The Four Weeks of Twimas – Get Your Shop On!

Dear LTT-ers and LTR-ers,

It’s that time of year again, black friday is around the corner and the holidays are upon us. That means it’s time to stock up on gifts and time for us to clean out the LTT LTR store and make room for new stuff!

Over the next few weeks leading up to Christmas/Hanukkah/Solstice/Festivus/Jewmas whatever you celebrate we’re gonna highlight some of our favorite (twilight and NON twi related) stuff we’ve come across from either our sponsors, our friends or just our aimless wanderings across the web that might make a good gift. And today we start with the LTT/LTR store since it’s closest to home AND since today is the last day you can use the Friends and Family discount at Cafe Press!

Need to write down your deepest darkest secrets (you tried and hated Hot Pockets) or need a place to write down story ideas for your latest fic or maybe you just want an exact replica of the notebook we gave Stephenie Meyer (Fade to Sad version of course!) then hit up the notebooks. The cool thing about the store is that most designs are available on a variety of items so mix and match till your hearts content.  12.99

Have an iPhone? Need a cover that professes your love for Twi and Rob but don’t want to draw attention to the fact you may have downloaded the official Twi app? There are a beavy of iPhone covers for you! 3 and 4G versions! 24.99

Cause your tree or that Secret Santa gift exchange with your Twilight friends isn’t complete without a LTT/LTR themed ornament! UC and I have a personalized one with our bright shining faces on it! May I suggest the Buttcrack Santa one? 8.99

Ok so probably the thing I’ve used the MOST from the store is my SIGG water bottle in the Breaking it Down design. That thing has been to Kenya and back, all over LA and resides in my handbag at ALL times. BEST.THING.EVER. 27.99

Tons of baby gear in the kiddos section. We know we’ve had a few LTT/LTR babies born since we started so get em decked out in ironic onsies and bibs about vampires, duh! Same goes for your pooch. Your Chihuahua better represent for the wolfpack or he’ll be the shame of the dogpark

And really what else solidifies your bff-ship with someone like a pair of Fake Lesbian boy shorts? In pink of course. Make your friend AND their husband/boyfriend/fake lesbian partner happy! 15.99

Get at it pals only 31 days left!!!
Moon & UC

PS if you buy something from the store don’t forget the friends and family code to save moola! Meaning you can save $10 on orders of $50+ (use code: Friend10) from November 20-23. LAST DAY IS TODAY!

Have something you want us to feature/review/sponsor in the 4 weeks of Twimas specials? Email us and stay tuned for our fave stuff in the coming weeks!

Have you bought anything from the store? Share your favorite stuff!

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Ask and ye shall receive! Answered Twilight Prayers

Dear Twilight,

We spend most of our time complaining about things related to you and praying that something will change and not enough talking about when things go right! Cause that happens about .5% of the time, but I digress. So I’d like to showcase some of our answered prayers!

Remember just the other day when I wrote a letter within a letter asking for an official Wolfpack Jorts picture?! Well ask and ye shall receive because not a day later we were graced with this…

Coming to a Gap near you!

Coming to a Gap near you!

Hallelujah! Someone up there (Summit) is reading LTT and watching out for me. Just look at those jorts, the beauty, the magesty! Though, to be honest, I was praying for a more shirtless JortsPack picture a less a ripped muscle tee picture that accentuates their manboobs. Their moobs, if you will. But for now I’ll print it out and add to my shrine of the Jortspack.

Follow the cut to see the rest of my answered Twilight prayers

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