Kellan makes us ask the age old question…

Dear Kellan,

I was surfing the webs and noticed you went to the Victoria’s Secret 6th Annual (there was need for 5 others?) “What Is Sexy?” Celebration. Besides the obvious questions: this is a celebration? Why is there a question mark in a party name? Are only “sexy” people allowed or does Ed Helms get a free pass (cause he’s sexy to me)? So I got to thinking are you putting me up to the challenge? Are you asking me to prove to you I know what’s sexy?! WELL mission accepted pal!

What IS sexy…

Dude in a white tee and jeans on a classic car (nevermind the whittling)? Boom: Sexy.
Dude discussing life and ladies with his mom after what can only be a Chico’s shopping spree? Boom: Sexy.

Guy in a suit on what looks like his grandpa’s Buick after Sunday services? Boom: Sexy.

Poolboy doing a thorough job of cleaning and removing all debris from the pool, whilst the lady of the house watches from behind the kitchen shutters? Boom: Sexy.

Dude looking all dark and mysterious and foreboding and all come get me in this wool peacoat from Zara Men’s line that I picked up while you were in the dressing room and I was holding your purse cause I’m secure in my masculinity? Boom: Sexy.
Dude who says don’t worry babe I’ll get all the luggage and find our car while you go call your mom and tell her we landed safe and we can’t wait till she comes to visit for 3 months and stays with us? Boom: Sexy

Dude who’s not afraid to dress up for his girlfriends work costume party/neighborhood block party/children’s birthday/Church Harvest festival/Pride Parade in West Hollywood even thought he’ll be ogled/look alike contest/ex boyfriends halloween party? Boom: Sexy!
Dude who says don’t worry ma’m I got this and then stops traffic to help a 90 year old lady cross the street with her groceries and then personally escorts a group of orphans across the busy intersection before heading into his shift as a volunteer firefighter in the understaffed inner city? Boom: Sexy.

Dude who saves animals from burning homes, flood wrecked towns on the Mississippi and natural disaster savaged cities during his volunteer firefighter and National Guard shifts and then adopts them and loves them as his very own after doing exhaustive searches to find their owners? Boom: Sexy.

Ok… so I think I know what IS sexy… let me take a stab and what’s NOT sexy...

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Imma give you a Cullen smile this weekend!

Dear LTT-ers and Imma Contest Participants-

Yesterday we presented you with the winners of the Imma Contest and promised that all weekend we’d be bringing you the rest of the best from the entries we received. Since there were SO many good entries and since only two special folks could win AND since  we just happened to create fake categories that just happen to fit perfectly with some of the entries and since (this is a lot of since’s)  we don’t have real prizes for all these lovely ladies, we’ve created fake ones to celebrate your amazing-ness. Cause that’s what we do here.

So here we go…

Best entry sucking up to the judges

Team Seth you win one day in fake lesbianship with us. A threesome, if you will. Rob is gonna be jealous. So is Stephenie.

Best entry featuring a dead artist from Sun Records – It’s a TIE!!!

Alice and Bella from Not an Addikt – You win a tube of ointment for that burning ring of yours. Ouch.


@Chelseaheptig you win a lifetime’s supply of Dippity Doo hair gel and a peanut butter banana sandwich made by Edward Cullen himself

Follow the cut to see more Imma entries!

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