It’s yet another 4th of July!

Dear Twilight,

I cannot believe this is the 3rd fourth of July we’ve celebrated at LTT. Like, whoa. (Uh huh, I said that). It doesn’t feel like we’ve celebrated Independence Day in the US that many times, but when I woke up today thinking “Man, I really want to photoshop an American flag over a picture of the Twilight cast to celebrate,” I realized we already did that:

In fact, there isn’t much we haven’t done here on LTT. It’s ashame. It’s like all the new ideas are gone. Except challenging Big Daddy to a hot dog eating contest (veggie dogs for me). But we’re definitely doing that for Labor Day.

Speaking of things we haven’t done, we haven’t really ever photoshopped the Twilight cast for a holiday using anything other than the picture above. I mean, it IS the best picture of all time, but the other Twi cast (and there have been many others at this point) should kinda be offended. Where is the love? Don’t we care about the & their celebration of our American Holidays?

I took the liberty (holla) of showing the Holiday spirit of some other members of the Twilight cast:

I tried to find a good picture of the Denali’s, I did, but I had no luck. Here’s wishing that Vanity Fair will do a “Family reunion” photo-spread that rivals the one from 2008!

Happy 4th of July! We hope you stuff your faces with hot dogs like Big Daddy, Moon & myself & if you’re not in the US, have a nice day at work (sorry)

UC & Moon

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