75 (give or take) Reasons I may or may not be a Twihard

You might be a Twilight fan if... you've taken a photo like this

Dear LTT-ers,

We get the best emails from you guys, funny, cute, sad, sweet, touching, weird, head scratchers and down right, WTF’s in our inbox all the time and though we can’t always respond to every one we love them just the same, so when this email containing reasons you might be a Twilight addict came through our inbox courtesy of Em of M I thought I’d give it a whirl and see if I was truly a Twihard or just normal (aka the same). AAANNNDDD I just saw Blue Valentine and I’m still trying to process what the HALE I just saw so a list it is……………

A bunch of Reasons You Might Be a Twilight/Rob/Edward Addict: (edited for size)

1. You dream about Edward regularly. – Actually I don’t think I’ve EVER had an Edward or Twilight related dream which is weird considering how I talk about this stuff every day. Or maybe this IS all a dream! Ohhh Inception moment yall!

2. You dream about Rob regularly. – I can honestly say I think I’ve only ever had ONE dream with Rob in it and TomStu was there too. I’ll let you take that however you want to.

3. You always order mushroom ravioli every time you go to Olive Garden. – The “Tour of Italy” and the unlimited Soup, Salad and Breaksticks just like Big Daddy would, aka the 15.95 colonic.

4. You wear t-shirts with Edward’s face on it. – As the blog Gods and you all are my witnesses I have and will NEVER wear Edward’d face across my boobs. Now Jasper and/or Jacob on a motorcycle, as a joke……. MAYBE.

You might be a Twilight fan if... you own any of this shiz (all of it!)

5. All your usernames and passwords are Twilight-related. – That might explained why we were hacked a few months back. The bored hackers in Eastern Europe knew our love of Edward and obviously guessed our passwords were cu11enluvr108 and 3dwardanth0nymasenb3s4f3.

6. You regularly quote the books and movies. – If “Be Safe,” “They’re not bears,” “Let’s do this,” and “Purple’s cool” is quoting the movies then YES, a big yes.

7. You are used to the strange looks you get when you quote the books and movies in public. – I write a blog about Twilight if someone thinks me saying “Be Safe” is weird, they are in for a BIG surprise.

8. You draw pictures of Edward when you should be paying attention in class. – Well seeing as I’m an adult I draw them on my grocery shopping list and in the margins of the internet bill.

9. You start using words like chagrin, murmur, and dazzle all the time. – You forget my favorites: glower, irrevocably, and Renesmee.

You might be a Twilight fan if... you know who these guys are

10. You visit your favorite bookmarked Twi-sites at least once a day, but you’re usually online all day, waiting for updates. – I should probably erase my browsing history on my work computer if I want to keep my job… but maybe it’s my silent plea for help or maybe I just want to be fired for “Twilight related offenses.” Let’s see which one the unemployment secretary believes.

12. You’ve named pets or inanimate objects after Edward, Rob or other characters from the series. – Our beta fish is named Napoleon and we tell him to “come get some ham” when we throw the pellets in his bowl. I have boundaries people!

13. You’ve named your children after Edward, Rob or one of the other characters from the series. – No but it’s one of the stipulations I put on  my match.com profile. And yet I haven’t gotten any responses…. curious.

14. Whenever you meet someone from Arizona, you ask them, “How you likin’ da rain, girl?” – No but my MOM said that to me one time when I went home (to AZ) for a visit. TRUE STORY!

15. You think ‘Spider-monkey’ is a great pet-name for your significant other. – I could punch whoever wrote that line.

16. You bought a bracelet or a ring just like Bella’s (and not the fugly engagement ring, the other one she wears on her index finger) and wear them proudly. – Do they sell this at Hot Topic or should I wait till the next TwiCon rolls through town?

17. You carry a copy of one of the books wherever you go, and you bring the whole set with you when you go on vacation. – I’d like to get laid in the next decade, thanks.

18. You’ve made a personalized license plate out of Rob’s or Edward’s names. – Yup: AKL-3295 is totally code for something Rob/Edward related.

20. You wrote a serious paper for class about the series. – I write a blog called Letters to Twilight EVERY DAY (sorta) does that count?

You might be a Twilight fan if... you're in this picture

21. You fantasize that Rob and/or Edward is in love with you. – Wait, is this is a bad thing?

22. You practice your ‘dazzling’ look in the mirror. – I’m doing it right now, can you see?

23. You’ve spent long hours wondering about what Jacob and Renes-whatever’s children are going to look like. -I spent hours trying to figure out how to spell her name.

25. You’ve made jorts from a pair of jeans. – I do live in Hipsterville area of Los Angeles, DUH. This is a requirement upon moving into this neighborhood: jorts, weird facial hair, no bra, smokes a pack a day, rides a fixie and listens to bands no one’s ever heard of.

26. You act out scenes from the books with your friends, significant other, and stuffed animals (if they’re needed for those loads and loads of extra characters in Breaking Dawn.) – Only on my LARPing weekends. I’m Celeste Donavon from the Port Charles coven.

29. You hope to run into Cougar Cathy whenever you go to TGIFridays. – I live for this possibility… and the hope that maybe she’ll give me Jamaican vacation braids while showing me THE AUDITION tape on repeat.

30. You hope to run into Big Daddy Lautner whenever you go to Olive Garden. – See above only this time I hope he gives me a big bear hug and teaches me the finer points of choosing which sauce and pasta combo on the Endless Pasta bowl menu item leaves the most room for dessert.

31. You have multiple sets of the books and multiple versions of the movies. – Obviously everyone needs a “loaner” set. DUH.

You might be a Twilight fan if... you've made something like this

33. You read the books that Stephenie says inspired her when writing: for Twilight, Pride and Prejudice, for New Moon, Romeo and Juliet, for Eclipse, Wuthering Heights, and for Breaking Dawn, The Merchant of Venice and Midsummer Night’s Dream. – Yes, it’s called required reading in high school and college lit classes.

34. You cried when Buttcrack Santa died in Twilight. – I sobbed.

35. Every time you have a dream, you try to write a best-selling, teen-sensation, multi-million-dollar story based off of it. – Your lips to God’s (or Little Brown’s) ears…

36. You’ve attended Comic Con just because Rob was going to be there. – I used to attend for work, now I just use work as a cover for my real motives: losing my hearing to 50 year old women screaming out “ROB  show me your sparklepeen!”

39. You like for your significant other to hitch your leg whenever you two are gettin’ cozy. – Yea, it’s weird when Rob asks me to stop requesting that move though. Kinda kills the mood.

41. Your diet consists mostly of Heineken and Hot Pockets. – More like Diet Coke and Twilight conversations hearts and Sky chocolate bars with the Cullen crest on them.

So, I guess you could say I’m sort of a Twilight fan from the facts listed above. I mean you haven’t really lived until you’ve photoshopped some actors head on a dude in a drive through window or coming out of a porta potty or on a dude with a mullet. And you also haven’t lived till you’ve eaten your weight in nasty conversation hearts while quoting the Twilight movies with the girl you blog about Twilight with… I mean yea, I’m sort of a fan…. maybe.

Ok, I’m a fan, you caught me.

It’s funny how we can simultaneously say yes and HALE no to the same question about whether we’re a fan or not. Any you would like to add? Throw ’em in the comments.

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Storytime with Moon: Twilight in Kenya

Wait, people know about you outside of my bubble?

Dear Twilight,

I left roughly three weeks ago to run to the other side of the world to Nairobi, Kenya and more specifically the slum of Kibera, the largest slum in Africa, roughly the size of Central Park and houses 1-4 million people. Kibera is the home to many many beautiful wonderful people who live in extreme poverty, disease and human rights atrocities. Not quite the place I thought I’d be able to find you in, Twilight.

But I was wrong. Now don’t misunderstand me I didn’t meet any LTT-ers or Twihards or see any Edward Cullen posters but I was surprised at how you were known even in such a dire situation but then I guess I should have known you’d have been there. How many stories (including our own) have we heard about how Twilight has provided an escape and a new perspective on life?

So to tell my story of finding you in Kibera. While I was in Kenya I was part of a team that put on camps for kids and teens from Kibera. The first week I found myself a sweet, tough, fun young lady named Adelaide (they have the best names!) and one afternoon we were taking pictures and I happened to have some old pictures still on the camera so I sat down to show them my friends and family and where I lived. It just so happens that some of the Eclipse premiere / Leghitch2010 pictures were still on and camera. When they asked what was happening in the pictures I wondered “would they know Twilight, if I asked?” “What if they’re Robsten/Nonsten? Will I kick them off my team?” Ok, ok I didn’t wonder about the Robsten/Nonsten thing. I knew Adelaide was too cool for such things, after all she plays Rugby and she’s 12. She could kick any one of our Robsten/Nonsten arse’s if it came to blows. No need for Twitter drama, take it to the pitch people!

Future LTT/LTR girls?

So I told them these are pictures from a movie premiere I went to. And I thought that would be sufficient enough and we could go back to talking pictures and braiding hair. But no, Adelaide grabbed the camera and said “what movie?” and so I asked, “Do you know what Twilight is? The books and movies?” and she answered “Yes…” a little bit excited I grabbed the camera and told her I was going to find a picture of some of the stars she might recognize. So i flipped quickly to a picture of Rob and told her “This is Robert Pattinson, the guy who plays Edward Cullen, the vampire.” (The dude I write a blog about and have seen more times than I need to tell people, the guy I’ve made up insane stories and situations about, the guy I spend more time talking about then I should, that’s normal, right?). Of course, by then the few boys who were looking on over my shoulder had disappeared. TYPICAL. Adelaide grabbed the camera back and looked at Rob and I asked if she knew who he was and she turned to me and smiled and did the Kenya eye blink think which is their code for “yes” and she handed back the camera and took off. Because of course more important things awaited, jump rope, football, rugby, hanging out with friends. As it should. Who needs Twilight when you have such things?

Besides my team mates randomly asking me stuff about blogging or Twilight, that was my one and only discussion about anything Twilight related while in Kenya. It was nice to be away and to see other cultures, meet new people and still have a small connection to Twilight. But it’s also nice to be back with you all! I look forward to jumping back in with both feet. Thank you all for the funny and sweet messages you left me while I was gone and for helping UC chronicle all the stuff I missed in the “While Moon was gone” posts. I’m definitely filled in now and fat taytay will forever haunt my thoughts! Thank you for that!

Asante Sana! (the extent of my Kiswahili)

What’s the last place you thought you’d find a Twilight fan? Or someone who knows what Twilight is? Did you out yourself?

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A Harry Potter fan comes to the dark side. And likes it!

(hello lovelies! I am in the midst of moving to a new place so while I’m packing away all my valuable Twilight merchandise, double bubble wrapping the signed Saga and tucking Action Figure Edward into my handbag for the ride over, I’m going to let WickedRed take the reigns today and tell us about her secret friends with benefits relationship with Twilight while being a hardcore Potter fan. Enjoy and light a candle for me that our movers will not lose my jorts and Jacob tshirt! xo- moon)

Sshhh it'll be our little secret...

Dear Twilight,

I don’t know how much longer we can get away with doing this.

It’s only a matter of time before someone discovers the truth and then it’s all downhill from there! I’ll be marked as a traitor! My friends will disown me! Worst of all, he’ll never forgive me.

I’m talking about Harry, of course. Harry Potter.

I know. I KNOW! Stop judging me! You knew his world was part of the deal when you got involved! …I know you two are very different novels and I’m just as sick of the comparisons as you are, okay? But sadly there are enough idiots in the media that think to compare you to Harry simply because you’re both phenomenally popular fantasy novels. It’s caused a rivalry between you two that’s worse than vampires and Death Eaters… I mean, Dumbledore’s Army and the Volturi…. Fuck it. You get the point!

That’s why I’ve got to keep our relationship a secret, you see.

Coventions, huh? Which costume did you wear?

I met Harry and his friends before I was old and wise enough to fill in the S. Meyer’s blanks on Isle Esme. We grew up together. I started looking at his fan sites. Then I started working on a fan site for one of the cast members. I made a network of friends. I traveled to premieres and conventions. CONVENTIONS! I interviewed the cast and crew. It was clear that Harry Potter was the only one of me.

And then, years later, you came along.

Honestly, you had a bad reputation. A BAD reputation. But my best friend, who wasn’t involved with my other escapades and loves you, insisted that I give you a try. I was intrigued. One quick reading through wasn’t really cheating if no one found out, right?

But it wasn’t just a quick read through. It was a serious, this-could-cause-an-obsession connection. It was love. If I were a fan of any other series, it wouldn’t be a problem, but it is. People think I can just tell my hardcore Potter family that I like both series and they’ll accept that. I think these are the same people who still believe that somewhere far far away, unicorns are dancing under an everlasting rainbow high up in the sky. The world is in the midst of a cloaks-on-jorts war, people! Get in step!

Uh, cause these fans have much room to talk!

I’ve noticed it’s pretty much a one-way street, Twilight. Your family lets Harry be, mostly. If you weren’t natural enemies, your crowd might even like him.  If you weren’t stealing his thunder and getting endless comparisons, Harry’s crowd might even like… no, not even then. To be a major part of Harry’s family, hating on you (and your crowd) is practically a requirement. I must admit that I did it myself for quite some time before giving you a chance.

So I read your books without telling anyone. I actually HID them when Potter friends visited. I watched your movies with an alibi prepared (I’ve seen Toy Story 3 like six times!) I claim that all knowledge of the books and films are secondhand, because my mother is a big fan. That’s acceptable, because my mother also watches daytime soap operas.

I’ve tried to divide my obsession time equally between you. I even considered starting a blog called “Letters To Potter” before I realized that I’m not a hack who likes to rip people off.. and I’m really not that funny.

Here’s the problem with this situation: Remember that annoying, confused Bella that you just want to facepunch all through Eclipse? I am her. She is me. Dammit, I’m THAT girl.

It all begins with a choice...

The truth is, Harry Potter will always be my Edward Cullen. The irony of that sentence kills us all. But you, Twilight, you’re my Jacob. Yes, I’m using your plot line to justify that shortcomings in our relationship right now. Sorry.

What I mean to say is this– just because I didn’t fall in love with you first doesn’t mean I want to keep you by my side forever.

Maybe someday they’ll all find out under some crazy circumstance. When that time comes, let them say what they might. I’ve heard it all before! They just don’t understand our love.

In the meantime, will you keep being my sweet literary piece of ass on the side?

Right then. See you tomorrow!

Your Secret Lover,

Oh WickedRed, we love you and your secret love affair with the Twi. Can’t we all just get along though, Twi fans and HP fans, because it seems like the line is blurred A LOT. UC is a HUGE Potter fan, Stephenie herself is a HUGE potter fan and I’ve heard the 1st book (ok, ok sorry I know!) But can’t the Potterheads just live and let live? What say you readers? Are you an HP fan? Can we really get along?

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Twilosophy: I am NOT the number 1 Twilight fan!

Dear Twilight and fellow LTT-ers,

Recently a girl I sorta know found out about the blogs and asked me “so you’re like the number one Twilight fan, huh?!” and I wholeheartedly and vehemently said NO! No I am NOT the number one Twilight fan cause in my mind number one fan is some crazy lunatic with Twilight tattoos, owns the entire line of tshirts from Hot Topic, sleeps on the sidewalk for days on end…  number one fan brings to mind visions of that show, FANatic on MTV and how some crazy person deemed an artist’s number one fan went apeshit when they met SugarRay or Britney Spears and that’s about the farthest thing from what I’d do if I ever REALLY met any of these people in real life. In reality I’d pretty much look the other way while hoping they didn’t think I was staring at them. Far from having a fangirl freak out or even acknowledging that I know who they are and NEVER ever in a million years mentioning that I write a blog about them or the books every day.

Yup, number one fan, that's me!

But just because I’m not those things that make me think #1 fan does that make me any less of one? Maybe I really am a number 1 fan. I run this blog, I’ve been to more than my fair share of Twilight related events, heck I have business cards in my handbag with this blog’s URL on it… somehow in my mind this does not equate number one fan but to the outside world, aka the rest of the population, who only know Twilight as that thing “the kids are into” I probably look like the biggest fan that ever lived.

I shudder to think!

So what does it all mean? Follow the cut to see what I come up with…

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New Moon: The Hits and the Misses, Moon’s review part 2

*Missed part one? Read it here*

The wolf's outta the bag

Dear LTT-ers and anyone every having to do with New Moon,

Today we continue on with beating a dead horse aka our reviews of New Moon and this is my part two since I was so long winded the first time around. Wednesday, I started this review by posting what I call the hits and misses of the movie so let’s continue down that path…


Alrighty smile for the camera, say: "cheee-we'retotallyoblivious towhatsreallygoingoninthistown-eeese"

The Humans
Once again the humans are really the highlight of the film. Just like in Twilight they bring the funny and the sense of reality. They act like high school students, make stupid (read: awesome) jokes and generally remind us that not everyone is an undercover sensitive, brooding monster. If I had to give props to give one human though I think it would have to be Billy Burke as Charlie, famous ladies man. This time around we actually feel the bond between him and Bella which isn’t cut short with stutter-y phrasing or bad awkward moments. He plays the Dad figure well and you actually feel for him as he tries to comfort Bella. I also noticed in the dream sequence when Bella remembers the Werewolf/Vampire story the person laying on the forest floor is not her but is Charlie (at least I think!) if so, it just further illustrates that she really doesn’t want him to get hurt because of her crazy monster secret life. Awwwww… can’t wait till I see if again to really see if it was Charlie.


Dizzy, I'm so dizzy my head is spinning Like a whirlpool it never ends And it's You girl makin' it spin

UC talked about it and I will to, I’m sure it was used as some sort of visual tool to disorient us but I think it worked all TOO WELL. Everytime she trips and falls in the forest I think “here we go again” and get a good grip in my chair because we’re about to take a trip on New Moon the ride now at Universal Studios. Let me off! Let me off! Bellaaaaa, BellAH… Get me off this crazy thing… called love (anyone? anyone?!)


Excuse me, what did you just say?

Chemistry between Bella & Jacob
One of my favorite scenes between them is the “break up” scene after Jacob has turned and Bella, tired of getting the dismissal from Billy, goes to find out why he’s been missing. They emote, they stare into each other eyes, they tug at my heart strings, they make me cry. Taylor has probably the best set of puppy dog eyes ever and uses them to kill us every time. How can Bella be immune to THAT?! They really do portray two people who are great friends torn apart by great odds who try to overcome them. I think it’s probably why I lean so heavily in favor of Team Jacob in this movie. There’s really nothing like a true best friend.

Seriously let’s finish this thing up after the cut

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