Christmas messages from the Twilight cast

Dear LTTers,

It wouldn’t be Christmas without a little TwiPorn to get us in the spirit!!! Wait- are you allowed to say “Porn” and “Christmas” in the same sentence? Does that guarantee me a ticket to that firey place? Oh well. Looking at that 3rd picture, it might be worth it!

UC & Moon

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Happy Labor Day from the hot Twilight cast

Dear LTTers in countries other than the US,

Today is Labor Day in the United States. That means instead of working we’ll be stuffing ourselves with hot dogs and throwing up on volleyball courts. (Yes, just like Memorial Day and July 4th– we’re not very creative). For LTT and Moon & I, this means we let other people do the work for us (you may have noticed a trend all weekend long…… we started the celebration early!)

Again, the gals in Rob’s Flat daily chat in The Forum have given us the goods with a whole other slew of Twi-cast Porn:

daddy copy


icanbeinnocent copy


dontask copy


notmom copy

Daaaanngggg ladies!

Happy Labor Day from your lazy friends UC & Moon! We’ll be back in full force tomorrow! Promise!


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Twilight museum of art (and crap)

Dear Fans of LTT and Fans of art,

We spend so much time making fun of things on LTT that I bet most people think Moon & I are the meanest people in real life. We’re not usually. I thought it was time to celebrate some of the beautiful things that come out of the fandom. Cuz there are some. I’m being serious. Don’t think that I’m gonna pretend like they’re great & then show you the most second-hand embarrassing art EVER that surely would star in the “Second-Hand Embarrassing Art Museum” in Manhattan (that doesn’t exist… yet)

Let’s stroll together through the Twilight Museum of Art….


This scene found on google images beautifully depicts the theme of racism throughout the Twilight Saga. Wait. Were you aware of those themes? That instead of being a story of girl stuck between vampire & werewolf it’s really a story of a girl choosing between those paler than her or darker than her? Me neither. Okay, so maybe that’s not what the artist was trying to say, but isn’t art in the eye of the beholder? That’s what I saw here, but I still think it’s beautiful!

Alice_by_RinianAlice, drawn by Rinian, looks as cute as I had pictured her while reading the series. I wish I could be best friends with a cartoon character

eclipse___Tied_Up_by_shirohatoLOVE this picture of Bella and the two different colored ribbons representing the choice she has to make. Also love that she seems like a ballerina because, I don’t know about you, but I could’ve used less of a klutzy Bella.  By shirohato

Rosalie__s_Unhappy_Ending_by_Eclipse_AwayThis is my favorite piece that I’m sharing with you on our journey through the Twilight museum of art. The artist explained that this is a representation of Rosalie’s unhappy ending. If you look closely you’ll see her ghost in the picture, too. I have goosebumps. Found here on deviant art

bellaedwardThere is so much Bella & Edward art out there. Mostly because there are so many great pictures of Robert & Kristen together- so people just use their pictures as inspiration. While often times they can be good (although mostly they’re not), I love this because it’s the artist’s vision of Edward & Bella. Plus added with the quote from New Moon (appropriate placed- not inked in an armpit or doodled on the back of a minivan) it’s incredibly powerful! Found here

See! Wasn’t that fun!? To take a walk through the Twilight art gallery and, maybe laugh a little less, but instead be inspired!? And Look at me! I am being so nice today. Come on- you have to admit it, you like nice UC….

Fine… it’s hard for me too.. I’ll cave… after the jump, enjoy the good stuff…. Continue…

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Breaking down the New Moon Book cover

Dear fans of New Moon,

Do you miss The Quad? Yeah, we do too. Life happens. IT departments at work block chat and sisters-in-laws come to visit…sometimes exciting New Moon stuff happens and Moon & I don’t know where to turn. And then Calliope, one of our forum mods & the creator of the brilliant Twilight Theatre, happens to be there.. to save the day. And then breaking it down vanity-fair styles happen like this about the new New Moon picture:

UnintendedChoice & theMoonisDown

newmoonbookcoverThe New Picture
Moon: ok this might be a bit better than the movie poster. You KNOW this was a movie poster option
: Can we mentioned Bella’s Wal-mart special tank top and how bella looks like a slutty fan fic bella
: she so does
: shes defs a SENiOR in this picture
: especially with the extra volume in the hair
: grown-up
: no innocent junior
: I know. Vidal sassoon
: nono… paul mitchell. Alice left her with a supply
: Solomon Trimble gave her some of his hot oil treatments
: so true. right before he got shipped off to a different tribe because he wasn’t studly enough.
Moon: the Quiluetes traded him for the nerdy wolf

UC: Do we wish we could zoom in on the WolfPack’s face? Cuz they’re hot? And I need me some dorky wolves?
Moon: YES!! I wanna see them close up
Calliope: I’m tempted to print it..on the BLUEPRINT printer at work. POSTER SIZE
UC: please please please and hang it up!  and send us a pic! and roll it up and send ME one!
Moon: Take a pic of you posing like Bella in front of it

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Ode to Jacob & Bella

Dear Edward,

I know you struggled greatly with your decision to reenter Bella’s life. You felt it was selfish, but you wanted her so badly. You felt she would have been better off with Jacob, yet you wanted him nowhere near her.  In the end, you win, of course, because the best guy always does. But I’ve been wondering lately, and I wonder how often it crosses your mind: What if Jacob and Bella had ended up together?

I jotted down a few Pros and Cons of that situation:

Pro: Bella wouldn’t have had to be so careful with her crazy hormones and wouldn’t have had to hold back
Con: On the other hand…Jacob is technically human and wouldn’t last all night when they were finally intimate

Bella & Jacobs lil pack of rugrats

Bella & Jacob's lil' pack of rugrats

Pro: Bella could raise herself a little WolfPack of her own.
Con: It would be hard having blood relatives this hot (I don’t know how Clare Pattinson does it). Plus there’s always that fear that your child might someday go shape-shifter on you.

Pro: Jacob’s a pretty dang good friend- really laid back & funny & likes to live a little on the wild side
Con: That ‘wild side’ means he turns into a smelly, dirty wolf, and Bella’s clearly more of a cat-lover

Pro: Bella would have always been safe, warm & comfortable with Jacob

Pro: Jacob would have made Bella happy.

Pro: Being with Jacob would have meant she could have stayed human- kept her human life and family and friends, without fear of hurting them

So let’s add it up: 6 Pro’s vs. 3 Cons…..Uh oh, maybe Bella should have ended up with Jacob? Oh wait… I forgot a con:

Con: In choosing Jacob, Bella would love him. She would! But she would always… always.. ALWAYS be loving you, Edward. And wondering what might have been. And as a result, she would be slightly miserable all of the time. It would be like that old song, “If you can’t be with the one you love, honey, love the one you’re with.”

So now, recalculate- 6 Pros, 4 Cons. Hmm.. that last con was a pretty big one, wasn’t it? Let’s make that count for 4. So…. 6 Pros & 7 Cons.  The results are in! Bella chose correctly!

Bella loved Jacob at one point, you have to know that… we all do- she even admitted it. But she never loved him as much as she loved you. If she had chosen Jacob, she would have always wondered…all the time.. what would have been? When her child grew older and looked like Jacob, she would have wondered what a child with you would have looked like. And as she aged and grew more wrinkled, she’d remember how gorgeous, beautiful and YOUTHFUL you’d still be….

My wondering is over. This case is closed. Bella chose you- Bella made the right choice! So today I’ll celebrate the wonderful friendship of Bella & Jacob!


(Thanks EastFriend for saving my ass xoxo)

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