Rob’s New Fragrance!

Smells like… how do you say… ah yes, SEXY.

Hey Guys!

Rob is the new spokeswhore (TM Dlisted) for Dior Men’s Fragrances. I know, right??!?! I guess people think he smells like stuff other than stale cheetos and the inside of a second hand clothing shop. Shocking. So clearly, Rob needed a way to pay for his new pad since he dumped the old love nest (too many memories. And stains). So enter Christian Dior and their office full of Robsessed ladies and here we are: Robert Pattinson face of Men’s Dior Fragrances.

So I got to thinking if Rob’s the new face of these fragrances, what would they smell like? Well, have no fear people I’m here and I have a warped creative imagination!

Dior Italiano – It smells like a pizza rolled up and stuffed in a sweaty men’s Italian leather shoe, that’s been worn through a dirty puddle behind Ye Rustic Inn.

Dior Angeleno – It smells like an old gym sock worn to a PF Chang’s Rock N Roll Marathon after a trip to the dog park where it accidentally stepped in dog poop.

Dior Robbe – It smells like an ’86 BMW full of greasy old In-N-Out bags on fire in the number 4 lane on the 405 North.

Dior Unbroken – It smells like adolescent tears drying on a copy of “Forever” by Judy Blume loaned out from the public library.

In light of the recent Brad Pitt Chanel Fragrance commercials there is one thing for sure: I CAN’T WAIT to see the commercials/print ads Rob’ll do for Dior. We need Rob talking about scents, and men, and life and love and he has to use the word “essence” a lot. We’d also like him to look super hot. Come on Dior DON’T LET US DOWN!!!

Smell ya later!


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