What about… Vampire animals?

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Hi Stephenie,

It seems to be some unwritten rule around these parts that we never address you directly, but today I’m going to shove protocol aside and ask you a question that has been bugging me for some time now.

So the other day I was making puzzles for LTR with my bloggy pal
Alice_NaA and she made a rebus with a picture of sparkly doe in it. And that sparkly doe reminded me of a question that had occurred to me while I was reading the saga for the very first time, back in April 2009 (ah, good times…): What happens if a vegetarian vampire bites
an animal, but it manages to escape before it is killed?
Would the animal then become a vampire animal? And if so, would they sparkle in the sunlight too, like that cute sparkly doe?

If you think about it, it’s even plausible that vampire animals might exist. Why wouldn’t a lonely 4-century old vampire create himself a cuddly vampire cat as a companion? Or a vampire horse – just imagine how fast you’d be able to travel with one of those! Or maybe a vampire bat, if you like that tongue-in-cheek kinda humor.

And really, shoving aside the fact that vampires and most mythical creatures don’t really exist, aren’t most of these myths based on exaggerated natural phenomena anyway? Take rabies, for example. In ancient times, couldn’t the fear people had of rabid animals have evolved into a myth about vampire animals? And ultimately, ‘human’ vampires?

Or let’s take something more recent, like the fox plague we’re
currently experiencing in Britain and Contintental Europe (Yes people… a fox plague. We have such rustic plagues here on the old continent. Alongside the modern ones of rats and pigeons, of course.). Apparently foxes enter chicken houses to kill one chicken for dinner, but then go crazy and just bite all the other chickens until they are dead. Now maybe, just maybe, we are not really having a fox plague… but it’s all the work of a newborn vampire fox! Heck, maybe it’s even a newborn vampire fox army! Think about it… Yes, that totally makes sense. Totally. I’m glad we figured this one out. I can now sleep
soundly again (aside from the fact that an army of undead foxes is wandering around my country, but well…)

They’re not bears… they’re vampire foxes!

PS: You know, now that you got me thinking about it, new questions arise…
like, what would a vegetarian human like myself who became a vampire eat? Would we really suddenly shove our principles aside and kill animals for consumption? Or would we turn to,
say… ketchup? Help me out here, Steph…

PPS: Will you please invite Letters to Twilight for another exclusive interview again for the release of Breaking Dawn so they can ask these questions for me? Many thanks!

I love Bella_NaA (and her partner in Twi-Crime Alice_NaA) for always asking the important Twilight questions!

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