Never Forget!

Dear Edward,

Today, when I logged into Tumblr I was greeted with a couple posts featuring pictures of you (or Robert Pattinson as it were) in the first Twilight film with the tag “Originalward” and a lot of “I miss him’s” accompanying it. Besides giving me a “Cullen smile” (haha remember that?) I felt the same but only in a different way. Sure, I miss cute, unassuming Rob as Edward and the fun of the first Twilight movie but I miss the ORIGINAL Edward. The OG written version of you is so much different than the Robert Pattinson, Summit approved version of you. Both are great, clearly, but there’s just something that OGward has that Movieward doesn’t.

Oh hey there

Originalward wore clothes befitting an insurance salesmen in the midwest. But even with your oatmeal colored sweaters, the mind blowingly ugly and the lady boner killer white sleeveless button up, we still swooned. Stephenie could have written that you wore a black Hefty bag and drove to school in a windowless van and we still would have inwardly screamed like we were 14 year olds at a Beatles concert. I don’t know what she did when she created you other than lace each page of that original run of books with crack. I also wonder sometimes if you reversed the words on each page they contain some sort of life altering subliminal message meant to make us question all men (and the sexiness of ankle length skirts).

Nope, not this Volvo

Originalward also only ever drove ONE Volvo. THIS Volvo… and not that I’m the kind of person to knick pick about a car, cause, really who cares if Robert Pattinson is driving a trash truck or a Maserati to pick you up? It’ still Robert Pattinson picking you up. Or Bella. BUT it does represent a different Edward, an Edward who gets a new car every year and not safe responsible, trying to sorta blend in, wearing the clothes of a chess club member Edward. Originalward drove a Volov that my old coworker drove, a Volvo that’s kinda mom-ish, a mid 2000’s model and not the latest greatest one. Not that I wouldn’t drive a brand new beautiful Movieward approved Volvo, Volvo dealers of America! Email us!

Well you shouldn't have said that

When Stephenie wrote that you spoke as if you were from another time, she wasn’t joking… what high schooler do you know who speaks like that? And while Movieward has his moments and says a lot of lines directly from the text, it is a decidedly modern take on Edward. I mean come on with line likes this:

“Before you, Bella, my life was like a moonless night. Very dark, but there were stars – points of light and reason.. And then you shot across my sky like a meteor. Suddenly everything was on fire; there was brilliancy, there was beauty.”

Or even when Edward got playful… most times Movieward is pretty serious…

”  Bella, it’s not my fault if you are exceptionally unobservant.”

Going back and reading Twilight again a few months ago I was reminded how different Stephenie’s Edward is from Movieward but that’s what makes both special and both fun to revisit… but really there’s nothing like your first love…

Oh and lets not forget Edward snagging Bella’s Snapple cap after their first lunch together. The Snapple cap yall! The.Snapple.Cap. Oh Originalward… *sigh*


Thanks for the inspiration to talk about the OG Originalward: Socalmom2four and anyone she reblogs 😉

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