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Dear LTT-ers,

You know how on like December 20th you remember CRAP I haven’t sent/done/made/mailed the Christmas cards yet and I REALLY wanted to include Kellan/Rob/Taylor/Nikki /Stephenie/Summit/the person who created those Twilight bandaids on my list. Well have NO fear because we have you covered. Inspired by “Wish the Obama’s Well for 2012” and our pal Bella Not an Addikt, we’ve created this totally fake AWESOME form for you to send your Holiday Greetings, thanks, and New Year’s hopes to anyone in the Twilight Universe!

Want to share you 2012 wishes with Kristen or tell Solomon how much you wish he would have a cameo in BD2? This is the place… we will see to it that they get delivered… right to our inbox! Then if we laugh hard enough or our cold, dead hearts cry a little your entry may be featured next week right here on LTT!

[gravityform id=1 name=HolidayWishes]

And as is tradition here at LTT/LTR here is our 2011 Christmas card… now imagine we printed these, wrote your name and address in calligraphy on the envelope, mailed with the a christmas stamp to your house and it’s currently hanging on your fridge/Xmas card holder. Awwww…. isn’t that a nice thought?!

 (click to enlarge)

Happiest of Christmases, Hanukkah’s, Chrismukkah’s, Festivas’s and whatever else you may celebrate! We love you!
Moon & UC

Have something for Rob or anyone associated with him? Head over to LTR.

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The Four weeks of Twimas: Gifts that won’t embarrass you or anyone you love

Dear LTTers,

Each week leading up to Christmas, Hanukkah, the winter solstice & that K-holiday I won’t even attempt to spell, we’ve been sharing some Twi/LTT/Rob-related gifts that are sure to please your friends, family & that Unicorn at work you Twi-gossip with over lunch. Today we’re featuring one of our favorite LTT friends, Adrienne Trafford.

We first “met” Adrienne when we came across her print entitled “Deepest Loss.” We’ve used it on tons of tear-jerker LTT letters because it was inspired by Bella, left in the woods after Edward leaves (except Adrienne’s Bella is dressed way better than the real Bella!)

This holiday season, Adrienne is offering the Deepest Loss print for $10 in her Etsy Shop. What’s better than supporting an artist, giving a hand-made, not-mass produced gift (or keeping one for yourself) all while secretly supporting Twilight. That’s right, with Adrienne’s art hanging on your wall, everyone will admire the beautiful work without knowing at all that it’s an homage to Twilight!

Check out another favorite Twi-inspired piece that we love: Bella Pale White

Happy shopping!

UC & Moon

PS: And through the end of the day, the Bite Me Edward notepads are still 50% off when you use the code BITEME50

Oh, and yes- you’ll notice we have a NEW COMMENT SYSTEM! We’re trying it out on LTT first but I think you’ll love it. Comments won’t get squished, you can track what you said- and there are some cool features we can add as we go along. If you’re an often commenter, I suggest signing up with Disqus & use the same email you use for commenting NOW- that way you can choose the same picture- you’ll see an option to link from your gravatar account. Happy commenting & let us know if it’s not working right for you!

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Dear LTTers,

We hope you have the happiest of Thanksgivings & that it’s drama-free, filled with lots of love & creamy mashed potatoes.

We hope you take a “Family” photo like this one & it is epic & amazing & causes so much laughter and reason for “Breaking it down” like this photo did.

And we also hope “Jumping Rob” ruins your photo.

UC & Moon

PS: to those of you not in the US, I feel bad that you can’t try my sister’s creamy mashed potatoes, but I hope you stuff yourself on some of your own local cuisine today, just so you feel like you’re celebrating with us. XOXO

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Christmas messages from the Twilight cast

Dear LTTers,

It wouldn’t be Christmas without a little TwiPorn to get us in the spirit!!! Wait- are you allowed to say “Porn” and “Christmas” in the same sentence? Does that guarantee me a ticket to that firey place? Oh well. Looking at that 3rd picture, it might be worth it!

UC & Moon

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Christmas Caroling with the Cullens

Dear LTTers,

How are you!? Stuffed? Tired? Are you wearing your new clothes and playing your new CDs and watching your new DVDs? Good. Moon & I are busy with our families this weekend, but have no fear! We don’t plan to stop the holiday celebration. In fact, we both printed out today’s caroling lyrics and plan to lead our families in many rousing choruses throughout the day. So don’t stop the holiday celebrations! Get back in the spirit by singing the following Christmas carols with more appropriate lyrics!

“I’m Dreaming of a Black Christmas” Listen to the Real song here

Now that Edward is back, Bella spends less time with Jake. She’s not as happy as Stephenie Meyers makes her seem. And the holidays are especially tough. Bella is all sentimental…. wishing for more time with Jake. And so she sings this tune….

Who invited Buttcrack Santa?

I’m dreaming of a Black Christmas
Just like they have down on the res
Where Emily bakes her muffins
and jorts are in fashion
and everyone does what Sam Uley says

I’m dreaming of a Black Christmas
Just like when that wolf was my best friend
I won’t even throw a face punch
when he tries to kiss me
really, he wouldn’t be a bad boyfriend

I’m dreaming of a Black Christmas
Every time Emmett jokes that I’m his snack
May your days be 110 degrees and laidback
And may all your Christmases be Black

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