Advice Needed: Should I get a Twilight Tattoo?

Dear LTTers,

This woman is famous.. not in a good way

Well THIS is a first. I thought we had seen everything, heard everything & been asked anything, but apparently not. We got this e-mail the other day from an LTT reader & it’s too good not to share:

To whom it may concern,

This probably is a weird email. But since the last movie was released, I have been considering on getting a Twilight related tattoo. But after seeing that post with the lady with the giant-ass back tattoo (and hint of an ass crack), I know I don’t want to royally screw up on the tattoo lest I want to be made a laughing stock of the Internet.

I am just asking other Twihards what they think of this idea and I want to shoot it to you guys since I love your blog. The Twilight tattoo I was thinking of is just this somewhere on my arm:

Esme waited ten years.
So can you.

Those seven words hold a lot of personal meaning for me, but since this is a Twilight tattoo we’re talking about I just need to see what my fellow Twihards think before I permanently ink it. So far I’ve been writing this phrase on my arm and no questions or alarms have been raised but anything can happen after getting said tattoo.

So what do you guys think?

Your fan,

Don’t Do this

My first thought was— how BIG will this be? What FONT will it be in? Will Edward’s face be ANYWHERE near it? Because big tattoos in ugly fonts having ANYTHING to do with Edward Cullen or Rob Pattinson are a no-no. So I asked her. And she sent me more info:

I know I want this tattoo to be small.  (I am going into teaching so this tattoo has to be in a place I can easily cover up with a jacket sleeve or a large cuff bracelet.)  I chose my arm because I have been writing this phrase on my arm with a pen for the last year and I want it to be where I can look down and see it.
I had a friend suggest I put the words in French so it would look fancier and cut down on the chances of me being harassed for getting a Twilight tattoo.  (I am also considering Italiano as the language since the language has some significance in the books. )
As for what the quote means, it’s something I wrote.  Esme is my favourite character in the Twilight Saga (yes, I cried when THAT scene happened because I didn’t know it was a vision).  I’ve also had a really difficult love life and I’ve panicked over the fear of being alone forever without never finding my soul mate.  Starting last year, I started writing “Esme waited ten years.  So can you.” on my arm as a way to remind myself that I will find love one day.  It just takes a long time.
So what do you think? Can a Twilight tattoo be non-2nd-hand-embarrassing? Should Jael go through with it? Let her know in the comments!

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2nd-hand Embarassing Friday

Dear people who often get 2nd-hand embarrassed,

You know, we’ve taught you well. When Moon & I first started blogging, the criticisms of 2nd-hand embarrassing fans & stuff that is just weird in the fandom were few & far between. While no doubt Moon & I weren’t the only ones thinking the “Holy Shit that fan is effed up” thoughts we were (or actively criticizing the cast/books/movies etc.) we do think we were a few of the first to vocalize it- the media definitely was critical long before we were, but I think we may have been one of the few firsts to say, “This is messed up (but we love it anyway)” And thankfully we did because that gave all of YOU the freedom to disagree with the masses & think that most Twilight fans are pretty darn weird.

That being said, after we received 10,000 emails, tweets & IM chats about the story of the “Lady who lost a lot of weight and then ruined her body by putting a Twilight tattoo all over it” we think what YOU all have said is exactly what we were thinking. So we’re going to let YOU say it for us.

No idea what I’m talking about? Where have you been!?

Cathy, a 49 year old Twilight fan from England, lost 14 dress sizes in 6 months and to celebrate, got a Twilight tattoo. No, It wasn’t the apple. No, it wasn’t the Cullen Crest. Yes, it was the twifecta in multiple scenes from the promo pics from the movie: (Good Guess)

We first heard of this story from LTT reader Claire, who I can only assume is THE Claire Pattinson horrified that her son is inked permanently onto the back of a woman who could be her bff & shopping pal. Claire said,

Oh dear God, this is quite literally the most horrific thing I have ever seen. Also embarrassing is that fact that I may have been reading the Daily Mail where I came across this terrible tale.

A nice comment I read on the article

here is a typo in the title. It should read:

“Worlds Biggest Dumbass has a Twilight Back Tattoo.”

I do have to say- what Cathy did is incredible. That is a LOT of weight to lose in a VERY short amount of time. She SHOULD celebrate. She should buy a convertible. Or bid on Twilight memorabilia in an online auction. Or hey- use that £2,000 the tattoo cost (approximate $3,094.20) to FLY to the US and camp out for Breaking Dawn! Perhaps even treat herself to a steak dinner! A few highlights from the article I’d like to point out:

“I love Robert Pattinson. I want to tone up so I can get his character Edward Cullen on my stomach.”

Cuz, you know, being known to Rob as the #1 Fan on “The List” (you know the one) is exactly the way to worm your way into his heart.

“Despite her obsession with heart-throb Robert Pattinson childless Mrs Ward has not got it in the neck from husband Francis, 52.”

Maybe “getting it in the neck” means something different over in Reading, England, but here in Reading, PA (currently I’m approximately 58.6 miles away) it means your hubby “gives it to you in the neck” as in.. Humps your neck…. Thrusts his thing at your neck… which isn’t as sexy as you’d think I have no idea what that would be like. But it seems bothersome.

Another LTT reader sent us an email with a copy of the picture:

Hi UC & Moon,

A disturbing thing happened today, I saw this picture of a woman with a massive Twi tat and I automatically thought of you guys. That’s normal, right? Well, I just had to share. It would be a tragedy to keep this beauty to myself. The thing I love most about this picture is the fact that this is no spring chick. Hell, it isn’t even a hot cougar. It is an official middle-aged lady with a massive mistake, er tattoo on her back. Not just a tattoo, a Twilight tattoo. I love Twilight just as much as the next fangirl, but I am not spending truckloads of money and time to get this monstrosity on my back. I wonder what the hubs, or grandkids for that fact, think about it. Also, I think she has been going to Kate Gossellin’s old hair dresser. Then throw in the hint of buttcrack and this is all kinds of wrong. So, there you have it. Your lives will never be the same.

A fellow follower of all things Twi,

Oh FYI: Quick reminder about what Stephenie Meyer thinks about Twilight tattoos:

SM Tattoos by letterstotwilight

Then again, she didn’t tattoo Stephenie on her back. So maybe Rob, Taylor & Kristen would think that’s cool. … Maybe…..

I think my favorite comment of them all was the one left on another article that posted about it:

“The tattoos actually look like the real life idiots…that doesn’t make it any better”


And THAT is your 2nd-hand embarrassment for this Friday!
Twilight-tattoo Free (But currently saving for my Big Daddy tat)

What do you think? Do you like it? Did I seriously just ask that? Where do I think I am,  Of course you don’t like it! It’s more fun to talk about what Rob, Kristen & Edward (omg! OMG I just wrote that) I mean Taylor’s response was when someone sent it to them on their plane ride back to Lousiana last night!? Think Taylor laughed so hard he fell out of his chair? Think Rob let a “little bit slip out” because of intense laughter? Do you think Kristen was able to vocalize her feelings of creeped-out-ness? Think Dean made them all feel bad when he joked it was his sister?

Our internet game is ridiculous: LTR, The Forum, Twitter, The Store

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