For Your Consideration… Twilight Fan Fic dramatic reading posibilities

Dear LTT-ers,

They’re at it again, first Michael Sheen had his way with Unexpected Circumstance and now VH1 has Elizabeth Reaser reading from A Pair of Emerald Earrings. If we had access to these cast members and had no shame and no embarrassment we’d totally ask them to do the same thing. Who cares about their new movie or some dumb story from the set of Breaking Dawn about how Rob really loves fruity pebbles that we’ll hear a billion times, I wanna hear the cast of Twilight saying things like spank and hot and maybe do a little heavy breathing. It’s called method people, DO IT.

Watching this is giving me Vietnam style flashbacks from when UC and I tried to do a dramatic reading of Tara Sue Me’s The Dom and I scared myself so much with the Lucifer meets 10 packs a day chain smoker voice I created for “Domward” that I thought I was gonna flog myself at one point just for flubbing my own lines. Thank god this has never seen the light of day. Also my vocal chords have never recovered.

Since VH1 seems to be doing the Lord’s work and because we love Kate,  I have a few requests for their next Twi-star reads fanfic edition…

For Your Consideration…

Domward, Darkward, Blissward, Fightward, Tattward... yup, these all sound like me!

Robert Pattinson reading… The Office – I think he’d really get into the ripping and being called the “Beautiful Bastard”

Kristen Stewart reading… The Sub – Maybe next time UC and I attempt to tackle this one Kristen can  join in… we just want to hear her read THE part… you know the one.

Runner up – KStew reading Wide Awake where she talks about “Unicorns.” Yup.

2nd Runner Up – Clipped Wings and Inked Armour

Jackson Rathbone reading… pretty much anything as long as he does it out of the side of his mouth in that weird affected country voice he’s conjured up for himself. But since the Jasper FF fanatics seem to prefer him in a slash situation,  may we suggest “Tight End” for the sole reason that I (and some friends) NEED to hear him say “I meant what I said in that text…” And maybe a “welcome to Rathbonia!!” thrown in for good measure.

Ha, we know what you're REALLY reading

Kellan Lutz reading….Volition since we think he probably can’t do an Irish accent and it’d be awesome to hear him try (and fail) to be sexy.

Taylor Lautner reading… Any Edward/Jacob slash pairing because the whole time they could just intercut the clip of Rob kissing Taylor at the MTV Movie Awards. Presto 8 zillion views!

Peter Facinelli reading… Emancipation Proclamation. Peter as the mafioso Dad with the human trafficking? Cue the tears. Or for the more… “adventurous” reader how about HB: CEO of Skeky Flies the Friendly Skies? Carlisle in a menage a trois with Bella and Rosalie then Bella find outs Carlisle is her dad’s boyf? AWKWARD!!

And with Chaske Spencer’s Barry White-esque voice he could read anything… so maybe find some weird Billy/Charlie/Sue fetish stuff. That’d be awesome.

As exciting as our misguided attempt to read The Dom was, these dramatic readings by actual cast members is SO beyond classic I can’t even. If I had the power and connections, I’d have the cast members tackle dramatic readings of Tweets next… HINT HINT. I have a folder over flowing with the best and most embarrassing VH1, hit me up you know the addy!

TGIF and a beautiful bastard for everyone!

This post was only possible with liberal amounts of help from BrookeLockart, TXLiLi, VixinCali, VeddersGirl because I know about like 3 of these fics… and according to BL they’re “way old.” THANKS!

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Twilight Eats the month of June Part 2

Dear Month of June,

Last week I started talking about where you went and while I wrote about it, another month passed by- or so it seemed. Turns out the month was SO big that I had to split it into Two parts. This is part 2! Make sure you check out part 1 if you haven’t yet!

We last left off when Jackson when eye f*cking me, the Twilight SUPERFAN (Oh, did I fail to mention the eye F*cking. It was ON bigtime. AND I was all for it cause he was hot. 5’8″ tall, but hot) Don’t worry if you feel like you’re in the 60s during these pictures. This was actually in 2010…

Before I left for LA, I got my first UPS delivery at my new apartment. It was a Box of Crap from Stephenie. Stephenie sent us home with a duffel bag full of crap from the interview, but this was a BOX of crap. And it was filled with amazingness: Twi-Shirts from Nordstrom, make-up, books, an Edward DUVET cover, lap top skins, iPhone covers, New Moon Scene-it. You name it, we got it (No, Rob wasn’t in there).


Finally! It was here! First thing on the agenda, a meeting of the “Espilce Accountability Partners”

I sat there for about 30 minutes before I had the balls to ask someone what in the hell that meant. I’ll wait until you figure it out: Got it!? Thank Obird & Janetrigs for that brilliance!

Then, it was time for CARNE ASADAS and our LTT House-Party! Yes we went deep into the lair & invited everyone from #LEGHITCH2010 plus anyone in the LA area to Moon’s house for a big Mexican-food themed party. It wouldn’t have happened with KrazyKidd and her KRAZY skills at getting us a deal on bags of meat at Mexican markets!! We featured a vodka concoction made by Mr. Choice that he somehow turned red & named, “Bella’s Blood,” 6 pitchers of Sangria brought by a girl who doesn’t even drink, an LTT cake brought by Brookelockart:

Custom cookies brought by @lonestarkendall

(Why, yes those are jorts, Ranier beer, a peacoat & a bed with gold brocade bedding)

THEN WE MET JORDAN THE UNICORN (who hugs better than anyone EVER- psst for you newbies- Jordan is our first Unicorn EVER)

We made EVERYONE wear Name tags

We rule

There was also a cake that said OLE- you know.. it was Mexican night! Plus we featured some LTT Trivia and gave away prizes (holla big bags/boxes of crap from Stephenie Meyer!) where Jordan the Unicorn got the question correct that we thought to be the hardest of the evening (The Date LTT started: 12/8/08!)

So very much more after the jump! Continue…

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Live Blogging the premiere with TheFabLife

Dear Twilight Eclipse Rob, whatever who cares,

We’re excited that throughout the day & evening we’ll be LIVE BLOGGING the exciting, crazy premiere events today with our friends at VH1’s TheFabLife (who are going to be ON the red carpet, FYI)

I (UC) met Kate from The Fab Life through my PERSONAL blog, fell in love with her over lunch one day in NYC and found we are basically the same person except she loves her some Robsten- which is normally a deal-breaker for me in relationships, but I’m letting this one slide 🙂 JK- she’s amazing, totally normal & super funny. AND SHE GETS TO INTERVIEW ROB TONIGHT. Lucky biatch.

Anyway, enjoy & participate in the craziness today & tonight as it all goes down! And once Moon is up and at ’em she will be giving us the goods FROM the premiere! Knowing her luck lately she’s TOTALLY gonna end up at the After-party DANCING with Big Daddy Lautner. You know it!

PLUS- we’re lucky to have two special guests tweeting along with us tonight: LilCrazyCow (Moon’s cousin who is with her in LA) And THE FONT from the LTT Podcast! You’ll know them by their tweets: The Font’s ends with ^tf and LilCrazyCow will be ^lcc.

Not in LA (like me- boo hoo) and want to watch a live stream? Open this LTT post in another window & watch and join the live blog convo! Once we’re live I might move posts around a bit, so just stay tuned.

So much Eclipse craziness! We actually DID post a regular LTT letter today too! Read it here!!!


UC & Moon

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Eclipse Premiere live streams

Dear people unlucky like me, not in LA,

We’ll be posting whatever Eclipse premiere live-streams we can here! Make sure you watch it here, then open up our Live Blog with VH1’s “TheFabLife” in another screen! Sounds like they all start at 8:30 pm ET in the US & 5:30 PT!!


UC & Moon


Twilight Official MySpace Profile


Summit Sites

Summit has some live streams at the following sites in case they go down here:

We posted like a million times today, wordpress doesn’t know what to do! Get back to today’s letter if you missed it!!!

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Watching the New Moon trailer – It's all in the reaction!

Dear Twi-hards-

I love you so because I am one of you… deep down in my screaming 14yr old heart of hearts. I shouldn’t have to convince you: the blogs, the live blogging the awards, the mini edwards pics for goodness sake, that should tell you all you need to know. The only place I have yet to venture into (besides crafting wearable twilight pants) in my fandom is the reaction video! And boy are there some amazing ones out there. Some awesomely funny, some totally 2nd hand embarrassing and some like looking in a mirror. Recently, these reaction videos have been getting some major play around the internet and one gal in particular. She is actually one of UC and my favorite vloggers… she is so wild and crazy we almost can’t believe she exists in real life. No one can be this whacky or this devoted and just downright entertaining, right?? A few nights ago I was writing my blog post and who should i see on tv? None of other than our favorite vlogger, the light of our lives, NuttyMadam herself! They showed her on Vh1’s Best Day Ever, so of course like a weirdo I sent UC a text at 2 in the morning her time yelling (cause you can do that over text) SHE’S ON TV!!! OUR GIRL IS ON TV!!!!

And actually the wild thing is her New Moon reaction video isn’t her best one, sure she cries and yells crap like THE BEACH! but it’s nothing like her other greatest hits like the Twilight trailer reaction video or better yet when she goes off on Breaking Dawn haters!

Watch her and other folks’s New Moon Reaction videos… adjust your speakers accordingly, let out any small animals and remove glass objects from the vicinity of the computer…

She’s “gonna fangirl SOOOO hard.” Uh… don’t break anything dear.

Also check out her reactions AFTER seeing Twilight, like directly outside the theater door, trust me!

Grab some popcorn and take the jump to watch some of our other favorite reaction videos from the New Moon trailer…

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