Taylor and a cougar… and other random stuff…

Hi. It’s me. I am sick. I thought I could pretend like I’m not and just go on my merry-old way, but it turns out it’s pneumonia and I’m supposed to “rest.” Whatever. So today is a random hoj-poj of stuff I want to post or talk about. Enjoy! And stay away from me, unless you want time to “rest” too.

Dear Taylor,

I was just perusing the interwebs looking for news and I happened upon this article in News in Film about you that I have NO idea if it’s true or not, but it gave me a big chuckle.

When Taylor Lautner ripped off his shirt countless times in The Twilight Saga: New Moon, women of all ages swooned for the new found muscled figure he had cultivated between movies.  Nothing was more creepy, however, than Lautner’s recount on “The Jay Leno Show” about the time a 40-ish woman, accompanied by an embarrassed daughter, told the 17-year-old actor she wanted him to autograph her panties.Which is why the new possible starring vehicle for Lautner hits close to home.  According to E! Online, the sought-after teen phenom may be up for the lead in a remake of Vision Quest, a cheeseball 1985 movie about a high school wrestler who falls for an older woman.  Matthew Modine starred in the original alongside the feature debuts of Linda Fiorentino and Madonna.

Twilight producers Wyck Godfrey and Marty Bowen are developing the onesie to fit Lautner, as well as a Taken-style action movie set in Cancun for him to bust out more stunts and ab shots.  He’s also signed to play Max Steel in an adaptation of the Mattel action figure line.

My favorite part of this story, though, is that Empire mixed up Taylor Swift and Taylor Hicks, calling the latter and American Idol winner Lautner’s “current squeeze.”  I guess I’m not the only one who mixes up the Taylors on occasion.  Just last week I called him Johnathan Taylor Thomas.  What ever happened to that guy, any way?

Okay SO many LOLs- the jab about busting out more stunts and ab shots in the Max Steel movie, and the mention of my main squeeze from ’91-’99, JTT! But the biggest of them all?

may be up for the lead in a remake of Vision Quest, a cheeseball 1985 movie about a high school wrestler who falls for an older woman.

Seriously? If this is true that role was MADE for you! Young guy falling for an older woman? Hey- I bet Chris Hansen would even be willing to do a little cameo!

Can’t wait to see you and some cougar getting it on,

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Christmas messages from the Twilight cast

Dear LTTers,

It wouldn’t be Christmas without a little TwiPorn to get us in the spirit!!! Wait- are you allowed to say “Porn” and “Christmas” in the same sentence? Does that guarantee me a ticket to that firey place? Oh well. Looking at that 3rd picture, it might be worth it!

UC & Moon

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Happy Labor Day from the hot Twilight cast

Dear LTTers in countries other than the US,

Today is Labor Day in the United States. That means instead of working we’ll be stuffing ourselves with hot dogs and throwing up on volleyball courts. (Yes, just like Memorial Day and July 4th– we’re not very creative). For LTT and Moon & I, this means we let other people do the work for us (you may have noticed a trend all weekend long…… we started the celebration early!)

Again, the gals in Rob’s Flat daily chat in The Forum have given us the goods with a whole other slew of Twi-cast Porn:

daddy copy


icanbeinnocent copy


dontask copy


notmom copy

Daaaanngggg ladies!

Happy Labor Day from your lazy friends UC & Moon! We’ll be back in full force tomorrow! Promise!


Talk about your volleyball score on The Forum
See who did our work for us over on LTR

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Wanna Tapa Vampa

Dear members of Wanna Tapa Vampa,

We have a name! Our fake-sorority where we will do things like be fake-lesbians and start fake-fights with other Twilight Sororities is called Wanna Tapa Vampa. This name won 30% of the vote with The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pattinson Pants coming in at a close 2nd.  Thank you to JENA for this amazing name suggestion.

As our first order of business with our fake soririty, we have our PORN-OFF. Yes, quite similar to a bake-off, we have collected 5 of the best Twi-Porn entries from both The Twilight Sisterhood & Wanna Tapa Vampa.  In no particular order & in no way giving away WHICH sorority entered what, here are the 10 entries! Vote for your favorite at the end:


Rob: Hangover

Rob: Breakfast

Rob: Breakfast

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