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Dear Twilight,

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how I like where you & I are at (nice Philly slang for you there). We’re doing good- you & me. You have your life & I have mine. Yet we still love each other.

For example: I can go away for a few days to see some family in Florida, schedule a few letters in advance and everything is fine! You still go on, LTT runs fine & I return to a nice surprise I never saw before: A post on that includes one of those “You  Might like this” posts from SEPTEMBER of Jamie Cambell Brower NAKED:

How YOU doing?


And so you & I pick up where we left off. I check out some favorite Twilight sites to see what I missed. Without a doubt someone emailed us something funny I didn’t catch over the weekend away or posted something to our Facebook account (Click that and become a fan- do it now!)

Hosting Twilight Virgin week two weeks back & reading all the amazing stories that were submitted over that time really reminded me of my virginity loss and starting LTT as a result- and mostly how little sleep I got during those first few weeks/days/years (actually). First I couldn’t put down the Twilight books and it was all I could think about until I got my hands on the next book (thank GOD I found the saga the week Breaking Dawn came out- I don’t know what I would have done had I had to wait years between books) and then I had to wait days (or, if I’m honest, hours) between Twilight movie sittings. And then there was all the time I spent watching Rob Pattinson interviews and Vanity Fair behind-the-scenes videos and filling my hard-drive with his pictures… It’s no wonder I look back at pictures during that time in life & think I look thinner- I was! I had no time to eat!

And when LTT started, life as I knew it was over! There went time for real-life friends and Mr. Choice and cleaning. And remember when I posted about how I had that task to do at work that was 32 weeks over due? At the beginning of this year I just deleted it, called 2009 & 2010 lost years & started over at 2011. (And if you’re wondering, when I looked yesterday morning the same task was 5 weeks overdue. Sigh…) I stopped working for like a year and 1/2! (Kinda) AND I slept much, much less. I think we coined that phenomenon: Unmotivated by Twilight

Remember this?

You know when you first get a crush & he/she is all you think about? You can’t eat because of the butterflies. You doodle like you’re a 12 year old (even as an adult!) You imagine your future- all the things you could be! Has it been so long since you’ve had a crush that you forget what it’s like? I was reminded when perusing my Facebook wall & a family friend (who is 13) seems to have a new crush. Here are a few things she’s said (publically) in the last few days:

UGH. Stupid butterflies. Stupid crush. Stupid boys. Stupid love!!

♥ **”And I hate how much I love you, boy.
I can’t stand how much I need you.”** ♥

So I’m pretty much over this whole crush thing. These butterflies are annoying, I can’t concentrate on anything, my grades are gonna go down hill if he doesn’t get real ugly, real fast and if I think about his smile one more time I’m gonna blow something up! Ugh why does he have to be so loveable!!??

♥ “My heart stops when you look at me,” ♥

Pros and cons of this crush: Con: he’s a jerk sometimes. He’s a player. He’s annoying. He’s rude. He’s out of his mind and he gives me a head ache whenever I talk to him. Pro: I like him! < \3 Hmm…Not using very good logic right now….Stupid boys. They mess with my head!

Remember that NOW? It was so fun! Annoying! Frustrating! Worth it! Not worth it! Rewarding! Distracting! Worth it in the end! Especially when he/she likes you back!

That’s how I feel about this whole Twilight thing! You’ve been SO fun! (I made Jackson laugh) You’ve been SO annoying! (Can’t Krisbians find someone else to Twitter hate!?) You’ve frustrated the HELL out of me! (Remember when our blog got hacked?) But it’s been WORTH it! (Moon & I are the bestest buds as a result!) And sometimes (like when Mr. Choice gets mad because we haven’t talked in 3 days) NOT Worth it! It’s REWARDING (We leg hitched Stephenie Meyer– enough said!) and Distracting! (Didn’t work from 2009-2010!) It’s Worth it in the End (Look through my phone or all the Friends Named things like “Brooke/Real Name” or “Allison/” and “Jen/Met in LA!” ) Because I think you like me back, Twilight! And while we’re past the initial crush stage, thankfully, I like where we are now! We’re at a manageable place where I enjoy writing about what I want; I like to read fun, funny, hilarious (and sometimes disturbing) things about you!

We’ve matured passed the initial crush. We’ve gotten through those tough days when we started to see things we didn’t like about each other. We’ve pushed through & discovered how to have fun again, and now we’ve entered the stability stage. We’re like an old married couple, you & me, Twilight! And I feel very, very comfortable- in a good way. Let’s keep it this way!

Also, remember this motivational Photo? (Another thing I only did in the beginning: Fan Fic!)

Love your life partner,


Where are you in your relationship with Twi? Still in the gooey, butterfly-filled beginning? Somewhere around the rocky middle? Have you settled into a nice relationship routine like I have? Don’t tell me you’re in the “We’ve been together too long & it’s getting dull” crisis!

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