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Dear Twilight,

"your skin is pale white and ice cold..."

"your skin is pale white and ice cold..."

Today we present our first “Fan Art” winner, Adrienne Trafford. We stumbled across Adrienne’s art blog after she left us a comment on one of our posts.  Not only is she an amazing artist, but we think she likes Twilight too!

She’s probably going to cringe at my interpretation of this piece, but since it was posted on her site with the caption I threw under the picture, I’m going to say that this is Bella, after her transformation into a vampire. Maybe Adrienne can provide us with more details, if I’m completely off!

Congrats, Adrienne- thanks for your art & for checking out our blog! You win an opportunity to catch one of Emmett’s fly balls during baseball. If you do, Edward promises to ravish you with kisses.

UnintendedChoice and theMoonisDown

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