Happy Thanksgiving!

You guys have any turkey??

Dear LTT-ers,

For us here in the states it’s time to celebrate THANKSGIVING!!!! A day (long weekend) to hang with your family, eat a 20 pound roasted/brined/fried/dead bird and be thankful for stuff like your health and friends and crushed velvet suits and Twilight. For those not in the know or need a refresher, we (and by we I mean HeyyyBrother) explained it to Rob on LTR many moons again. It’s a freaking hilarious read if you have time to kill between turkey basting sessions or if you’re like me and want to avoid potentially politically charged conversations with your uncle who arrived in an RV equipped with a satelite dish installed especially for Fox News.

To say we’re thankful for YOU all is an understatement you guys make this what it is, we just provide some nonsense every few days. 2011 has been a redonkulous year and we’re so thankful for all that it’s added to our Twilight and non Twilight lives. We’re also thankful it’s Thanksgiving because we’ve both been running nonstop since Halloween doing Twilight related stuff and this is a legit excuse to take a breather. THANK YOU Pilgrims and the Native Americans you encroached on all those years ago.

We truly hope you enjoy your next few days and sit back and ponder all you have to be thankful for… even if it’s just the fact Jackson didn’t look super crazy in Breaking Dawn. It’s SOMETHING, right?! Even if you’re not in the states or American, Thanksgiving doesn’t just have to happen on American soil or in American households… we all have a ton to be thankful for……… including vampires and werewolves.

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Oh and if you happen to see two girls throwing elbows at the Hot Topic Black Friday sale just give us the 50% off Alice film replica chokers and no one gets hurt.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Moon and UC

PS go be thankful at LTR too… you know we love the photoshops 🙂

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