#RIPTwilight – Your Stories Day 5 – LTT friendships made

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Dear Twilight,

I blame it all on Wayne*. If he hadn’t taken his wife Narelle* out to dinner on Saturday, 27 April 2010 I wouldn’t have been babysitting Shiela* and Bruce* (*not their real names, Hale no!). I wouldn’t have watched Shiela’s Twilight DVD. I wouldn’t have thought “the acting, meh and meh, what do they see in RPatz? and good god! those wigs!! but the STORY…”

My Amazon account tells me I purchased 5 paperbacks, one hardback and a DVD on 30th April. Only one of these items didn’t have Stephenie Meyer’s name on it. And so my own brand of heroin began it’s addiction.

It was like being a teenager again – the bad side of it: uncertainty, mood swings, hiding in my room, obsession and feeling (even more) like the outsider.

I needed to talk but friends didn’t really understand and so I turned to the web but nothing seemed to fit. Such seriousness out there. And such hate. For a book about made up stuff. Then the Goddess let it be known she would be allowing subjects to attend her – Twilight Lexicon mentioned a transcript of the meeting on some Letters blog and thus I found my true Cullen home.

Letters To Twilight. LTT. It had to be. Even the initials are the same as mine. A matching Twilight obsession but t’is a true love: we see the quirks and faults, accept them, snark a little and still love.

Through Twilight and LTT I could escape RL for a little bit ‘cause being a grown up is HARD. You’re expected to be responsible and you need to support others. And sometimes not nice things happen in RL. At LTT I could at first watch and then dance amongst a worldwide crowd of intelligent, funny people who sympathised and shared, not just about the Twilight world.

Then, too too quickly time passed and suddenly BD2 was coming out and LTT would be ending and I needed to do something. So I went to LA. I went to Fan Camp. I saw the pretty people (and the actors). I got tipsy at the LTT party (yeah, ok, drunk). I got to make virtual friends real.

Twilight and LTT have given me a much needed reminder that it’s okay to not be grown up all the time. It’s okay to be sad and scared and, most importantly, that the opportunity to make new friends without judgement is one of the things that makes living so worthwhile.

RIP Twilight. And RIP Wayne, although you started it you didn’t get to see the end.
So let’s raise our Strawberry Loves and make a toast to moving onto the next fun thing in our lives.

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My Twilight Friends

I’m feeling mushy. And since many of you have “known” me for 2 and 1/2 years now & we’re most likely on the same “cycle,” I bet you’re feeling mushy this week too. So bear with me, please:

Dear Twilight,

I’ve been thinking about you & all that we’ve been through. I’ve been thinking about our ups & our downs and all the in betweens. The good times, the bad. The funny and the not so funny. And without a doubt, no question about it, the best thing that has come from you is the relationships you’ve brought me. Of course that starts with my friendship with Moon & how dear she is to me, but it continues on to so many others. There’s @CalliopeBlabs who I haven’t seen yet in 2011 but was reminded to email after her gmail account got hacked & she sent out some spam:


I chose this picture to represent Calliope because when I googled "Calliopeblabs & UC" SO MANY amazing pictures & manips appeared. This one represents Calliope best. (She made it)

And it was @JenBrun‘s birthday yesterday & she tried to get Jimmy Fallon to wear a purple tie in her honor last night by tweeting him all day! (Maybe it happened. I’m writing this pre-show time!)

and of course (SPOILER ALERT) our very own Obird- Olivia made it to the FINALS on Biggest Loser! Have you SEEN this girl??? She looks amazing & mark my words: She’s going to WIN IT ALL. I just know it. It’s because she reads LTT. AND has Pocket Edward with her on the ranch. And also once met Rob. Oh and she works the hardest & stuff like that:

Anyway, I could go on and on and on, but I won’t because I’ll leave someone important out, but YOU people are why I like Twilight. At first it was Edward Cullen. Then it was Rob Pattinson. And now it’s people I met through Twitter then some in real life & some through chatting & some through emailing & some through comments. YOU ALL. {See. I’m mushy.}

So I thought I’d share this letter we got that also made me feel mushy. It’s about a real life LTT meet-up:

Dear LTT,

I’ve been a reader since that glorious day of SMeyer’s mention of you on her website. Thanks to LTT, I’ve spent many a boring morning at work getting back into the office chair after having fallen off from laughter. For reals. I read on my phone often, which makes me something of a lurker because commenting from my phone SUCKS. Every now and then though I pop in on a  regular old computer and both the posts and comments are usually hysterical. I will occasionally contribute, but usually I just read.

I’m from Seattle, WA (you may have heard of it?) originally and about a year ago, Hubby and I began discussing a move somewhere in the South. After much discussion, we narrowed our choice down to Nashville, TN. Having never been there (hubby has lived in town before meeting me) I was slightly apprehensive. What is the weather like? Where will I work? Do I have to join a church? Do they have coffee there? While reading comments on LTT, I came across some users that live in the Nashville area and decided to see if they would answer my questions. They did and as I began following @sassysmart, @and78 & @allryans on Twitter I started thinking that I could possibly have some friends if I were to make the move. Over the past ten months or so we’ve been talking about happenings and neighborhoods and parties and get togethers they were going to have without me. And then last month we got the call….Hubby got a job and we’re moving! This meant that I would finally get to meet my fellow LTTer’s IN REAL LIFE! @sassysmart and @and78 and I set up a meeting at a local restaurant and I seemed silly getting ready. I told Hubby that it felt like I was getting ready for a blind date. What if they don’t like me? What if I dress weird for Nashville? What if they spend the whole time talking to one another and I’m just sitting there? WHAT IF they are total
Twi-hard nerds that show up wearing a creepy Edward t-shirt and a wolfy bracelet and are NOT NORMAL?!?

I am happy to say that both are completely normal, and completely lovely. We sat for a few hours drinking dirty vodka martinis talking about books and LTT and Nashville life and it all put me at ease. @and78 even baked for me. (Best. Cookies. EVER.) I realized that I will have friends anywhere because of LTT. Maybe someday we’ll be the kind of women that have periodic regional meetups. Maybe some of you already do. I’m looking forward to meeting @allryans soon and hopefully other readers in the area. A big thanks to Moon & UC for creating a medium where I can make new friends. You girls are the best!

Love and Vampire Kisses,


After the jump please enjoy some of my favorite moments making new friends through LTT Continue…

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