Fan Fiction gets published: Brookelockart breaks it down

Hey LTTers.. this week some gossip was released about a fan fic that was popular. And since the last fan fic I read (and never finished) had something to do with cookies, I brought in the big guns for their expertise:

Dear Twilight Fandom,

The twitters were a buzz on Monday with the news of former fandom “author,” SnowQueens IceDragon E.L. James  getting a possible Hollywood development deal for her Fan fiction, Master of the Universe Fifty Shades of Grey.

According the the article posted on Publishers Weekly:

“One of the things Hollywood scouts are buzzing about coming off the holidays is, surprisingly, an erotica series by a British TV executive which  has garnered strong word-of-mouth via GoodReads and other fan sites. An insider said the series, called Fifty Shades of Grey (which is also the title of the first book), is “being compared to Nine and a Half Weeks” and is making the rounds among producers in Los Angeles. Author E.L. James published the books without an agent through a small former writers community called The Writer’s Coffee Shop, and told PW she has sold approximately 30,000 copies since releasing the first book in May, 2011.

James is represented by film British film and TV agent Valerie Hoskins and, still, does not have a literary agent. Hoskins confirmed that there is “huge buzz” on the books, largely from American producers and, now, from a few larger American publishers. The books are out in trade paper and e-book, and available through a number of outlets, including the Kindle store. The series, which is set in the U.S., follows a woman named Anastasia Steele, who is studying literature, and who becomes romantically (and sexually) entangled with an entrepreneur named Christian Grey.”

While I wish Publishers Weekly would do a little more than just publish a Press Release without doing any due diligence to insider sources, there are still some highly disturbing facts. How is it possible that James is publishing FAN FICTION? Now, I never read MotU for my own reasons (I heard it sucked), but I wanted to understand the background of the story and the similarities between James’ Bella Ana and Edward Christian.

I gathered @pinkFluffgirl and @allryans to chat about this fandom drama.

Sam gets his own movie on Lifetime

Brooke: I’d like to start off by saying that i have New Moon on in the back ground. So if I occasionally space out, I’m swooning over the stache

Fluff: lol

Allryans: Not the stache. The SamFlab

Fluff: samflab. they should write fic about sam, then sell it to lifetime. that’d make for some compelling shit

Brooke: I’m sure in person, it’s just a little bloaty, but then you have Alex there with his washboard glory

Fluff: Getting Rid of The Bloat: Sam’s Story

Allryans: How Emily came to love Sam’ Spare Tire, a haiku by Leah Clearwater

Brooke: diuretics of death, the Sam Story

Allryans IS nice.

Fluff: Can I also say the next person who calls me “mean” is gonna GET mean. I swear to God. I want to bitchslap these delusional idiots

Allryans: I saw the word “vicious” today. WAH WAA

Brooke: hahah, I either ignored all that or was in a meeting. I think no one calls me mean to my face anymore

Fluff: [name deleted] tweeted “my mama said if you don’t have something nice to say, shut your mouth or I’ll shut it for you.” LMAO REally? Bring it bitch.

Allryans: Mockery is not meanness. It’s flattery, dontchaknow

Fluff: This whole thing is like the David Koresh of the fic world

Brooke: *heartichoke* Bella just told Edward he won’t stay with her any other way. Why does that get me, EVERY TIME?

Fluff: You wanted me to be human OMG sad

Allryans: Cause KStew actually did super well right then. SEE? I CAN BE NICE

Fluff: she will ROCK IT as Fifty’s Bella

Allryans: ANASTASIA. Get it right

Fluff: I mean OMG. And when I think crazy, sexually abused crackbaby Dominant I think ROBERT PATTINSON

Crazy fans always ruin it for the rest of us

Here’s what we could look “forward” to (if it were up to her fans)


Brooke: so have either of you read Masters of the Universe?

Fluff: yes

Allryans: I actually saw a thread on Goodreads today asking about casting for the book. They all wanted Wetworth Miller for 50

Fluff: LMFAO hahahahahahahha. This isn’t Prison Break. God bless that cult.

Brooke: so, i suppose this story came out and I was too loyal to the sub, or was in my Vamp fan fic only phase

Allryans: I’ve read BOTH MoTU and 50 Shades of Grey (but not the sequels, I have standards)

Fluff: To be perfectly honest, I LOVED MotU at first.

Allryans: Me too.

Brooke: but then i heard the author of MOTU was a piece of work and I couldn’t start it

Fluff: It was great. Then she just couldnt let Edward be fucked up. He had to be F U C K E D UP.

Allryans: I started it pretty early on, before she had a persona at all. I think it was about 25 chapters in, and updating really regularly when I started it.  Suddenly the thread on Twilighted got out of control with theories and followers and talking ALL DAY long. That’s where the Bunker Babes and the Cult of Icy began. And I started slowly backing away.

Brooke: so, was it the author, the story, or her cult fans?

Fluff: and her bella had shit for a backbone. And her wording KILLED me. I’m not into BDSM much but I think it’s disgusting to call spanking ‘beating ass’, Where I’m from beating ass means getting your ass whooped because you are fighting. NOT some love taps in bed.

Brooke: I’ve heard from others that the writing was crappy.

Fluff: the author was FINE until she gained a following.

Brooke: they all played into her evil plan

Allryans: Icy was probably overwhelmed with the attention in the beginning. Then her ego inflated.

Edward’s Mom is a crackwhore

Fluff: My biggest thing was the British-isms when Edward and Bella lived in the PNW. Like it’s not hard to know a billionaire WOULDN’T drink BudLight. Shit, in my teen days where we drank what we got our hands on, we still had better taste.

Allryans: It’s fic. We don’t read it because it’s renewing our minds with it’s literary breakthroughs. Of course it’s got …. problems … like a million … ellipses … for instance. And Bella is the most indecisive, spineless, insecure version of herself that I’ve ever seen.

Fluff: Bella wore ‘vests’ and dressing gowns. The story was compelling until she just kept throwing HORRIBLE things at the characters. I mean Edward’s mom? She was a crackwhore. And it came out that he liked to ‘beat Bella’s ass’ because Bella looked like his birth mother. I mean WHAT THE WHAT?

Allryans: But it was intriguing, we were all talking about it together (which is the main reason why fic is fun for me) and to be honest, there were aspects of her Edward that were beyond awesome. I can’t remember what they are right now, but that’s because she ruined him in the end.

Allryans: While there are fics out there that are very well written, fics I”m proud to have read and reviewed, this one was PURE ENTERTAINMENT.

Brooke: nothing wrong with that!

Allryans: I ignored all the things that annoyed me, and read it for the story. THEN THE STORY GOT WHACK YO. AND THEN ICY AND HER FOLLOWERS GOT WHACK.

Allryans: I mean, she threw every single villain from the Twiverse out there. There was Mrs Robinson, Lauren, James, Jacob.  I remember when the “ghost girl” showed up it was one of the first times I said – wtf is she doing with this story? How much can happen to one couple in a two week time period? Her friend is still in the goddamned Bahamas for chrissake.

Brooke: Dear lord, sounds like they were whipping the shark in every chapter


Allryans: JOKE LANDED!

Brooke: (<—dork)

Allryans: There was something every chapter. Usually it was Bella and Edward start to argue and Edward stops her complaining with sex.

Much MUCH More after the jump! Continue…

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