We’re back: We just HAD to comment on this Twilight news

Hey guys! Remember us? YOU BETTER. OR ELSE

Well, we’re back with some REAL QUICK thoughts over on That’s Normal about the BIG 2014 TWILIGHT NEWS. Oh you don’t know what we’re talking about? Nikki Reed and Paul McDonald are getting divorced you guys.


no really, We cue it, embed it & so much more over on That’s Normal today. So you need to read.

We miss you guys like, WHOA. It was fun to be “UC and Moon” again for a hot minute.

What have YOU been up to!?

#TwilightForever You guys

UC and Moon

UC and Moon are Back for a Real Quick Minute >>


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Have you Joined us over at Thats-Normal.com yet?

Hey LTTers,

It’s true– it’s really me. You thought you’d never see us post over here again & I thought I’d never sign off as UnintendeChoice again (except in every email I will send to Moon from now until eternity, of course) but alas, I just can’t quit you.

That's Normal

Well… we’re not really back but I’m not on a mission to convince you to join us over at That’s Normal. Oh right– remember we started that new site & that’s why we stopped posting over here? Well, it’s been a BLAST. Seriously. I was pretty bummed when Twilight was ending that nothing would ever replace it. And while I’m not sure I’ll ever fangirl over anything so hard ever again, it’s been so fun writing about whatever the heck I want over on TN. Here are a few things we think you might like:

That’s Normal coverage of The Host

The Host MovieWe also think you might want to check out our coverage of Stephenie Meyer’s latest book-to-film adaptation: The Host.

And because it wouldn’t be right to have a Stephenie Meyer film without smoking’ dudes:

Keep checking back because: (hint hint) there’s a Host contest coming soon!

Pre-order Breaking Dawn Part 2

breaking dawn part 2 dvdOh yeah, there still is ONE DVD to be released! Target has a deal that if you pre-order the DVD you get a FREE Breaking Dawn Part 2 poster. You know you’re buying the DVD. You might as well add another piece of Twilight paraphernalia to your Twilight closet of shame, right? I mean.. this could very well be your LAST TWILIGHT MERCH ever. SNIFF

Pre-Order the Target Exclusive THE TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN PART 2 and Get a Free Movie Poster



We miss you. Truly. Please come join us on That’s Normal so we can continue having all the fun we started over here!

UC & Moon

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A letter to Robsten from a (sorta) outsider

When I read this letter from LTT (and real life friend) Plane Friend I thought “HOW INTERESTING!” Here is the Plane Friend– an LTT reader, a Twilight fan and yet such an outsider to the Robsten-Nonsten drama. She is aware that it exists, of course. She is aware of the “scandal” (how can you MISS it?) but it kinda ends there. She is actually under the impression that no one cares. Like… a normal person.. GASP! And so today I share a letter about Robsten from someone with an outsiders perspective:

I don’t care about this AMAZING fanart

Dear Robsten,

Let me be perfectly clear about something before I begin: I DON’T care about your personal lives. Truly. Unless one of you had died before the last movie had been made, no news about the two of you would have ever made it high on my radar. (Ok, that’s not completely true. Kristen, if you’d been openly dating Rob and then you’d ditched him for Taylor and his gorgeous muscles…that would have made me laugh over the irony).

That said, being a Twilight fan (who loves LTT and misses the days when we were all more frequent posters/commenters etc.), I couldn’t help but be aware of this latest scandal. And it’s amused me a lot. Trampire? Hilarious! (Uncalled for, of course, because it’s a rare Hollywood-type who isn’t cheating, divorcing, or generally being a whore, but still, hilarious).

I know that way back in 2010, UC & Moon speculated that your relationship was a publicity stunt. I have to admit that now that I’m thinking of the two of you at all, here in 2012, I’m convinced that’s what it is.

I don’t think Robsten actually exists—or ever existed. I think the two of you, a horny Cathi Hardi, a brilliant publicist, or just a drunken Buttcrack Santa came up with the idea during the filming of the first movie. It struck everyone as the best way to promote the movies and propel you both into stardom. I mean, seriously, it was smart play. Teenage girls already loved Twilight. You could easily get them in an uproar over two attractive actors dating each other. And after all the media hype when Suri Cruise was born without a picture of her anywhere to be had, someone latched onto the idea of how easy that would be to replicate in a dating situation. Are they dating? Aren’t they dating? Did someone spot you together? Will you kiss at the MTV awards or not? And so, I speculate, the “relationship” began.

Unfortunately for both of you, it’s lasted a looooong time. You were kinda trapped into continuing it, because it was tied to the success of your careers as well as the whole Twilight franchise. And, I hypothesize, you just got used to it. It didn’t hurt that you were both getting paid butt-loads of money to continue the whole ruse.

And then, I think, something truly horrifying happened. The hype died out. Suddenly, most people didn’t care if you were together or not. Twilight fervor has started to wane in favor of The Hunger Games (and, for the teens/20-30somethings who actually read as well as watch movies, for Divergent, Matched, and other great YA series).

So you tried to come out of the non-gay closet. You got spotted together, kissing!

I also don’t care about THIS normal fan art

Still, no one really cared. You’d gotten used to the publicity, Rob had a movie coming out, you want a good showing for the last movie, so everyone started scheming about how to get the media to pay attention to you both again.

So, of course, the best way to do that was to have someone cheat. Rob couldn’t do it—after all, too many crazies are convinced he really is Edward (who would NEVER cheat). And since Bella had her moment of being an unfaithful hussy in Eclipse, that task fell to Kristen.

Now KStew, I don’t know if you actually were involved in any sort of fling with the married director or if he, too, just wanted his moment in the spotlight. Either way, I’d advise against messing with married men. The “trampire” label isn’t entirely unfair, after all. And, you know, we’d all like to see you get married and pregnant someday—if only to get the vision of you as Bella knocked up with the life sucking monster out of our heads. (And because we’d love to see you weigh more than 10 pounds. It would make all of us mothers feel better about ourselves).

Personally, I have to say that the best part about being a non-believer/carer of whether or not Robsten exists AND being firmly rooted in a reality in which I don’t equate your relationship with Bella and Edward’s is a good place to be. Bookward and Bookella will live forever happily ever after in my head, and I’ll enjoy watching that play out on the big screen in November. And whatever publicity stunt the two of you pull from now on probably barely merit a passing glance from me when I see the tabloids in the grocery store.

Although if it’s been a few more years and you’re looking for ideas that would create another frenzy, I suggest this: fall completely off the face of the earth for 6-9 months. Reappear with stories of spending time on your own private island. And get an accessory: a daughter (biological or adopted) that you’ve named Renesmee.

Love from the amused,

Plane Friend

So…. are you “in the dark” like Plane friend? What do you think? 

[Robsten Fan art 1 Robsten Fan art 2]

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It has arrived – That’s Normal!

Dear Twilight,

Are you like us? Is the internet more than just a place to Google how you spell Renesmee or tweet your Breaking Dawn Pt 2 predictions or find embarassing Robsten videos so you can post them on your friends Facebook wall? Yea, us too. Don’t get us wrong, we LOVE a good sepia toned video of TRUE love as much as the next Twi fan but we also love pondering the relationship status of Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes or discussing the how awesome/awful Hannah from Girls is and of course there’s nothing like Googling awful Games of Thrones fan art.

So yes, the time has come. Many have been asking, many have not been asking. No, we’re not talking about UC and my’s civil union ceremony.  We’re talking about our latest blogging venture. It’s called That’s Normal because as we’ve come to find out over the last almost 4 years (!!!) nothing we do is ever normal but we found people out there (YOU!) who like the same bizarro crap we do. So because of that and because we have so much more to talk about than just Twilight we are happy/excited/scared/ecstatic to announce our new blog –

That’s Normal!

Yup, you know why we chose that name, it all started here. That’s Normal is full of the same stuff you’ve come to love here at LTT and LTR but now we’re branching out into everything! TV, film, books, weird stuff on the interwebs, why that Carly Rae Jenson song is infectious and so annoying at the same time and pretty much everything else we find interesting.

We’re currently in the construction phase of the brand spanking new blog but you can find a taste of what’s to come over at our Tumblr.
Follow That’s Normal on Twitter
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Circle us on Google+

Now does this mean we won’t be posting here on LTT? HALE to the nah. We still love you like that old lady secretary at work loves Fifty Shades of Grey. Ew. We’ll be writing letters to all things Twilight on Tuesdays and Thursdays and any other days that call for it (Taylor opening a martial arts studio called Face Punch).

We hope you’ll join us as we roll out this new chapter in blogging because we love ya so much and we knew we just couldn’t quit you!

That’s Normal (duh),
Moon & UC

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Twilight: It STILL follows me everywhere

Dear Twilight,

Moon & I started having a conversation late last week about “When it’s over.” With Breaking Dawn wrapping filming in Louisiana and moving to the last shooting location, the reality that eventually this saga will come to an end is becoming more clear. Sure- we have awhile before the next film let alone the last one. But once filming wraps & besides the weeks leading up to the films’ releases, Twilight-world will be QUIET. Can you imagine that drastic change in all of our lives? I can’t. I’ll let Moon lead us in that discussion sometime soon, but it got me thinking about how wrapped up Twilight is in my life. We’ve discussed it time-and-time before, and to be honest, I can’t believe it hasn’t let up!

For example: we had an impromptu get-together Friday night at our loft & our friend Dan asked, “How’s work?” To which I responded, “It’s okay. Hot Tub sales are slow but I’ve been traveling a lot to some different trainings.” He quickly corrected, “Oh no! I mean the blogs!!!” Still to this day my guy friends want to discuss my ahem “work!”

Welcome to the neighborhood, Brookie

Twilight STILL follows me everywhere. On Saturday, LTT-turned real-life friend turned role-play partner of Moon’s @Brookelockart moved into new digs in Philadelphia. Mr. Choice & I went to help her move in (and due to the fact that it’s a 3rd floor walk-up, the muscles in my legs are now broken for as long as Bella & Edward will love each other. Which is forever. Thanks Brookie). Outside of the U-HAUL truck, I noticed a little present to welcome Brookie to the neighborhood. I pointed it out to her and said “Look- Jacob brought you a dream catcher.” And no lie, a dream catcher was on the ground just outside of the truck. And I swear-to-you- it was not there when I first arrived to help.

As seems to be my Sunday afternoon/early evening routine these days, I tend to stalk people I barely know on Facebook, “like” pictures I was tagged in 2-3 years ago & just overall reminisce about the past. Yesterday was no different and that meant I looked through all 1,018 pictures in which I’m tagged. And what I found was… well, Twilight is still everywhere

For example:

In 2009, I got tagged in a picture posted by a family member because some girl I don’t know did her senior thesis on Gender Stereotyping in literature- focusing on Twilight:

I bet she got an A

My sister went to Spain- and then tagged me in a picture of Twilight in Spanish:

No comprendo

In December 2008 my friend Tagged me in THIS picture with the caption spelled exactly how I have it listed below:

Believe it or not, this was the dude from twilite in 88


My Grandmother bought me THIS for Christmas 2 years ago & shared it with all her Facebook friends:

And who could forget that EPIC moment in the summer of 2008 when I was sitting on the beach reading the final pages of Breaking Dawn, and some family member dared interrupt me for a group picture:


And of course as I was internet-stalking/reminiscing about the last 6 years old my life captured on Facebook forever, I was listening to iTunes on shuffle. And shuffle it did- to THIS beautiful audio-clip:


IT follows me- EVERYWHERE! And for some reason, it still surprises me… even after all this time!

Don’t change, Twilight. I’m not ready to say good-bye to you quite yet,


Where has Twilight followed YOU lately!? Share in the comments! And whoa- the actors haven’t even arrived in Vancouver yet and we ALREADY have more info & pictures leaked than we did the entire time they were in Louisiana? Phew- gives us something to talk about later this week!

Our internet game is ridiculous: LTR, The Forum, Twitter, The Store

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