#RIPTwilight- Your Stories Day 2

Today we continue sharing YOUR Twilight stories. We’ve heard from many Unicorns over the years (with now real-life friend Jordan being the first, BobbyGee being our favorite Spanish-speaking soccer lover (confused visitor), a new guy named Tom who wrote for the first time last week), and our most recent active Unicorn sends his #RIPTwilight thoughts today. Plus we’re sharing one last letter to Cathy Hardi and a letter from a new Twilight fans. Why are people JUST NOW joining the fandom– we’ve been telling you about it for years guys! You missed all the fun! Hope you enjoy. Try not to try. x

Our Resident Unicorn

What the heck does a late 30’s married father of two do when he realizes that he likes Twilight waaay more than he ought to?  He can’t talk to anybody about it at work because all the Harry Potter and Star Wars nerds will make fun of him (irony?). He can’t talk about it at home because even though his wife introduced him to Twi – it’s just a book/movie series, he’s expected to get over it already (no, I won’t!!).

The late 30’s (now early 40’s) married father of two scours the internet for intelligent signs of life that enjoy Twilight, but that DO NOT TAKE IT SERIOUSLY. That was a quest of epic proportions. But it had and ending of epic satisfaction. A nirvana called “Letters to Twilight”. A magical place, filled with intelligent, witty, funny, passionate and sexy women – who love to LAUGH at Twilight as they LOVE it in massive doses.

The LTT woman. My fantasy now and forever. I’m ruined. They know who they are.


One last letter to Cathy Hardi
Pour a big glass of The Ultimate Cougarita for this one

Dear Catherine Hardwicke,

The end is here Catherine, and it’s time to take stock and consider what we’d like to ask the Twilight directors. One question stands out for you, and you know what it is: WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH THE AUDITION TAPE?!? Don’t look all innocent, you know the one we mean. When you lured the four ‘bachelors’ (potential Edwards) back to your pad for a make-out session. Sadly, it had to be with Beller not you. Three of them, meh, we couldn’t care less, but the fourth….

You’ve said that Twilight fans couldn’t handle the footage, but have you hidden some snippets in plain view? You’d want to keep ownership of course, have your name on it, so let’s consider one of the Twilight special features, “Catherine Hardwicke’s Bella’s Lullaby Remix“. It’s a nice little video, produced in black and white, and with some excerpts from the film. And…. something not in the film!

twilight audition tape

What’s this? Ron and Beller (yes I know I’m mixing my metaphors!) making out on a bed, but in unfamiliar clothing, a grey(?) T-shirt  for him, light camisole and shorts with black bra for her. Rehearsing? Orrr THE EPIC AUDITION?

What other evidence do we have?

Well, we know from the Twilight Commentree that Ron has a grey t-shirt, he mentioned that he was wearing it for the Biology Lab scene. And we know you’re a kooky creature, I bet you have black sheets on the bed, non? And we know the audition was filmed with a hand-held camera…. so come on Catherine, give it up! Is this from the EPIC AUDITION or not?

Enviously yours for being so close to Ron,

Wish she had more time

Dear LTT,
I really don’t want to talk about the end, it just makes me too sad. But inevitably we are there. For many of you, Twilight has been a big part of your lives for several years now, and well, that makes me kinda jealous.

I’m jealous because you’ve had years worth of book releases, book signings, movie premieres, movie marathons, DVD release parties, Comic Cons, Twi Cons, and all the joy that comes with those things. You’ve been on a Twi-high for a long time…much longer than I have.

“I’m not into vampires.”
“I don’t really read…ever.”
“Twilight, psh! That’s kid stuff.”

That was me just a year ago. (So hard to admit that!) Then my husband bought me a Kindle, which I then proceeded to say: “But I like the feel of a real book in my hands!” *Reminder, I “didn’t read…ever.” Oh, how things have changed.

Because of a suggestion from a friend, the first book I [reluctantly] bought on my Kindle was, you guessed it, Twilight. AND THEN I COULDN’T STOP. I read and I read and I read. Then I watched all of the movies up to BD1, which was still in the theaters, and then I re-read.

So, for me, it truly feels like it just began…and it’s already over. I got one fun midnight DVD release, one movie premiere, one theater movie marathon, and one Twi-Con. I wan’t more and I just can’t have it.

As sad as I am (and that’s, like, reaaallly sad) I am super thankful for one thing (besides my husband buying me a Kindle): Thanks to Stephenie Meyer for writing Twilight. It truly changed my life. I never much saw the value in reading, or maybe I was just caught up in whatever it was I was too busy doing when I was younger, but it started a trend in my life that I couldn’t be happier about – unless I got to read some Midnight Sun, eh?

I’ve read more books in the past year than I have in the combined 26 years before that – and it all started with Twilight. I’ve read books that I never would have picked up a year ago, and it makes me sad just thinking about what I would have been missing.

So, however late I may have been in hopping on this bandwagon, I’m SO glad I finally did. Not just because I now have hot Robward wallpapers for my iPhone or Pinterest boards full of things I never would have cared about if it wasn’t for Twilight. It’s because I now do something the 15 year old me would have thought crazy: read for fun.

Thanks Steph Meyer. Thanks Twilight. Thanks LTT.

Sara P.

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Things I wish I could say

Things I wish I could sayDear Twilight,

I had every intention of writing you a letter letting you know I was a little preoccupied with last minute online Christmas shopping & then bill paying (really, Am Ex? Your due on CHRISTMAS EVE?) that I completely forgot to write you a real letter, but then I went into our inbox and read a few recent emails and decided to start a new blog series (content is tough these days, you see) since I have nothing better to do with my time like, say, go to bed, clean my house, or, hey, talk to Mr. Choice… Anyway, it’s called:

Things I wish I could say

In today’s episode, here are a few recent e-mails we/Twilight received & the things I WISH I could say back:

I just wanted you to know that even though I absolutely LOVE the twilight series I will NEVER go see any of the movies ever again. Sunday I took my 11 year old daughter and nephew to see it. My daughter ended up having a seizure during the birthing scene. It was terrifying for us and everyone in the theater! She is absolutely terrified now and doesn’t sleep. I am outraged that knowing these scenes have caused numerous people to have seizures and you still allow the movie to play in the theater. I guess money is everything. my email address is (insert crazy person email address) an x-fan Nancy*

Really, Nancy? REALLY? First of all, did you know you TEXTED that email to us with your ‘neato’ Virgin Mobile phone that seems to call texts “PXTs?” Second of all, you took your eleven year old to see a PG-13 movie? And are pissed that it wasn’t age-appropriate? And the birthing scene was SO terrifying it caused SEIZURES for multiple people? It actually terrified your daughter into a seizure? I hope after her “seizure” you took her to the Doctor who informed you that either #1: She was just a scared 11 year old who saw a movie she should have never seen or #2 She has a serious condition that has nothing to do with a birth scene from a movie. But you left out the most important thing in my email: what did your nephew think?

hi i am a huge fan of your movis and i love taylor lantner oh taylor e-mail me crazyperson@crazyperson.com or go to my website crazyperson.com can u com to my brithday  sleep over  i am 16 teen years old please com oh can u try to   find a boyfriend ………………..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  <3 rachel

If you’re 16, and the future of America, I’m scared. Hold me. Please. Not because you love Twilight. I love Twilight. Not because you love Taylor Lautner. I don’t, but I get it. But because you spell “come” as “com” (well, it could be worse) and you included a link to your “website” which was NOT actually a real website. and you still have sleepovers. And spell sixteen as 16teen. Actually… on a second read.. you might be brilliant. Because of this very line “Oh can u try to find a boyfriend…….” Even SHE KNOWS Taylor’s little secret!!

Write. Another. Book please they are addicting -Darya

Okay. I. Will.

No seriously we get 1 line emails demanding Stephenie write another book all.the.time. What are people thinking?

Anyway, you know what I’M thinking! What are YOU thinking!?


*all names & email addresses have been changed. Craziness is real

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Found in the LTT inbox….

Dear Twilight,

Not only did I get a sickness to end all sicknesses (not really, but I’m a big baby when it comes to pain or getting sick & I was pretty damn sick for about 5 days) but then I had to travel for work, so to say I’m lost when it comes to what is going on in the inter-workings of the fandom right now is an understatement (but besides the inevitable Robsten vs. Nonsten Twitter brawl & maybe a drunk tweet or two from Billy Burke, I bet I’ve missed nothing) So I’m so glad we have such a great group of readers who e-mail us (despite our now terribly embarrassing delayed response time) with stuff they come across in their daily lives.  Here is what I learned about what has happened recently in the world of Twilight:

More like “Super Gay”

Christina sent us this picture from the March 2011 issue if Cosmopolitan magazine. No- it’s not a “100 new positions to try so that your vampire husband doesn’t break your vagina” guide. Nor a “10 ways to remember your birth control when you go on your husband with your Vampire husband” list. It was titled “Superheroes We Wish Existed.” Christina lamented that this is getting slightly out of control and a little bit on the flamer side. I agree:


(Don't they mean 1/2 Edward & 1/2 Jacob?)

Twilight invades our non-Twilight Lives

I don’t watch Parks & Recreation but I heard that they were planning on getting in some good Twilight jabs in last week’s episode. They did. And I laughed:

Fan Vids Bring it all back

I love fan vids & haven’t seen a good one in so long. I was so happy to have this emailed to us this weekend! GOOD fan vids are amazing- they bring back those feelings that sometimes seem so lost about the saga. They remind me why I loved it in the first place- Edward & Bella. I know this isn’t a unanimous thought about Eclipse, but I didn’t feel like it captured the real passion between Edward & Bella. I’m not sure the movies have really portrayed the love that Stephenie writes about in the books. But do you know what does? Fan videos. And they use the same clips as the movies. It’s just something about the way they are edited together & the music chosen along with the scenes- it reminds me what the story is actually about! So TIP FOR SUMMIT- pick your favorite fan video maker (or hey- run a contest!!) and give the winner access to specific scenes in Breaking Dawn- and have them create a video FOR the fans. A promo video that WE will love! DO IT DO IT! (If this doesn’t remind you why you love/loved Twilight- you don’t have a soul. You’re like Edward. Except not as hot. Probably. Unless you are as hot. Then send a pic)

2nd hand Embarrassment fail

Lastly, I always love opening the mail (electronically) and being 2nd-hand embarrassed by one of your horrible Twi-art finds.  When this one was described to me, I couldn’t WAIT to see it! My Little Pony decorated like the Twilight book covers? What could be more embarrassing?

Turns out I’m not embarrassed & I kinda want it for my collection. What happened to me? My childhood self & adult-self worlds are colliding! These little ponies are incredible!!

What’s next? Am I going to confess to owning Twilight-painted Chuck Taylors & a Cullen Boys Track Suit?

Until next time (with hopefully some real Twilight news!)


Have you seen anything marvelous/horrible/interesting lately? Tell me how much you loved that fan vid!!

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The LTT Mailbag – A Grandma leaves me speechless


Dear LTT-ers,

It’s time to crack open the mailbag and see what goodies the crazies have sent us. Since we don’t have Intern Rob like LTR does to answer emails over there I guess I’ll be forced to. Instead of posting a letter from our super funny readers I’ve broken into our special “crazies” folder to bring you a little chuckle this Monday (ugh) morning…

I get that Bella is in love with Edward but still has feelings for Jacob.  Jacob is suspicious of Edward’s intentions.  Do you think Edward is hiding something more from Bella and Jacob?  I think Edward might not be everything that he says he is.

Edward on the weekends

Dear Suspicious,
If be not everything he says he is you mean he’s a tranny you would be right. Edward has been living half his life as a woman and performs at the he drag show nights at the Tool Shack in Port Angeles. And you know how he’s always skipping school any time it’s “sunny?” It’s not actually because he glitters, it was because he was up late watching the RuPaul’s Drag Race marathon on Oxygen while sketching new costume ideas with Alice. AAANNNDDD you know that whole glittering business? Well that’s no lie, Edward really does sparkle in the sun but it’s because he’s wearing Body Shimmer from Sephora not because of some vampiric side effects.

SO you were right, Edward really isn’t everything he says he is.

I think the 5th book should be called “The Bleeding Rose, The final Chapter of Twilight”
From – A Reader

Dear A Reader,
I think the 5th book should be called “Midnight Sun.” Get in line.

There needs to be more action that will make you jump out of your seat, more drama, adventure, romance, more sexy characters. Does anyone know when Stephanie will be signing books and where to meet her?

Dear Billy,
Maybe you and A Reader can tell Stephenie this at her book signing for: MIDNIGHT SUN. Whenever that will be. Keep your eyes on the prize people!

Ain't no thang just reading LTT/LTR/Robsessed/Twifans/BreakingDawnmovie.org/AARP benefits site

Subject: A Grandma’s Desire
Just like all of the fans of the twilight cast My desire is to truly be able to contact them to let them know how we feel about our favorite actor or actress. And to thank Stephenie  Meyer,  for taking the time to write the novel  that sparked life into all our lives. Both women and men. I  happen  to be Team Edward. My desire is to see him in person. I’ve  been  tempted to catch the plane, come out there and share the ground  with my homeless  friend  just for the opportunity to see him, walk the runway or visit on the outside of a site  where he is working. Hoping to catch  sight of him. Sometimes the urge is so great  I’ve called  my  friend to tell  her im  on my way. I don’t  think  I would enjoy sleeping outside in the elements But  if  I knew  that I could see him , I would take the chance. I have little hope now that my friend have lost the car she was sleeping in. I was  counting on furnishing the gas and she would at least drive me around. I watched when fans put up  their tents and envied them, wishing I was there. My children and grandchildren  are embrassed   when  I  talk about Edward and my desire to see him in person. To  hear his voice, see his gorgeous hair. But I would be satisfied just to get a e-mail from him. I tried  to get to Chicago, when he was there its closer to my home. But I got sick. He was on the Oprah show. I sent him a birthday card  to the  show . Hope he got it. hope he e-mail me back, I will be waiting.
All my love,

She's got a used tissue in here for you

Dear Twilight Grandma,

Sorry but my mind is blown. You’ve seriously considered shacking up with your homeless friend in a CAR to stalk Rob? I’m gonna have to go ahead and say THIS is NOT NORMAL. We’ve done and said some weird stuff in our time but this ranks up there. I totally understand the allure of Edward or Rob or whoever you think he is but you’re a grandma. You should be watching reruns of Murder She Wrote, knitting weird sweaters and eating hard candies covered in pocket and tissue lint, not fantasizing about giving your homeless friend gas money in exchange for tracking down “Edward.”

Yes, friends these are REAL emails we’ve received! We couldn’t be more happy and scared each time we log in to our emails. Feeling frisky and want to write us a letter? Have a question? Have an observation? Rereading the Saga? Want to profess your love for Stephenie/Rob/Summit Entertainment? WRITE US!

Now don’t have a case of the Mondays,

I almost gave Edward a drag name but then I thought I’d let you guys create it… So have at it in the comments!

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LTT is much more than UC & Moon… err or Twilight, which is what it’s mostly about…

Dear LTTers,

I like writing random, rambling, long blog post titles that mess up your phone if you try to read the letter online or stretch the screen if you use a computer. It’s fun. Especially for Friday. It’s the little things, guys!

Anyway, in keeping with the celebratory tone of our 2 year anniversary, we wanted to share a few short letters we received this week as well as some pics I’ve been hanging on to for a time such as this- submissions by YOU ALL of you & your LTT merch!

Dear Letters to Twilight,

I met my LTT Cosmic Twin!

One fine day, I was cracking up reading the LTT comments when one commenter’s opinions kept catching my attention. We had sooo much in common… in only one day of comments: a love of Twilight, a hint of snark and humor, 3 year old daughters who didn’t sleep the night before, and the same name! (Not to mention a love of Somerhalder, Skarsgard and that cute, little chain smoking monkey-Mr. Robert Pattinson!) I ended up replying to her that I though she was my LTT doppleganger… and that’s how West Coast Stacey (snowwhitedrifted) met East Coast Stacey.

We ended up being pen pals, well email pals nowadays, ’cause who uses pens? Then twitter buds and we realized we were cosmic twins. We became each other’s enablers, writing fan fics as well as a co-authoring a bunch of letters to twilight posts… and now we have a blog to discuss all the juicy goodness of this ridiculous little world we have found. This downward spiral has been one heck of a ride and I’m so glad of it! Thank you, LTT, for the magicness!

-The Staceys
(snowwhitedrifted and East Coast Stacey)

This LTT girl takes a picture with someone familiar looking before heading to feed the alpacas with the snacks she keeps in her LTT girl bag.

UC and Moon, you have helped keep the Twi-love alive. Here’s a pic of me when I went to Port Angeles and Forks this past summer with two Twi-friends, repping LTT with my favorite tote bag ever. We made total fools of ourselves, spending the extra five bucks to stay in the Twilight room at the hotel, and sporting fake wolf pack tattoos for our trip to La Push. Cause that’s Normal.

The following collection features some fangirling from: Twiwind Night – ICanHandleIt (proudly wearing jorts), VoteMeIn (wearing a Tweed Serious shirt and leg hitching) & EJ

And Cledbo reads printed out fan fiction, rocking her “Fade to Sad” shirt while wearing hot red heels. That’s Normal.

These girls look like they’re in a bar that happens to decorate itself in Twi-photos. Aka a DREAM bar. Or in reality they’re just Tweed Serious at one of their homes, but shhh- I like living in a fantasy world where a bar’s walls are decorated in Edward & Jacob & Rainier Beer is the only thing on tap

KandnandB rocks the I love British Boys book while wearing her “Big in Japan” t-shirt. Ya know, just a normal Friday night

They’re not Bears!!! It’s a muscled Jacob Doll, in a public space. (And a VERY brave girl!)

I’m bothered that snowwhitedrifted’s Bothered shirt is backwards in this picture:

And Obava travels to a far off land & brings her LTT shirt along- we’re so proud! So is her son. (He’s too young to be embarrassed yet!)

These pictures make me so happy! Nothing is more fulfilling than making a bad joke with your friend Moon over instant messenger one night, posting it on a blog the next morning, seeing people’s reaction to said bad joke & then seeing the joke ON a tshirt in a bar, in a foreign land, on a bad, feeding alpacas, embarrassing your families, etc. etc. etc!

Thanks to everyone who submitted pictures recently & so long ago! And I’m sorry if I didn’t put your fake name on here- I had the files saved with your real names & figured you didn’t want those shared. 🙂

And in case you missed my comment on Wednesday, I had a horrific day at work and after my 10.5 hour work day, 2 hours driving & when I finally hit the pillow and looked at all the comments on my phone that night, I was so overwhelmed with all your love! I appreciate each & every one of you! I’m being Tweed Serious.


(PS: If you have something from the LTT/LTR store, send us a picture- we’ll feature it eventually!!! And if you don’t own anything- DUDE! Put it on your Christmas list! And snowwhitedrifted made some new designs we’ll be unveiling any day now :):) Wearing shirts about vampires & werewolves is normal: Buy some now!

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