Fake Lesbians Gone WILD!! Nikki Reed is not doing Robert Pattinson!

Dear Nikki-

Stop trying to distract us with all these BS rumors about you and Rob doing the dirty up in Vancouver… we know the truth about your fake lesbian ways and there’s PROOF!! See this video…

SEE! SEE!! We know the truth, Nikki! Seriously, do you not care about your fake life partner Kristen Stewart? After she pries herself away from filming with buff Taylor and kissing Rob or walking around town with her fake boyfriend Oregano, what will she think when she reads these LIES? Or maybe this is all part of your secret ploy to make Kristen jealous and leave Oregano for you? I see your dastardly plan now. Naughty girl!

I’ve got my eye on you!

Wanna be our fake lesbian life partner?! Vote for us in the Dazzle Awards and we just have to french you! YES WE CAN!

  • JBell

    Yes! Avert your eyes Peter, look awayyyy from the nonsense!
    NReed & KStew give new meaning to BFFL – best friends/fake lesbians.

    Dazzle site is down – again. I really do think we broke it yesterday lol 😉

    • themoonisdown

      i think so too! dazzle didnt know what hit em!

  • We are already lesbian life partners, but I still voted for y’all anyway. And Lauren. ‘Cause that’s how I roll.


    • I would vote for you if you had a twi-blog. But you don’t. So I created a LOST “dazzle” award in my head…and voted for you.

      Because “that’s how I roll”.

  • I <3 lesbian jokes about kristen & nikki.. they will NEVER get old.

    member when i compared them to Tatu? that was a brilliant moment for me. Also 2nd hand embarrassing b/c I remembered who “tatu” was….

    • Melissa

      haaaa..they played tatu at the bar the other night..random.

  • Seriously…why keep denying it?! I bet KStew broke it off though. She tried to dress Nikki up as Rob, and it just didn’t work.

    I have voted soooo much, I think I broke something.

  • What?!? They aren’t lesbians. I kiss my friends like that all the time…

    Oh, wait, no I don’t. Ladies, why don’t you go get yourselves a room.

  • Amber

    Okay, i know this is kind of the wrong site for this, but i feel it is appropriate:

    Dear Rob,

    If you were going to hook up with one cast member, WHY on earth did you (allegedly) pick Nikki Reed??? I mean, really, have you not seen Ashley Greene?

    Disappointed in you,

    • Umm…seriously! I wonder this all the time!

    • I think Jackson would put up a fight.

      • themoonisdown

        LOVE it!! hahaha

        ps RIGHT!! ashley greene is the far superior cast member. come on rob!

      • LaPush Baby

        And I’m pretty sure Jacksper could take him. In a fight, that is.

        • most definitely! that could be interesting!

      • Hamnoo

        haha yes.
        But honestly, I think Nikki Reed still is quite a catch. (Nikki Reed and Kristen Stewart supporter here *.*)
        She obviously is smart, beautiful, confident … (same goes for Kristen, but I’m not gonna start a discussion :P)
        I still love to read your fake lesbo stuff. It’s brilliant !

    • “If you were going to hook up with one cast member, WHY on earth did you (allegedly) pick Nikki Reed??? I mean, really, have you not seen Ashley Greene?”

      QFHE (Quoted For Huge Emphasis)

      • i LOVE your LOVE for ash! makes you even more the best unicorn ever!

  • miSHa

    ooo come on guys! they`re not lesbians ! May be good friends… I kiss my friends like that when i see them… and it`s nothing strange…

  • Kstew will be devastated when she reads on ROBsessed that Nikki is preggo. We all know she won’t get that it is a joke. I mean, c’mon now…we are talking about Kstew.

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    • themoonisdown

      i love how this post got picked up by all the porn-o aggregators! boy are they going to be disappointed when they see 2 lame girls pecking each other.

      • Amber

        LMAO!! Maybe if all the porn-o sites are picking up your blog my hubby will end up reading it…

  • twilighted

    ummm Yea so perhaps they are fake lesbians..but RPatz and Nikki are shagging…I am just sayin lol

    • twilighted

      oh sorry I am aka Brummielover..changed up my name and all that…LONG STORY hahaha

    • oh yes.. they are shaggin.. fo 100% so!

      • twilighted

        wOW just think what it must be like to be KStew..you know she wan’ts her piece of RobPie but she can’t so she is having to settle for her BFF giving her all the details…lol that must SUCK! hahahahha

  • malia

    I don’t get the whole we’re best girl friends and we make out thing

    does someone want to explain it to me??

  • i cant understand is nikki a lesbian or kristen if they say kristen ill kill the news spreader

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