On “Getting” Rob Pattinson: A Follow-Up

Warning: Today’s LTT is Rob centric. That’s because Team Seth, after admitting she doesn’t get Rob Pattinson, took some advice & sat down with Rob interviews to see what all the fuss was about.

Dear LTT,

I put in the hours and interviews. I did my duty to Queen and country. I came to know precisely what “the Rob” means. And I also fell for Steve Jones, but come on, who wouldn’t?

But let’s break it down, shall we [Jane]?

My Favourite Colour? I don’t know, grey maybe?

Laura Culpepper gets a run for her contest win in this interview for MTV.

Okay, probably wasn’t the best one to start me on, maybe I’ll watch it again now that I’ve been… broken in to ‘the Rob’. But basically this immediately reminded me of a guy I had a crush on in college who was a total douche. It was an insta-trip down memory lane to those awful nights when I’d try to make conversation with him and he’d just ignore what I’d asked and give me another answer. Something bogus or ridiculous. Potentially true, but completely unrelated. Like that his most recent accomplishment was clipping his nails. Or that he’d just finished up the project of buying underpants.  I didn’t ask you this, Mike C., I don’t care! If you don’t want to talk to me, just stop doing it. (And stop wearing the same beige Gap corduroys I own, buy men’s clothing! It was one of those What The Hale Was I Thinking crushes. Where 2.5 weeks later you realize that the ipod on-the-go list you’ve concocted sounds so much like your tenth grade Emo Is Awesome playlist that you should just go take Elliot Smith lessons and end the drama.)

With that in mind, I wasn’t a big fan of Rob in this interview. But I moved on and things did improve!

I’m not good at when you have to look scared. What, you mean acting?

All eyes and Coke-drinking close-ups are on Rob in this Artist on Artist myspace special with Hayley from Paramore.
(can they not rename this show?)

This was a fun interview, and Hayley seemed pretty cool. The “here” segment was hilarious! And I say “here” just like her! Rob likes the way I say “here”! (zomg!)  I did enjoy Rob’s paranoia of childhood. It somewhat reminded me of my Mancunian friend who is Rob’s age, though he’s slightly less insecure. Anyway, good interview! And it enabled me to understand the meaning of ‘the Rob’.  Plus we have the gem of each time he drinks from his coke. Which immediately made me think of MADtv’s Bon Qui Qui skit. “No, you can have a coke.”

My favorite part of the interview was the editing! I felt like I was watching Curb Your Enthusiasm or Peep Show!  But let’s get down to the gritty, and I do mean Rob’s hair. It just stays put. I mean, I knew this. I do read LTT after all, but really. Ew. Just ew. Mike C. had hair like that and it took him 25 minutes to do his hair. I think I like the Twi bouffant better than Rob’s RL hair. Or I like his hair when he doesn’t touch it and demonstrate the situation that it is.

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