Kristen’s Theme Song: The Climb

Dear LTT-ers,

It’s (one of) your favorite bloggers here, Moon, stepping in for UC this Friday. She won’t be with us today because LIFE HAPPENS. And when life happens we just go with the flow because life is always more important than counting the hairs on Robs head or speculating about Solomon Trimble’s part time job (Waxer and Facialist). Where ever you are today send some love and prayers and good vibes to UC and her friend.

With that in mind let’s listen to Kristen talk about her theme song: The Climb by Miley Cyrus…

YUP, THE CLIMB. By the Miley Cyrus of Billy Ray Cyrus lineage. God, I would not pay money to hear her karaoke this but man would I enjoy seeing it happen!

Let’s sing it together…

Well it’s Friday so get out there and have some fun and be thinking of our lil UC and her Friend and it’ll all be preeeeetttttyyy cooool!


As cheesy as Miley and this song is the lyrics ring true, it’s not ever going to be easy but it’s about the journey or the cllliiiiiiimb if you will. Had one of these experiences lately? What your theme song?

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