The end…


Dear Breaking Dawn-

I just finished you this morning. Here are my thoughts about the book in order of importance…

01. RENESMEE?!! REALLY? wtf kinda name is that?
02. Alice. Always bet on Alice
03. KILL the Volturi PLEASE! I beg of you… why not??

So yea, it’s bittersweet. I’ve been putting it off for days but now it’s finally here. On one hand I’m excited I know everything but on the other hand it’s over… And I can’t really say the ending was how i would have ended it or that it’s my favorite book in the series cause that honor will always belong to Eclipse. But here we are none the less… now I can talk freely with everyone about the series and get excited about the companion book (uh why is this not out in time for xmas? dumb) and the impending movies… speaking OF they’ve announced Catherine Hardwick’s replacement, Chris Weitz, and he’s already wrote the fans a nice little letter which Stephenie Meyer comments on on her site. Maybe we can get him to moonlight here on ‘Letters to…’ while he’s directing (HINT HINT, SUMMIT ENT, are you listening!!??)

So anyway now into Midnight Sun and back to Jackson Rathbone videos to make me laugh.


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