Unicorns and Edward sightings

Dear Edward and all Unicorn lovers:

Edward found in Nebraska

Jena from Nebraska had a nice visit from Edward recently: (clicky pics to read captions)

eddollandtwilight edandcat edgrammys1

I <3 that kitty SO much!

Unicorn Spotted in Australia

I was at my local club  standing with my boyfriend (a non-Twilight lover who shamed me by falling asleep in the movie) when lo’ and behold, across the room my eyes met with one of the most amazing-looking gents I have ever seen! He looked exactly like Jasper Cullen/Hale (Jackson Rathbone). I turned to my boyfriend a squealed “oh my god that guy looks like Jasper,” and I think he was shaking his head as I ran off. The conversation I had with the unicorn is as follows:

ME: “Have you seen Twilight?”
Hot Stranger (HS): “Yeah of course!”
ME: “Oh my god! You look like Jasper, you know Jasper?”
HS: “Yeah I know all of the Cullens. He’s Alices boyfriend right? The one who is new to vegetarianism (chuckles)”
ME: (giddy and slightly red in the face with excitement): Yep that’s him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…. I like your vest”
HS: Bows and walks out of my life forever….

Looking back there are so many more questions I could have asked like: Did you see it with a girl? Have you read the books? Are you gay? All of these came to me hours later when my mind wasn’t running around a thousand miles an hour..

-Australian Amanda

AA, did he really bow? Because that is awesome if he did…

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The Volvo

Dear Edward,

Was that you I saw on January 30 going to WalMart??  I mean, you could have called me and let me know; I wouldn’t have let you go by yourself.  We all know how that WalMart can get around 5 in the afternoon on any given day, much less on a Friday!  Plus, I wouldn’t have let you drive your car! It’s kind of hard to stay incognito when you have the first silver Volvo C30 in town! Geeze.


really01  really02

Edward also does Birthday Parties and Bat-mitzvah’s

Edward stopped by Stephenie’s 29th birthday bash. THANKS, Vickyb!


Listen, Edward. It’s cool that you’re sharing the love with all the girls. I get it- they ARE pretty great, but please let’s not forget your first loves- theMoonisDown and UnintendedChoice. Oh- and while you’re hanging out with the girls, can you remind them to enter our Twi-alentine’s Day contest? Thanks xo


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