What to do between now and November

Forever… till November!

Dear Twihards,

We still have 56 days till the big dance aka when Breaking Dawn Pt 2 comes out and seriously, thats a long time. Like almost 2 months. What are we supposed to do? Well, have no fear I’ve come up with this short list of stuff for you to do in the mean time.

– Start running suicides to prepare for the running of the Twihards. Aka when they hand out wrist bands for tent city before the premiere.

– Begin your Twilight memories quilt to bring with you to tent city / the midnight screening. Gather up those old (ugly) tshirts from hot topic. That shirt you ripped off Charley bewley at that last twicon. The sam bradly tshirt you drunkenly bought at a concert one night and inevitably never wore. You get the idea.

– Go to the Twilight marathon. Wear you wolf costume or your Bella’s wedding dress. Act out every scene and annoy the movie goers around you.

It totally DOESN’T look like this

– Finish that oatmeal cableknit sweater you started back when you first read Twilight. We have it on good authority that someone who’s names rhymes with “Smedward” will be there wearing a sleeveless one.

– Prepare your most embarrassing questions for the Breaking Dawn Con in LA.  Extra points if they mention “Jacob shirtless,” someone’s boyfriend being english, a mini cooper, or how someone’s love is unbroken. Extra extra points if the trinity actually shows up.

– Reread Midnight Sun. Remember when that was a thing?

– Write your own ending to Midnight Sun. Oh waaaait.

I’m going with the cable knit sweater option. Come quick November 16! COME.QUICK.

What are you doing in the meantime? Are you coming to LA for the premiere?

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