Team Seth- NOT a pedophile- celebrates an anniversary

Dear LTT,

You have bewitched me body and soul, and I love, I love, I love you. I never wish to be parted from you from this day on.

Happy Anniversary!  One year of laughs and love.  It goes by so fast!  Now, I know we technically met in August 2009, because I remember finding you via Stephenie Meyer’s website after writing the web producer an embarrassing email (you know, Steph’s little brother, Seth. Ahem). But I didn’t really get you then, so I wasn’t too interested. Your set up was confusing, and it was hard to shuffle through your past. You were like Mr. Darcy at the Meryton ball, and I just couldn’t figure you out. About a month went by. Then one lonely day in September I was googling snails because my friend and I had had a discussion about some aspect of snails, and I wanted to figure out what the deal was (I’d give details, but I don’t remember them).

AmanDuh, is that you?

Instead I found The Snail. My life was changed. Not because of the horrific body mutilation photo, but because I refound you!  And you made sense this time!  I loved you immediately. Your sense of humor was wonderful, your friends were hilarious and passionate, your loyalty to being a constant daily event in my life was comforting.  As I looked over your recent tales, I found Cyndi’s letter… Tear Jerker Thursday.  This was really the turning point.  I felt a real connection to you. I needed you. I liked you more than Twilight itself.

My first comment was under a false name, well, my RL name, but not the name you and I use.  Then on September 16th, the magic happened. I remember how long it took me to come up with my name (approximately 7 minutes while snacking on chips & salsa). But I realized that Seth really was my favorite character–and at that point I didn’t know BooBoo was playing him so there was no pedophile creepiness involved–plus I though Seth Morgan [Stephenie’s bro] was pretty cute. That day I commented about my disappointment in Aro’s lack of paperlike skin in the NM trailer and how Caius looked like Mr. Filch from Harry Potter. That day I also wrote a whopping THREE letters to you! Then within 10 days you were already showcasing our correspondence about David Slade’s 40th birthday.  I couldn’t believe it. You’d accepted me so quickly, it was wonderful. Those early days lasted forever. I imagine it’s how Edward and Bella felt at the beginning. By October 3rd I had fully committed. I created a gmail account, twitter, and gravatar. (@goteamseth and

Yeah, ten. (click to enlarge)

I remember that time I made some 10 entries into the Imma Let You Finish contest because I had that much free time on my hands. My boyfriend didn’t appreciate me spending a whole day on that instead of job searching. Oh well.  I enjoyed myself.  Then there was the time I found out UC and Moon’s RL names. I felt so nervous as I uncovered them online. A mystery I shouldn’t know. There was a let down afterward. A mystique gone. A virginity I could never get back.  And I remember when I submitted the article pitch about you and UC/Moon to Glamour, only to have an out-of-office reply come from the editor I emailed, which said (paraphrased), “I’m moving on to a new adventure in my life. Thanks for everything.” #Fail.

Yeah, we're pretty much besties now. Thanks, LTT!

Oh, and you introduced me to Billy Burke, Charlie Bewley, and Daniel Cudmore. Heeeey!  Remember that time I semi-stalked Bewley’s friend on twitter and ended up forming a real friendship with him? How awkward. We still talk though, which is kind of wild.

You carried me through my unemployment. Those dark months of handing out resumes in bulk. Rejection after rejection after rejection. You were there for me. Your friends took me in, emailed me, chatted with me. People I’d never met, and many I likely will never meet, treating me like a bestie.

Super. That makes me really happy.

You enabled me to go to Forks and create tons of inside jokes with my sister, to make a Walmart cami with a Charlie Swan iron-on to wear to the New Moon premiere, to get a little bottle for Christmas from Buttcrack Santa himself, to try my hand at acting, to buy a Tweed Serious tshirt, to create a unicorn, to meet an LTTer in South Africa to watch the Eclipse premiere with while I was there.  So much you’ve given me!  I know we had our ups and downs. Times when I was going to leave you. But you pleaded me to stay, so I did. After all, where else am I gonna go?

So thank you for everything. And Imma let you finish, but I just gotta say, you’re the best blog of all time. Of all time.

Kind Regards,

Um, TeamSeth? I think you forgot to mention you got drunk with UC a few weeks ago when you came to visit your sister in Philly!!! That should be your favorite thing to come out of LTT!

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Appreciation Sunday: Nikki Reed

Dear Nikki Reed,

No, it’s not April Fool’s day and YES, we mean YOU Nikki Reed. We are going to be appreciating you this Sunday for our reoccurring post Appreciation Sunday. I know you’re probably pretty surprised but we do have a lot to be appreciative about when it comes to you… so let’s get started shall we?

We appreciate…

Your body
While some of the gals in Twilight have the bodies of 13 year old boys giiirrrrrrl you got some curves in all the right places. I can’t lie I was super jelly of your booty in that vampire baseball uniform. Thanks for keeping it real for the rest of us and all I can say is: You better WORK girl.
Paris Latsis
I think I speak for all woman kind when I thank you for falling on this grenade. Poor poor Paris spent an unfortunate amount of time with a one Miss Paris Hilton and for that well, he’s considered unclean and probably lacking a little in the mental facilities BUT he did find you and you both seem to be happy and while he has looked like a member of Color Me Bad in the past, he IS a greek shipping heir so I gotta hand it to you boyfriend who owns yachts that sail around GREECE ain’t too shabby. Well played my dear.

Find out what else we appreciate about Nikki Reed after the jump

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