck me with THIS headline, too:

Breaking Dawn Filming News: Jamie Campbell Bower Has Completed His Breaking Dawn Filming!

Bower is on to bigger & better, bitches


Then I read an article where Rob mentioned the end of Breaking Dawn (and have since forgotten which article it was since it was such a horrible thought) and I basically had a bad week. But 2 strong cocktails Wednesday night, beer & wine at work after a 14 hour event, plus 5 glasses of wine at dinner on Friday AND Saturday nights helped. But now that I’m sober (read: currently drinking 1 glass of red) and doing some research on what I missed last week, I’ve been STRUCK with this tweet yesterday from Kiowa Gordon:

WRAP? The END? These are words I don’t want to hear associated with my beloved Twilight saga. This is like reading the final page of Breaking Dawn all over again. This is like taking the last “leg hitch” picture with Stephenie Meyer. This is like Rob turning his back and walking away whenever I stalk see him at a work event (“Work” for me here on LTT/LTR. Not work for him. He likes it better when he sees me peeking through the bushes on his off-time) And the Twi-cast has the nerve to throw a PARTY for the “Wrap?” And since Kiowa called it the “final” Party, I guess we can assume there were MULTIPLE EVENTS “celebrating” this horrible time in all of our lives? Who celebrates tragedy? Who celebrates the DEATH of something you love?

But what has STRUCK me since I read the first whisper of the inevitable end is that the end is coming whether I’m ready for it or not. Which I’m not. I mean.. the END? It’s not like this Breaking Dawn shoot has been like Vancouver shoots of the past- we haven’t had the Father-Son trips to Olive Garden (Did we make that up or did they ever actually DO that?). Rob didn’t get lost in front of a church. There haven’t been any rumors about Nikki Reed freaking out about Robsten, late at night (although Perez Hilton posted a pretty great rumor about a fight between Ashley Green & Kristen Stewart!) and Bill Condon has turned out to be quite dull as compared to Chris Weitz & David Slade. But still.. THE END? No! Never! What will I do after THE END? And I don’t just mean “What will I write about on LTT after THE END?” (But I kinda mean that too) I just mean….. The Twilight saga & the shooting of its movies has been a part of my life for YEARS  now. Literally YEARS. And now… it’s over?  Sniff….

There are going to be lots of moments where we discuss “THE END” considering we have a lot of ends coming up- the end of Bella as a human; the end of Taylor Lautner’s relationship with whatever that girl’s name is that he’s dating now; the end of Chris Weitz responding to obnoxious, ridiculous questions from the fandom; the end of Ashley Green’s career; the end of the 100 Monkeys; the end of Kellan Lutz’s heterosexuality; the end of me going on about the end, but today I just want to be sad for a minute. About this Twilight milestone. Because while it means we’re one step closer to another movie and seeing Edward Cullen sexytimes and how in the world the movie makers will interpret the Jacob/Renesmee story-line without Chris Hansen arresting everyone who buys a movie ticket, it means that it’s all coming to a close. And I don’t know about you- but I’m not ready to say good-bye quite yet.

Don’t leaveeeeeeeeee me, Twilight!

What do you think about the END of Breaking Dawn filming? Does it make you sad? Do you think we’ll have enough to keep us entertained until the next movie comes out?

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