A (very) moving Happy Birthday to UC

Dear UC,

It’s your birthday today! Duh, you were born today you remember this but I wanted to make sure everyone else remembered so I did a little Google Hangout (duh) with some of our old pals…

1st up was Kristen because I had to pull the bandaid off and knew she’d be on her SWATH/MTV Movie awards high, so I was like dude, Kristen it’s our girl UC’s birthday and she was all…

and I was like  wow, it’s amazing that after all the things we’ve said, you can just let bygones be bygones and get excited about UC’s birthday and then she was like, oh wait who is this?! And I was like ummmm this is Moon from LTT and it’s UC’s birthday, is there anything you want to give her?

It’s funny the video cut out after that…

So then I called up Taylor and I was like can you do what you do best? And he was like…

and I was like TAYLOR… this is your thing!

And he was like…

And I was like COME ON Taylor… just DO IT… all the kids are doing it…

So then he did this…

And I was like ummm… no, Taylor… that was nice and you’re talented and all but YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN…

Yup, that’s it!

PS Big Daddy wouldn’t do it either… I asked… no really, I BEGGED.

I called up Nikki and she was like…
 what’s the point?

And I was like NIKKI… it’s her birthday… so she gave you some of her Deb modeling poses.

Then ol Kel belle was up next… yes, video chatting Kellan…

Um Kellan… we’re supposed to be talking about UC’s birthday…

KELLAN!!! Stop distracting me… what are you getting UC for her birthday?

Ok, that’s a good start… can you sub that dog for  a cat?

Yes… getting warmer…

Then this guy showed up…

PERFECT Kellan. PUUUUURRRRRFECT. #paulwesleysabs

And I knew no birthday would be complete without a little Gos, so I called this guy up…

and he was SO pumped. He had a ton of ideas for bday gifts for you…

He wrote you some poetry…

then he cried, it was so beautiful.


and then some of them were all like WHAT are we going to give her, we can never top last year… not to mention since Breaking Dawn stopped filming like over a year ago, some of us are broke. So I told them you know what she likes…

These two did a dance

and I was like ummm maybe not. And Jackson was all..

and I was like no, cause you’re doing that with your mouth… AGAIN.

This guy’s too broke to have a gif but here he is writing you a birthday song (in Quilluette)

This guy made you his own gif…

I think he may have recycled this from his niece’s softball tournament but ya know… take what you can from Mike Welch, I’m surprised he even answered my Google Hangout request after I yelled Rob in his face at the BD premiere. No hard feelings Mike! This is for UC.

After I reminded them that you’ve been blogging about them for almost 4 years, come rain or shine, cease and desists, mean tweets, nice emails, meeting THE SMeyer, figuring out how to make the forum work again and the list does on, they spontaneously started a slow clap…



and then this happened…

and it just kept going… we all knew you deserved the longest slow clap in internet history because you’re that good… handling all the business and keeping shit in check and reading emails and telling me to do things, being the best super fan ever, being a pretty rad girl and  then there was so much stuff we remembered about you we couldn’t stop clapping.

Since we couldn’t keep this slow clap up forever  we decided to get you this bunch of cat gifs instead…

And then I found these RYAN GOSLING AS A CAT GIFS (yes, you read that right) and it was all over


Happiest Birthday UC!!! I’m looking forward to this year and all it’s possibilities, changes and opportunities. Wishing you all of the very bestest.

PS If you want to see what YOU KNOW WHO DID when I called you know where to go…

Share a UC birthday gif in the comments!!!

Source: all the gif makers who made these, you are a rockstar. If you made one let us know in the comments.

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Breaking it down: McAdams loves Sheen and some other Twilight news

Dear LTT-ers,

Michael Sheen and Rachel McAdams are an item. I KNOW! And then Tinsel tweeted Gil. Right? And then we told some jokes. And then we broke it down… SURPRISE. So if you haven’t been over to LTR today then let me be the first to tell you this is a double break down day! We hit Rob and now we’re hitting half the cast of Twilight over here… enjoy!

Moon: DUDE we need to talk about micheal sheen with rachel mcadams cause….DAAAAMN SON!!
: YES let’s break THAT shizz down!
: ok theres a video i watched last night and im treying to find it
: sex vid?
: hahaha dont we wish
: haha… ONLY if it’s her and The Gos
: that would blow the robsten magicness out of the water… but whatever theres the proof… can we talk about how he SCORED! i mean hellllooooo rachel mcadams and it says he was with kate beckinsale before this! DUDE
: I KNOW.. what is UP with Michael!? Magical British PeeN? Wait WELSH… he’s WELSH
: magic WELSH peen who knew?? so im think rachel is a HUGE closet twihard, right?
: oh HUGE
: and shes just using micheal for either a chance at being in breaking dawn or a chance at getting closer to rob
: its’ what she talks about with michael (and Kate’s) daughter Lily it’s the ONLY reasonable explanation. or to steal something from Lily’s collection
: thats their bonding time, breaking down breaking dawn with an 11 yr old
: she has Mike’s cape, signed by Stephenie
: do you think she makes micheal wear his long aro wig when they have sexy times? cause she likes the OLD vamps?
: Yes She does that move from the Notebook and he pulls off her panty hose then she pulls his hair
clearly I’ve read a fic….Say IT OUTLOUD she yells in a passionate moment, then he does-

BELLER IS ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!

Jinx!! this is our next fic we write we only do real life fics
: please write a mini one for tomorrow
: cause we’re twisted… hhahaha NO

The one where we talk about the Notebook
if this is a secret plot to get into breaking dawn, who does she want to be????
: Tanya is taken… and that’s who I’d guess
: Renesmee??? she has to be team jacob she heard they were using CGI stuff so why not?
: Right she’s got a young innocent face
: then her and jacob can be all notebook noah and allie in the ocean at first beach

UC: yes- Jake can get a canoe out on the ocean. And it’s the Pacific northwest- it’s bound to rain

Ruff ruff!

Moon: right and he’s like i just want to show you one thing… and it’s a ton of werewolves swimming in the ocean since he couldnt get geese
: doing the doggie paddle
: i hope BooBoo can swim
: hahah i just heard krazy kidd saying that in my head
: hahahabobo hahahaa

Follow the cut for the rest of our break down

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Denali Coven is cast and The Ice Truck Killer strikes again!

Don't tell anyone Dexter but I'm going to be in Breaking Dawn and when they're not looking, I'm going to kill them all!

Dear Breaking Dawn (I still can’t believe I’m writing to you now. WOW, we’ve come a long way),


When casting news about the Denali clan hit the nets yesterday I had one response: THE ICE TRUCK KILLER is Eleazar?! And who the hale is Eleazar again?

Yes, for those of you who haven’t seen Dexter Season 1 I just spoiled it for you but seriously, if you haven’t seen it before you should. So of course I couldn’t remember who the heck Eleazar was and I thought if he’s been played by The Ice Truck Killer aka Christian Camargo than Eleazar must be a real creep, cause TITK (yup, we need an acronym already) is a total creep sandwich to the max. I’m going to spend the entire movie wondering if Deb will get away this time or if Dexter will figure out that Vampire’s don’t leave blood spatter patterns you can decifer. Ok, you all might just want to go ahead and add Season 1 of Dexter to your Netflix queue now because I will be referring to him as The Ice Truck Killer/Brian for the rest of eternity. Sorry Christian Camargo. Oh and welcome!

As far as the other folks, here’s who I care about…

This is the chick who makes a move on Edward in Midnight Sun... RIGHT

MyAnna Buring – Tanya

Ok, is it just me or does she look like a cat woman? This casting must sting a bit for AnnaLynn since she’s had the look cornered for the last year. Poor thing, have Kellan get you a mammogram to make up for losing this part. Google also says she was in something called “Lesbian Vampire Killers.” Now, if Bill Condon liked the ladies I’d day he might have been doing some in depth “research” before the casting but since he likes the fellas, I’m gonna have to say Rob and TomStu had a hand in this one.

Girls gotten some mad hate on the interwebs already. I wonder if this is how Rob felt when it was announced he was Edward. Or maybe more accurately, I wonder if this is how Clare felt since Rob was probably too busy being drunk to care what 20 (it was only 20 back then) Twilight nerds on the internet thought of him.


Oh hey, I'm Brooke... I mean the slut who darted Ryan Gosling... no wait, I'm Kate

Casey LeBow – Kate

Besides having a striking resemblance to a one BrookeLockart (but with blond hair) this girl is rumored to have been Ryan Gosling’s spring fling and for that we want to give her a high five but we’re too blinded by our own jealous rage to do it. I’m sure she understands.


Samantha the American Girl Doll – Renesmee

Seriously, this is Renesmee

SIKE! (i wish). Word on the street is that Mackenzie Foy has been cast as Renesmee but I’m sure Summit has something up their sleeve to roll out the love child of Edward and Bella. So we’ll wait till we get the word from them before we come up with some more random shiz about her! But seriously, Samantha the American Doll, am I right?

I gotta say I’m excited to see how this all plays out what with the cat woman making the moves on Edward and BrookeLockart sneaking her way into the movie and them agreeing that Renesmee can only be played by a doll in a little hat and agreeing with us that BD needed a little action so they brought over the Ice Truck Killer from Dexter to make things interesting. Who wouldn’t watch this movie?!

412 Days!


For your googling pleasure here’s the rest: Carmen: Mia Maestro and Maggie Grace as Irina

SOOOOOoooooo feels like we’re finally heating up again in the twidom… slowly, they don’t want us to boil over before filming even begins, but what do you think??!! Agree/Disagree? Sad AnnaLynn got passed over as Tanya the catlady?

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