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Dear Edward & Bella,

Due to things like writing Letters to Robert Pattinson, hanging out in The Forum, Twittering our every thought on Twi & Rob and Live Blogging the MTV Movie Awards, we tend to lose perspective on what this is really all about.

It’s about you guys- about your love that shouldn’t have happened, but did anyway. Never mind that you’re just a fantasy from the mind of a creative writer, we fell in love with YOUR love. No matter when we discovered you- years before when there was only one story or more recently after you became a world-wide sensation, you’re why we’re here.

Sing your melody, I’ll sing along….

PS: Are you ready for TONIGHT? And the amazingness of the Live-Blogging event? You don’t want to miss this! MTV is airing the first trailer of New Moon! PLUS we get to see Rob! (Oh and Kristen & Taylor, but whatever..) Show starts at 9pm Eastern TIME*- we’ll be starting a bit before- gotta get some commentary going about Rob on the red carpet!

Check back SOON for the link to the live event!

*We’re also running a live blog at 9pm PT when it re-airs for the west. Not sure when the awards will air outside of the US, but we will be liveblogging at 1am GMT on 6/1 (and then again at 4am GMT) if you want to follow along and read about all the awesome stuff you can’t see yet on TV. We’ll be uploading clips & pictures as we get them!

  • Mmmmm.
    I’m re-reading the series (almost through Eclipse) and reading it again you realise how much you love them together and why.

    *Sigh* so adorable.
    Totally looking forward to the live-blogging.
    Except I will likely be asleep.
    Living in Australia we don’t get the coverage for about 20 hours, so just after you guys πŸ™‚

  • brummielover

    Yes, it is why we are here πŸ™‚ that and I get to learn about “ring dings” and other “ahem” interesting things πŸ™‚

    • Rubytuesday

      I still haven’t found out about the ‘ring dings’ ?
      But thanks to FF I’ve learnt a lot of “‘ahem’ interesting things” and that’s at my age {I’m a cougar, sounds so much better than middle aged, mature or a lot older than Rob}.
      Sooo looking forward to tonight <3 you all

    • maygirl

      Oh yes. The *ahem* things. I learned a lot. A lot.


  • maygirl

    I agree, Edward and Bella all of this is about. Without both of you, I couldn’t imagine my life. You have became a part of it.

    Thank you for appearing in Stephenie’s Dream. *Well I think Edward did appeared in my daydream when I was 14 [now I’m 22 BTW] but I was so scared and curious at the same time that I blocked those day dreams away. And now I see you almost everyday. This story may or may be true. Still I am very confused. Most likely universal consiousness.*

  • summergirl

    Great vid!

    The awards air in England on Monday night at 9pm, so not live. Obv!

    And there are lots of repeats in teh dayus that follow πŸ™‚

    And I don’t know what ring dings are, but neither did I pray around a pole in school AND I spell behaviour WITH a u.

    It all part of the cultural melting pot of LOVING Robward and “Twilight”.

    SummerGirl xox

  • Maria Crisrina

    Dear UC,
    What a GREAT post, very sweet and truthful.
    You girl just have to know that your site, your point of view makes our passion and fun be what it is.
    I’m a fan. Thanks for the time that you spend make me happy.
    Brazilian Fan_Mother_of_One_With_a_DOC_on_The_Way.

  • galactica1

    totally agree with unintendedchoice. Love thriving against all odds. Everyone loves a fictional story such as this.

  • Darcey K

    LOVE that video. Thanks for posting it!

  • brittany

    i love this video πŸ™‚ i found it when it first came out, i love ragdollish πŸ™‚

  • Bobina

    I totally just sighed (a couple times) while watching this. Thanks for the post! Can’t wait for tonight!

  • Sianna

    I visit both sites with my phone, so i can never watch the videos you two post until like a week or two later when i can use and actual computer… Oh well. Cant wait for the live blogging! πŸ™‚ I have direct tv so I can watch both airings within a half hour of each other!

  • twicrazy

    I’m as ready as I can be! Getting myself stimulated by watching Twilight for the 20th time, listening to the soundtrack and checking all the comments here. It airs at 4:30 here in AK. Few more hours, few more hours!!!!

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  • That was a great video. Maybe the movie would have been better if that song were in it.

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