Reading Between the lines on the Breaking Dawn Premiere Camping Rules

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Rule #1: The Cheesier the Sign, the closer to the front you can be

Dear Summit,

We got your “rules” for Breaking Dawn premiere camping & we hear you LOUD & clear. By now we know that you may say one thing, but you ALWAYS mean another. So we’re sharing the rules BEHIND the rules of Breaking Dawn Premiere Camping 2011: (Summit Rules Bolded, LTT’s interpretation not)

TWILIGHT Fans are allowed to begin lining up for camping in Tent City at NOKIA PLAZA L.A. LIVE at 6:00am PT on Thursday, November 10, 2011. No fans are allowed to line-up prior to that time.

So arrive to Nokia Plaza about a week prior, November 3rd, but make no sort of “official” line. Just meander around the plaza for a week, throwing dirty glances at anyone who may “meander” closer to the potential front of the line

The location and start of the official fan camp line will be set by Summit Event Security and all other non-official lines will not be recognized.

But if you do end up at the front of a non-official line that is 150 people deep & we break it up and you end up 75 people in, throw a huge temper tantrum & yell at the top of your lungs how you’ve been unofficially in line for over a week & you’ll be sure to get on TV and/or annoy a security so much they find you one of those “special” bands that guarantees you into the premiere.

Rule #2: Only ugly Twilight blankets allowed. Your down comforter is not welcome here

Fans will be asked to change location as Premiere set up begins in the Nokia Plaza on Monday morning November 14 at 6:00am PT. This will be the only relocation during the camping event.

At this time you may pee. For the first time in 4 days. We will hand out wristbands for the bathroom & if you don’t get one you’re out of luck. But if you pee your pants you can’t come in to the red carpet line. Last year Rob complained about the smell of urine. And we’re pretty sure he wasn’t talking about Tomstu

ONLY Standard Sized Pop Tents will be allowed (4’x4′ [16 sq. ft.] or less. No oversized tents, staked tents, etc., due to limited space)

You can forget about the tent you saved from your daughters wedding in your backyard this summer. Even if you promise to use the included dance floor for all-night MUSE dance-parties, it’s not gonna fly

ABSOLUTELY No Drugs or Alcohol allowed on premises

Yes, this rule was enacted so that Cathy Hardi can’t come & bother you all while you’re trying to sleep. You’re welcome.

Rule #3: Your reading material must be 88% or more Twilight-related

No horseplay. If anyone dumps food or beverages on another camper, they will be subject for removal

So the Slutty PJ Party-Food Fight you had planned & coordinated with the “Girl’s Gone Wild” producers for their newest featured “Twilight Fans Gone Wild” can’t happen. Sorry.

No amplified music. All music devices must be used with headset or earphone

So no, 100 Monkeys, you may not have an impromptu “gig” at Nokia Plaza and/or write a song about a “Sleepy-looking girl in a Team Jacob shirt who just wants to dance”

Smoking in Designated Areas Only outside of the NOKIA Plaza boundaries

Again, put into effect to keep Cathy Hardi at bay. Unfortunately that also means the rest of the Twilight cast may not visit.

Please only use the restrooms designated for fans and respect the other area businesses

So whoever took a shit on the sidewalk last year– you can’t do that this year.

Twilight fans will be given wristbands starting at 6:00am PT on Thursday, November 10 2011. Wristbands MUST be worn until the premiere is over. Any wristband that has been tampered with or removed will NOT be considered valid. Any fan arriving without wearing the original wristband they were provided will not be allowed into the viewing area.

So that beautiful “BREAKING-HEADBOARDS-2011” Friendship bracelet you were making for you & all your Twilight friends with all the feathers that climb up the entire length of your arm will have to wait to be worn at your Breaking Dawn Premiere re-cap party where you share how You got to see EVERYONE and Even though YOu looked like you slept on the sidewalk for a WEEK it was worth it because Rob looked AT YOU and you’re pretty sure it was because he was in love with you and not because that girl next to you ignored the bathroom rule!

Happy Camping!!!


So… are you doing it!?? Come on! You can admit it!! I can’t make fun of you because MOON even camped out for Comic Con! So spill! What are your Breaking Dawn Camping Premiere plans!?

Speaking of Breaking Dawn- are you going to be in LA (Camping or not) that week? I AM!! (I don’t live there.. remember?) Mr. Choice & I are making the big trip west (it’s a “business trip” for him. Shhhh) and crashing with Moon, again, for the week. We’re planning to throw some sort of shin-dig again this year, despite the fact that many of the LTT originals aren’t going to be there this year (SNIFF!) We’re thinking that might be Sunday the 13th (so if you ARE camping out, sorry) So if you want to be kept in the loop because you’re coming into the area and/or live in the area, shoot us an email! EVen if you are planning to camp out but still want to meet up, e-mail us anyway– we’ll see what we can work out!

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Waiting in line for New Moon premiere? Get your helpful tips here!


4 days of hell start here

Dear LTTers,

Yesterday morning we were told a super big secret that 13 people were already in line for the New Moon premiere. Then the news leaked on Twitter and suddenly it wasn’t a secret anymore. Did you just panic because you have plans tonight and didn’t set aside time to glue your eyes to your laptop while you watch a live stream of the red carpet? Don’t worry you still have a few days. Yes, that’s right, because the premiere isn’t tonight, but it’s Monday night. Yep. Those who got in line yesterday are there 4 days in advance. Those who will get in line today will be there 3 days early. Tomorrow… 2 days. Sunday 1 day… etc.

It turns out that the first group of people are line are the gals from and Okay, they both run Twilight fansites, I get why they want to be up close and personal on the red carpet. They want to get first-hand accounts and interviews and videos for their readers. That’s really nice. I can hear your questions now, “UC- aren’t you changing your flight and flying out tonight instead of waiting until Sunday so that you and Moon can get in line and be sure to get us an exclusive interview with Solomon Trimble (who I bet is the 3rd person in line behind Twifans & CBA) and catch the action when Cathy Hardi tries to sneak past security and onto the red carpet?” Uh, no. We’re not going to be doing that. We love you and all, and while a one-on-one with Solomon would be great and we could potential make our dream come true if we see HIM on the red carpet (our dream being a UC & Moon sandwich with Big Daddy Lautner in the middle), we value sleep in a comfy bed and protection from crazy Twihards & tweens more than spending 4 days in the hot sun then cold nights on a deflating air mattress while suffering from the Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) that we’d get because we’d have to hold our pee for four days all the while one person stays awake to protect us from the non-rob hobos that roam the streets of Westwood, CA.


Cardboard cut out of Jacob. Check. Cranberry Juice. Check

So while we’re not going to be there many people are. I’d venture to say that by tonight, there will be a good 100-200 people in line. 45 of them will be Solomon Trimble’s closest friends and family, but they still count. And since the 4 day waiters (Hey Kim & Allison!) probably got bored 5 minutes after their tent was set up and their coffee was gone (regretting that Venti cafe latte now, huh?), I’ve compiled a list entitled “Things to do while we wait for a opportunity to see Kristen Stewart’s bare breasts in a new sexy dress and cross our fingers that Rob may or may not look our way for 2.5 milliseconds 4 days from now on the New Moon premiere red carpet” to help ease the boredom a bit:

  • Play the FanFiction game: Someone reads out loud from a famous fic like The Office or Wide Awake and you take turns acting out scenes with cardboard Edward. Since there is a New Moon Cardboard Ed & a Twi version, it’ll be like he changed clothes (unlike you who is stuck in the same thing for four days).
  • Transcribe New Moon by hand into a leather-bound notebook as a gift to Rob since it’s his favorite book. Get Solomon to sign it.
  • Knit something for Rob in hopes that it will be better than anything Kristen has knit for him
  • Comb the dictionary for every word you believe could be used to describe Rob
  • Paint your nails so that each finger has a detailed picture of a cast member- Edward-Bella-Jacob-Alice-Charlie-The Wolves- The Cullens-the Humans-The Volturi- The bad Vamps- 10!
  • Reorganize your entire Itunes library into Rob or New Moon appropriate categories. “Songs that make me think of Rob.” “Songs that make me hate Kristen.” “Songs that make me wish Solomon Trimble was in the 2nd movie” OR “Songs that make me wish Solmon Trimble would move ahead of me in line and hit on the girl over there.” You could also change all the genres around. Examples: Instead of “Rock” it could be “Songs I wanna eff Rob to.” Instead of “Indie ballads” it could be “Songs I played the day I finally believed that Rob was actually dating Kristen.” Instead of “Garage band music” it could be “Bands that are horrible but still better than 100 monkeys”

After the jump, check out what people on Twitter said THEY would add to the list! Continue…

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