Kickin' arse and taking names with Cam Gigandet

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Dear Cam-

Your video on Funny or Die was part genius you truly ALMOST hit the mark with this one. Good call on cashing in on Twilight since your character James is dead now and won’t be back for any of the sequels so you miss out on all the extra publicity. The video is hilarious because it’s true and that’s what makes the video so great… but between you and me we all know if this every really happened, if you ever really encountered a group of crazy twihards be it preteens or twimoms in a book group you wouldn’t have won. Not at all. They would have “ripped you apart and burned the pieces.” Just like any good vampire killer would. Trust. Now be careful out there dear it’s a wild world!

You can run but you can’t hide!

Don’t forget ol Robby today or the forum!

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This might be a question for your OB/GYN or Stephenie Meyer


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Dear Stephenie Meyer-

You should really stop going to Yahoo Answers to get your story lines. I mean where else could you come up with a story about a fetus that drinks its mothers blood and grows at light speed? Not to mention the father is a Vampire who had sex with its human mom!

Kids these days are whacky enough to post personal questions about their girlfriends pregnancy in a public forum not thinking some suburban housewife is trolling the web just looking for an absurd twist for the fourth and final installment of her multimillion dollar, New York Times Best Selling Novels. She must have seen this and went “THAT’S IT!” If only we could have warned this poor dude to call a doctor instead of ask some random people in the interwebs maybe he could have spared us all a little Renseesme and a lot of explaining to Breaking Dawn newbies.

Darn kids.


Original Yahoo Answers Question

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