All the Breaking Dawn Part 2 Premiere deets you’ve ever wanted to know

Dear LTT,

Breaking Dawn Part 2: Have you heard of it? Well it’s out soon & there’s gonna be a premiere. People camp out for these things. I know, shocking right? Here is what we know:

The process to attend this year’s Fan Camp will happen in 4 phases:

Phase 1: Fan Camp Registration

Phase 2: Fan Camp Drawing

Phase 3: Fan Camp Ticket Notification

Phase 4: Fan Camp Check-in

Also no drugs are allowed aka no fun* (ALL the camping details in their glory are available below, after the jump)

But I’m more concerned with what we don’t know:

I know which guy from the trinity gets to sleep in HER sleeping bag

1. What time will Rob be by with breakfast hot pockets in the morning?

2. How will the contest work to win a night with Rob & Taylor in your tent? Rumor has it it might be a lottery, but they’re still considering a silent auction for charity. You don’t need retirement, right? The kids don’t need Christmas presents for the next 10 years do they ? There’s nothing better to spend your life’s savings on than this opportunity for a Jacob-Edward threesome. And by threesome I mean a twosome between you & Rob while Taylor watches karate chop vidoes on YouTube.

3. Who will be headlining the concert for the fans? I hear it’s between some band no one yet knows but everyone will know later this month when the soundtrack is announced, a 100 Monkeys reunion show, Anna Kendrick and her friends from Pitch Perfect or Muse.

These two weirdos think they’re SO funny

4. Also unknown is which unemployed desperately in need of money Twilight actor with be MCing: so it could be any of the new vamps or one of the wolves. Or Bree Tanner.* Poor kid

5.  Will there be a tent for people who want to live the 50 Shades Lifestyle? <— click that

6. What will the dress code be? Can you wear merch from Breaking Dan Part 1? Will you be shunned if your night shirt is from Water for Elephants? Will there be prizes for fans who actually found Abduction t-shirts to wear? What if you spent all your money getting to LA and bidding on the date in the tent that you can’t afford to buy new merch and so you have to wear your old Hot Topic digs from the original Twilight premiere– will that be allowed? With that terrible security guy who thinks he’s the $h*t kick you out? Will someone with shiny new Nordstorm Breaking Dawn Part 2 merch get your spot in line?

We have a few e-mails into Summit asking these very important questions & will let you know as soon as we know something.


So.. are you gonna be there? Please say yes! We want to hang!

*Member when Bree Tanner was a thing? Have you read it yet?

*Don’t do drugs.

After the Jump, get ALL the Breaking Dawn Part 2 Camping Details: Continue…

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Monday Funnies

Dear girl in braids with red hair in this video,

Thanks to you I almost peed my pants which would have ruined my Herman Miller Aeron chair*.

[vodpod id=Groupvideo.2071093&w=425&h=350&]

I love people who have the guts to do what you did. Let’s be best friends. (and how about you enter out Twi-alentine’s Day contest because I’d love to laugh at what you come up with)


*by Herman Miller Aeron chair I meant chair from 1997 whose back is so loose that it occasionally falls off causing me to fall backwards…while wearing a skirt (true story)

Thanks to Genevieve for the heads-up on this! And to NewMoonMovie.Org where I watched it for the first time!

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