Where are they now? with Solomon Trimble

Dear Solomon Trimble (yes, you read that right),

Over our self imposed “Spring Break” and then my birthday I did a lot of deeeeeep thinking. What’s the meaning of life? How can we solve extreme poverty? He named his dog Bear? Was Rover/Buddy/Bailey/Fido taken? Why’s it called Rhode Island if it’s neither a road nor an island? You know, the important stuff. Somewhere between world peace and the perfect apple pie recipe (nutmeg!) I started wondering what you were up to. We joke that maybe you’re working the late shift at Home Depot or maybe (horror of horrors) Cathy Hardwicke’s pool boy but really WHAT are you doing??

Then we received the following from our twitter friend LJSzab

Yup, “Twilight’s Solomon Trimble” is a (short) film star! Gone are the days of playing second fiddle to some wanna be heart throbs called Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner. Move over boys we have a REAL man on our hands. So of course even just watching that little trailer made me wonder a lot of things…

Things I wondered while watching watching the trailer for The Price:

  • So does The Price take place in the future? In the past? On the back lot of Universal where they keep the Back to the Future III props stored?

They can't see me and I can't smell me!

  • Did someone throw a stink bomb on the set or did Solomon have tacos for lunch and didn’t want to pass out from his own fumes whilst robbing the old tyme-y bank thus wrapped a white pashmina around his delicate lady hairs?
  • Wait, in this version of the old west they have 15 passenger church vans instead of horses? Probably makes the bank robbing easier but confuses the HALE outta the locals. Witchcraft!!!!
  • Does the ONLY girl in the film have to knock the (cowboy) boots with any of these dudes? Was this: http://www.sadtrombone.com the soundtrack?

This is what we in the biz refer to as FX. HQ FX!

  • When I tried to find this trailer on YouTube, YT kept prompting me to watch “The Price is Right” videos. I think they realize the future of the folks from “The Price” is actually game show contestants.
  • A 20 second video of UC and I singing the love theme from Twilight while playing with some plastic action figures in a park has more views than this trailer. Should we or the people behind The Price be ashamed?


  • Where are the vampires?? Did I miss him phasing into a wolf?

Being the inquisitive soul who must quench her thirst for ALL Solomon Trimble knowledge I went to the films website and discovered this little gem on “The Talent” page…

Actual photo used with his bio. Text and all

ACTOR (Arrio): Solomon Trimble –  The native Portlander Solomon Trimble is a recently discovered actor, having his  cinematic debut in the film Twilight. Prior to landing that role, he had been in  many productions in the Portland area since the age of nine. Solomon recently  graduated with a degree in mathematics from Portland State University.  He works with the  Portland Public Schools teaching math, guitar, poetry, Native American dance and  lectures on the traditional use of Tobacco/Tobacco cessation. He can also be  sighted at many poetry venues in Seattle and the downtown Portland area.  Solomon has been performing his poetry across America and plans to publish a  poetry book this year. Solomon is Apache/Lakota and comes with unique  perspectives on race-relations, history and culture in America.   Solomon is currently on tour in Europe dancing with a cultural indigenous dance  troop called the Wolf Dancers.

Don't make me lecture you about poetry and "tobacco!!"

FIRST OFF: “…lectures on the traditional use of Tobacco/Tobacco cessation.” – We were all thinking it. Translation rollin on dubs smokin on buds… we got your number Solomon but if you want to lecture to the youths about tokin’ it up and call it education SNAPS TO YOU MY FRIEND! And wtf Portland School Administrators!?!

Next: “…plans to publish a  poetry book this year.” – YES! Just, YES!

Lastly: “…a cultural indigenous dance  troop called the Wolf Dancers” – Mmmmhmmm yea. So they could also be called the “I-was-the-original-Sam-Uley-in-Twilight-before-I-got-dropped-for-that-guy- who-talks-like-Barry-White-but-whatever-Wolf-Dancers.”

So for all who were wondering, including myself whether Solomon Trimble had been scooping ice cream at the Dairy Queen or starring in short films while teaching Portland school children about traditional uses of tobacco, then YES to the last two. That’s that he’s been up to! Now I can sleep easier.

Deeeeeep thoughts with

So was anyone else wondering all these things? Do wyou deeply care about Solomon Trimble like we do? Have any of your children sat in on a lecture about the traditional use of tobacco? Did you get pass the dutchy on the left hand side?

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