And the LTT Award categories are…

And the winner of the LTT goes to...

Dear Twilighters,

It’s that time of the year… the time when we all become arm chair fashion experts, movie and music critics and people who love to give even more airtime to the self absorbed. YES, it’s awards season in Hollywood and since nothing can escape from judgement here at LTT I think it’s time we gave even more praise and attention to our favorite people and books by creating the Letters to Twilight Awards. The LTT’s if you will.


LTT Award Categories
– Award for achievement in bending the truth so far even they don’t know what’s a lie anymore

– Best actor/actress in a fake relationship

– Weirdest guest at the Breaking Dawn Pt. 1 Premiere

– Best leather jacket of Taylor Lautner’s

– Best gray suit of Taylor Lautner’s

– Best Twi cast member’s Dad

– Award to the fandom that will take away the spotlight and crazy from Twilight in 2012

– Robert Pattinson’s worst hair of 2011

– Best Twilight related Tweeter

– Best non cast/official Tweeter

– Biggest Fandom Drama of 2011

– Biggest thing Nikki Reed did this year that annoyed the Robsten-er’s/Krisbians?

– The most likely to implode post Twilight

– The best usage of their 15 minutes of fame

– Twilight related person/cast member/etc. who used their short amount of fame time the BEST way

– Best music related Twilight endeavor

– The LTT Icarus Award – The nominee that soars closest to the sun, only to fall the farthest. The actor/musician/commenter/blogger/Tweeter/author/Twi legend that fails so miserably, it has to be recognized

– The most anticipated Twilight related event/moment in 2012

Winner of ALL the awards... of our hearts

The ballots have been mailed to all the top bloggers, tweeters, commenters, and personalities in the Twilight fandom. We will be furiously tallying and counting each ballot and write in this week and will host the LTT awards and winners at our very classy and glamourous awards ceremony on Friday!

Good luck to all the as yet named nominees AND winners!

Moon & UC

Who would you nominate? Who should be the winner but won’t? Any made up category we missed?

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Breaking Dawn Part I: The Musical

As a reminder- there are auto-playing video ads on LTT. I know. We’re so annoying. Mute them & they’ll stay muted for life. Hit the volume button- two in the side bar. Two (or 3 I forget) down below.

Dear LTTers,

We have these friends Alice & Bella Not an Addikt (You remember them from their defunct website. RIP) who live in Belgium. They’re normal 20-somethings- ya know, speak 4 languages (or is 5?), in PhD programs (I think Alice is done hers actually. And Bella was “too busy” defending her dissertation last week to get this video done for us) are gorgeous, friendly, bring me macaroons when they visit me in New York on hot Spring days and are about to BLOW YOUR FREAKIN’ MINDS with what they did for us at LTT.

Yes, Bella & Alice are bringing us Breaking Dawn Part 1: The Musical complete with original lyrics set to Broadway favorites. Stop what you’re doing. Put down that contract you’re combing through at your boring desk job. Drop that kid. Pull that car over on the side of the road (seriously, don’t read LTT while driving) and Watch This Now:

We know. We cried too! Feed the wolves? Don’t cry for me Jacob Black? Who is that rediculously brilliant & funny? Is this a sign we should retire from LTT & give our Belgian friends the reigns!?

Hear from Alice & Bella themselves after the jump! Continue…

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Send (us) Twilight your Holiday Wishes!

A very merry...

Dear LTT-ers,

You know how on like December 20th you remember CRAP I haven’t sent/done/made/mailed the Christmas cards yet and I REALLY wanted to include Kellan/Rob/Taylor/Nikki /Stephenie/Summit/the person who created those Twilight bandaids on my list. Well have NO fear because we have you covered. Inspired by “Wish the Obama’s Well for 2012” and our pal Bella Not an Addikt, we’ve created this totally fake AWESOME form for you to send your Holiday Greetings, thanks, and New Year’s hopes to anyone in the Twilight Universe!

Want to share you 2012 wishes with Kristen or tell Solomon how much you wish he would have a cameo in BD2? This is the place… we will see to it that they get delivered… right to our inbox! Then if we laugh hard enough or our cold, dead hearts cry a little your entry may be featured next week right here on LTT!

[gravityform id=1 name=HolidayWishes]

And as is tradition here at LTT/LTR here is our 2011 Christmas card… now imagine we printed these, wrote your name and address in calligraphy on the envelope, mailed with the a christmas stamp to your house and it’s currently hanging on your fridge/Xmas card holder. Awwww…. isn’t that a nice thought?!

 (click to enlarge)

Happiest of Christmases, Hanukkah’s, Chrismukkah’s, Festivas’s and whatever else you may celebrate! We love you!
Moon & UC

Have something for Rob or anyone associated with him? Head over to LTR.

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I will NOT feel guilty

Dear Twilight,

It’s not too early to start talking about our New Year’s resolutions, is it? Good, cause I’m about to talk about one (and use it as my excuse for why today’s letter is so short)

I’ve decided in 2012 I will stop apologizing for not always being able to be (or wanting to be) wonder woman and for allowing myself to slack on things occasionally. And by “slacking” I mean: tonight I paid my bills, online Christmas shopped, responded to emails, wrote two 2012 marketing proposals, planned for a mid-week meeting, made a Christmas tree out of an old book, cleaned up after dinner (which I MADE), and reorganized my hall closet. The only thing I wasn’t able to do was come up with something creative for LTT today. And between you & me, I have time- it’s only 10:30. There’s plenty of time before I have to be in bed. But all I really want to do is catch up on Gossip Girl because I missed it last week. So I’m not even going to apologize.

I will leave you with a few things that I found in my e-mail inbox, though, as I was responding to messages. We can call it Monday Funnies, if it makes you feel better. It doesn’t make me feel better. I’m indifferent. Not apologizing, remember?

Christine sent me this which is the first image of many which I’m SURE Robsten’s have already created, and if not, I think I might start a tumblr account to mark up images like this because it seems like a good time:

Also, Nikki Reed does know that wearing a snowcap on a warm day in California only draws MORE attention to her, right?

Then @DLivesInNJ sent us this hilarity on Twitter:

The “Taylor looks like an Alpaca” jokes will NEVER not be funny. Did I tell you we get Alpaca e-mails now? From ACTUAL Alpaca farms? I have no idea why, but I’m guessing some of YOU signed us up as a joke!

And lastly, Best Week Ever pointed something out about Taylor last week that we cannot ignore:

Queerty brings us this GIF taken from an interview Taylor gave during an Abduction junket, one in which he was discussing Audrey Hepburn. (I’m just saying! Relax.)

Taylor's Sassy Gay Hand

Yep. They’re calling that Taylor’s Sassy Gay Hand <— Read the whole hilarious thing there.

Anyway, that’s all I have today. This is me, signing off, not feeling guilty at all for today’s post, beginning our 4th year of blogging, sucking B-I-G-T-I-M-E.


Of course you know I feel sooooo terribly guilty, right?  2012 is going to be a HARD year if I really try to make that my resolution! Anyway.. got any real Monday Funnies to share?

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Take out your party hats, it’s LTT’s 3rd Anniversary!

There are no videos in the post, so you can just mute your computer today! HOORAY!

Dear Unintendedchoice, Themoonisdown and LTTers,

Never trust a girl with crazy eyes, nor let her blog

I know what you must be thinking: who let Brookelockart get control of the blog? After deciding that I wanted to throw a surprise blog party, I spent the last two weeks cracking passwords (hint: has to do with Robsten, magicness and Bella’s birthday). So folks, spike your coffee and raise a glass to three fabulous years of laughter, tears and images that will never leave you (two words: Snail Penis).

As part of the anniversary surprise, I reached out to regulars and some old time friends who jumped at the chance to reminisce about our favorite LTT posts (I may have also promised some punch and pie.)

Please introduce yourselves and when did you start reading LTT/LTR?

Read_or_sleep: Summer 2009
Cazza: March 2009
PlaneFriend: Reading Since: About 5 seconds after this post. When I saw Stephenie was going to have fansites interview her, I decided to go looking at the fansites. All the others I just glanced at, read a page or two, and never went back to again. Within days, I was reading most of the LTT backlogs…realized I knew UC a few weeks later, started writing for y’all occasionally, and the rest in history.
Stacey: March 2010
LonestarKendall: March 2009
Rachel B, formerly GriffsSayWhat: Winter 2009
Alice_NaA  – Bella_NaA : A  long long time ago, when palatial pads and hot pocket fortresses where yet to be built, Summit was not to blame, TomStu still shaved, Bobbygee shared his wisdom, AmanDUH  was working her living room corners, the Pattinson pants were in style, and Oregano was not just an Italian herb.
superhumanmoron: January 2009
MrsKowski: I’ve been reading since March of 2009. The post that started it all for me was the “This is how you found us? Vol. 2”  it was linked on – my world has not been the same since I made the decision to click on that link.
Snowwhitedrifted: January 2010
Janetrigs: February 2009
Allryans: April 2009, actually since THIS post.
Operarose: August 2009
TeamSeth: September 16, 2009

Well, I guess this is what happens with an open ended question. For the record, I’ve been reading since March 2009.

We know that LTT gave laugh lines to Stephenie Meyer, what posts made you screen spray your drink while reading?

worse when it comes out your nose

PlaneFriend: I laughed so hard while reading this post that I flatout cried, no joke. I mean, Barbies in lingerie? Blacking out a Barbie’s girl parts? Flipping hilarious.
Stacey: This is an old one, but one of the first that I read that made me laugh so hard that it woke up the baby I was nursing at 2 A.M and made him start crying. So while that won’t help me win mother of the year, that post did bring some fun at actually being awake at 2 A.M.
Rachel B: I really loved seeing all the funny stuff people thought up for this contest, even though I was not creative enough to think of anything!  And, at the time the “imma let you finish” was ALL the rage!!
Bella_NaA: Oooh, the Imma-contest. Endless fun we had with that one. There were some really, REALLY good entries, including the one that Gil Birmingham ended up tweeting about!
Mrskowski: I think a memorable screen spray post was the “Ok …we gotta discuss it …it’s time” post – can you believe I’d never seen Last Tango in Paris before this post? …I could have probably answered this same question with any LTT Mailbag post or any My Twilight Confessions post as well – I die at all of them.
SWD: Breaking dawn Barbies
Janetrigs: The epic Calliope (@CalliopeBlabs) , UC and Moon Break Down of the New Moon trailer and we learned that Tweed is indeed Serious.
Operarose: Any of the posts with responses to letters LTT received from Twi fans who thought to the cast or Stephenie. I love the equal parts biting sarcasm, snark and sometimes sweetness involved in UC & Moon’s responses to the rather confused fans. Example

Cry Baby

Those certainly bring back lots of memories, also some inappropriate laughing at work. On the flip side, which post made you cry more than Eric Yorkie in New Moon?

Read_or_sleep: I have nothing coming up from memory.  Obviously I am a cruel, heartless person.
PlaneFriend: This post because I want to read a Leah sequel THAT badly. Truly, I have a ridiculous affinity for Leah. I want to get inside her head. I want to see her puke over the pedophile Jake-Nessie imprinting. I want her to fall for someone other than Sam!
Lonestarkendall: Just another example of how Twi brought us LTT/LTRs together across the country, supporting one another and making us laugh.
Alice_NaA: Don’t remember the exact post, but at the time of our twidiction high, every post reminding us that the twilight-period will come to an end, made us sad.
Bella_NaA: And now, every post that reminds us how LTT has become so much more than a funny blog about Twilight but also a place where we have made new friends!
SHM: I can’t think of one in particular.  Usually the ones that talk about all the friendships made through LTT.  And we all sing “Friends are Friends Forever”.
MrsKowski: it’s a toss up between “Twilight Moments that have shaped us” and about Leghitch2010
SWD: Well, this one was emotional for me, because I did the shirts. It’s AWESOME to see them on you all!!
Janetrigs: Freya describes how we all feel, in that LTR/LTT has brought us all together as friends.
Operarose: MidnightCyn’s story. Probably one of the most unforgettable stories I’ve ever read, anywhere, period. I was so inspired that Twilight helped distract her from a difficult time in her life.
TeamSeth: Same post as above.  This is one of the first posts I read, and I thought every Thursday was a tear jerker (due to post title). Luckily that wasn’t the case, but this will always be the most teardrops are fallin’ down my cheek post and same goes for its comments. But what makes it even more tear-jerker to look back on is that Cyndi DID go see New Moon, even though she didn’t think it was a possibility.


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