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Kellan.Spiders.Over-priced tshirts.

af01Dear Kellan –

Why am I not surprised to find out you were an Abercrombie and Fitch model? I always thought you looked like one but to see these confirms just about everything I’ve ever thought about you.

You’re the boy of my innocent, Jesus loving, pom pom waving, 15 yr old fantasies. But then I found rock n roll and grew up and you are quite the opposite of most boys I would even look at now… but your personality will always get me. Just from my one quasi run-in with you I know you’re good peoples.

But what the crap is that fake spider on your arm?!

And I MUST ask what did your parents think about this? Great opportunity and all but don’t you remember the big backlash A&F got for their pseudo porn-o content? They even had to bag the mail catalogs because they were supposedly so “risque.” HA. Oh late ’90s you crack me up now. I bet this sent your youth group into a tizzy. And all the girls hyperventilating into their “Footprints” bible carriers.

Well guess this means I’ll be looking through my old A&F stuff when I go home next time. Maybe I’ll find some long lost gems of you!

Me and my 15 yr old self

PS I still wanna be your accountability partner… how’s about it?

MORE MORE MORE Kellan Abercrombie goodness after the cut

at least she doesnt have an '80s perm. AHEM.

at least she doesnt have an '80s perm. AHEM.

yes, please. nice macbook on the table btw

study partners... yea that's a better idea Kellan, you're right! let's be study partners!

might be my favorite pic of Kellan (minus the dumb spider)

might be my favorite pic of Kellan (minus the dumb spider)

Note: clicky the pics to enlarge if you need a Kellan “moment”
Source: Abercrombie Modelnize

  • Ok, I’m gonna have to go to my mom’s house now. My brother used to work at A&F and he would bring home those life size poster boards with the models on them. My mom uses the backs as a backdrop for painting stuff for b-days. I wonder if the Thomas the Train pic has Kellan on the other side? Hum?

  • JBell

    They don’t even look like spiders; they look like photoshopped roaches at first glance. I’m sure he’s sooo proud of these now. Psych! [lame attempt at channeling my ’90s-self lol] …and why is it on his FACE?? Seriously. …and who would be laughing hysterically about that!?

    Kristen should have been part of the A&F ‘Sky. Nature. GRASS.’ campaign. She must have been too busy being a serious actress and didn’t have time for petty A&F ads…

  • FutureMrsPattinson

    I can see the photographers now……………”Like You know what this pic (see pics 1 & 2) is like missing…like a bug. DUH!” Added the likes cause like I remember using it a lot. (thanks “My So Called Life”) I actually think its a beetle, but that is beside the point. Its just really strange and would have definitely sent the girls a runnin’….away that is.

  • Jena

    I wish Rob had kissy ads like that! HOT!

  • They couldn’t pay me enough to put a freakin’ beetle on my face.

    I LOLed at the “footprint” bible case. I was just talking to my brother last night, about how ridiculous it is that everyone shares that story with people, like it is the FIRST time they have ever heard.

  • I wish Rob’s modeling pics were as nice as these. At least Kellen is past puberty in his old modeling days.

  • Kellan is what you would call a “bro.”

    I spent an entire afternoon once explaining this to my husband because he couldn’t understand what I meant.

    {You know, the “surfer” guy who LOVES to play all types of sports, wears abercrombie, tried to cheat off you in spanish class, drove a rockin truck, wears tshirts just a smide too tight so you can see his rippling abs and weightlifts whenever possible.}

    Once I explained who Kellan Lutz was and used him as an example, he completely understood what I meant.

    Thank you Kellan for bringing life to the word “bro.”

    • @maliamo i call them “dudes” and yes… I agree.. Kellan IS a Bro/Dude.. he is their mascot!

  • themoonisdown

    @jbell – grass! Kristen, HA!

    @maliamo – YES i use this term too. Kellan is MOST DEFINITELY a BRO! love that part about a rockin’ truck. so true.

    @lauren – im so glad someone else laughed at the footprints thing, cause it’s true!

  • Rhonika

    Kellan was at recent fashion show. He looks tasty πŸ™‚


    Can’t say the same for his girlfriend. Her slightly disgusted look reminds me of Kristen.


  • Whoa! With kissy pics like that I can see why they thought it was teen porn. Still…nice pic though.

  • JBell

    Baby boy Rob needs to get some tips from Kellan on appropriate footwear. I don’t know if it’s possible, but better shoes would make that boy even sexier.

  • brummielover

    So since in the story (twilight) I believe some of you have heard of it πŸ˜‰ Emmet has dark curly hair, and he didn’t have time to let it grow out for the first film..perhaps he should leave it grow out for the second. I dunno just a thought..he is def a fav of mine for his humour (proper english spelling) haha…the water bug/spiderish thing gotsta go though…

  • @Moon–this is close. But not quite youth groupish enough.

    Still waiting.
    Still singing “Friends” while I wait.
    Keep me waiting and I’ll cross over to Geoff Moore & the Distance.

    Taking it waaaaaaay back. Yeah.

  • Princessa

    wow. hot.

  • themoonisdown

    @brummie- ohhh this is a great idea. curly hair boys are my kyrptonite

    @leigh anne – you know i can NEVER live up to whatever you’ve concocted in your mind about this post now. it’s folklore at this point πŸ˜€

    but what about the footprints bible carrier part!?! that was genius if i do say so myself.

    OMG geoff moore and the distance! they totally played our youth conference!

  • Oh I think I love him even more now. Maybe I can ask Mr. Ginger to photoshop out that stupid bug. Why would he be laughing with a bug on his forehead?!

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