Amanduh is back and her sex is on fire (among other things)!

Dear LTT-ers,

A few months ago UC and I mourned the lose of AmanDUH’s YouTube channel after she deleted all her videos and we thought she was forever gone from our lives. I mean what were we going to do now without her beautiful musical stylings, without her reenactments of Twilight, without her choreography, withouth slightly special faked Edward? Die, that’s what. A world without Amanduh is not one I want to live in!
I always thought Ashley Greene’s portrayal of Alice was missing something and I think Amanduh NAILED it!


Covering one of the best songs of 2008 AND 2009…

(I’m pretty sure even listening to this is blasphemous)

Seriously, ALL music videos should be made by Amanaduh and ALL songs should be sung by her… come to think of it all MOVIES she be made by her too. It’s Saturday so you might as well go over to her YouTube profile and enjoy the rest of her musical stylings and show her some love.

YEAAAAAAAA her sex is on fiiirrrreeee!

One Year later and our internet game is still ridiculous: The Forum, LTR, Twitter

  • Jess

    2nd-hand embarrassment, anyone?
    I couldn’t even watch past the first 10 seconds of the Sex on Fire video. It would have ruined the song for me.

    • FullyAlive

      I still can’t listen to decode after her rendition. Damn.

    • I am.
      I’m not going to watch this.

      Gawd … some things are so not funny.

    • obava

      AmanDUH goes beyong 2nd hand embarrassing- we need a new term to capture the shame, remorse, and soul-scorching she brings down upon us.

      • Xylem (one ‘o eight over here))

        My thoughts exactly!!! Was thinking 3rd hand, but quite frankly the stench of this shames is much more exponential than that.

        • TeamSeth

          I think we just call it what it truly is, DUH-mazing!

          • beakerj

            Or DUH-sturbing…

          • Xylem (one ‘o eight over here))


      • Krystle

        Does anyone know how old she is?? And is anyone filming the videos for her b/c why aren’t they laughing during it? 😀

        • TeamSeth

          She is married w/ kids. So, I think her husband does the filming. She has a website…but I don’t know the link. It was on the farewell to amanDUH blog post back in Sept(?)

          • Krystle

            She looks sooo young in the Sex on Fire video. Like 15….to which I would say this is somewhat excusable behavior. But not from a married mother. Who is watching the kids during this?? lol

    • Krystle

      My thoughts exactly! I stopped it before it killed Sex on Fire for me. This is the only visual I want to see when that song comes on….


      • TeamSeth


      • obava

        Thanks- that’s my first time hearing “Sex on Fire”- I’m glad I didn’t pop that cherry with AmanDUH and saved it for Robward 😉

    • robzanne

      i think Amanduh is on to us and given us all the big thumbs down !!

      • obava

        Ha ha ha! You are SO right, robzanne!

  • FullyAlive

    Wow….I am speechless. I should have waited until I had a cup of coffee so I could fully enjoy this!

    Welcome back, Amanduh!

  • robzanne

    oh my lordy – that’s not to say i’m not heading right over to you tube for some major 2nd hand embarrasment

  • BiteThatLipRob

    @robzanne: you stole the words outta my mouth!

  • Vi

    Amanduh totally pulled a fast one on us! I give her credit for being sneaky and anouncing her departure from youtube, then doing these vids on the sly.

    • TeamSeth

      She truly is a rebel girl. Maybe she will cover that Bikini Kill song… fingers crossed!!!!!!!!!!

      “That girl thinks she’s the queen of the neighborhood. Well, I’ve got news for you–SHE IS!”

  • JellybeanRainbow

    just when I wanted to show you this. It’s not as good as AmanDuh, but the “art” in this video is really “great”.

  • Jamie

    Boo, her Youtube page doesn’t have a mobile version 🙁
    Guess I’m going to miss the secon-hand embarressment 🙁

    – Jamie

  • WTF?

    I shall never click on an Amanduh video again. I would much rather watch the Tuck flash across the screen in tune to Gaga’s Paparazzi than this.

    • AJ

      uumm..i would totes watch the tuck to paparazzi on purpose….I think that would be hilarious!

    • tuesdaymidnight

      Haha! Ditto!

      • TeamSeth

        I’d watch the tuck, if and only if this image was cut to at least 20 times throughout the duration of pappa-papparazi. (I finally heard that song for the first time… 4 weeks ago I think)

    • TeamSeth

      I so much love you, fangster. I’m at B&N and just laughed so loud the whole cafe looked at me. Then I read AJ’s comment, and oops, I did it again.

  • absolutelyvlc


    If you could see my face right now you would clearly be able to tell how utterly dumbfounded I am.
    Is this how everyone feels when their AmanDUH cherry is popped? I want to take it back. TeamSeth get me some egg membrane STAT!!

    • tuesdaymidnight

      Yeah… you kind of feel like no matter how many showers you take, you’ll never be rid of that distinctive AmanDUH feeling…

      • absolutelyvlc

        it’s like a bad stink. I feel so violated.

      • mountainlion

        I need to bleach my brain after that. Thanks, SB.

        • southernbelle

          Oh wow, I’m being quoted? LOL.

      • TeamSeth

        For me, it was the repeat zoom in on the breastssketching that did it.

    • TeamSeth

      I imagine this is how you feel right now. And frankly, I don’t blame you.

      Well, you asked for it..

  • absolutelyvlc

    PS – I just got the “portrayal of Alice” reference. Clever Moon. Very clever.

  • teambiceps

    wow, just wow. i have heard reference to this amanduh chick before but you just popped my cherry this morning. and it hurt and it was embarassing and i think i shall slink away before i am mentally damaged for life. wow.

  • AJ

    Score! Amanduh is back! I shared this vid with my husband.

    Him: But she’s kidding, right?
    Me: She’s serious
    Him: Yeah…but she’s not seriously serious
    Me: She’s f*&^ing serious
    Him:….nah…she’s got to be joking

  • obava

    Gah! My eyes are watering, too! No, wait, it’s BLOOD! Moon, how could you do this to us?!?

  • AJ


    I just skimmed through her youtube page and read that she is currently writing a “teenage vampire story” entitled “Bloody Lips” !!!

    So I hope that Moon and UC are prepared to begin the new blog “Letters to Bloody Lips” in a few years!


    • mountainlion

      Thanks for doing further research on Amanduh’s future projects, AJ.

    • TeamSeth

      Bloody Lips? At the risk of upholding my reputation of being a little too disgusting, I wonder if this literary endeavour will finally answer the debated questions over Edward giving Bella oral sex.

      • obava

        Eww!! And Hahahahaha!!!!!

  • I was pleased to learn that neither AmanDUH nor her “special” friends own a car.

    I don’t sit and watch through the whole thing, but I do admit forwarding to make sure I don’t miss any vital piece of her thoughtful choreography. I blame disaster tourism.

  • BTW:

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    Whahahaha.Wordpress is a genius.

  • tuesdaymidnight

    Forget 2nd-hand embarrassment. I’m 2nd-hand mortified.

  • ldazzled18

    I’m pretty sure AmanDUH is Napoleon Dynamite’s long lost twin sister.

    • TeamSeth


  • beakerj

    Pass me a stick. I need to gouge my own eyes out…

  • Xylem (one ‘o eight over here))

    I am just holding out hope that drugs are involved. Because otherwise I’m going to have to recategorize my whole sanity to insanity spectrum. (yes, I have one of those)

  • i got through 22 of sex on fire…i think Amanduh is slightly special too

    • haha! Amanduh gave us all thumbs down!

  • oops 22 “seconds” (i have a new keyboard = i can’t type for crap)

  • Mrs Finneyfrock

    Having…problems….too many comments……cannot compute….. YouTube page is so ripe full of possibility but I think I enjoyed her “books” pages on Amazon even more.

    This woman/healer is a published author of, you guessed it, a vampire story. I guess this means I can take my work of art – “Bloodlust at Hogwarts” – A tale of an outsider vampire and his growing passion for a bespectacled student of the dark arts- to AuthorHouse publishers. Apparently, they publish things that have the stank of self-importance and dog doo about them. I have to make sure to get my picture on the cover, duh. Maybe I should comment on how full of “imagionation” (sic) my book is on my Amazon page using my own name, that’ll draw the customers right in.

    Oh Amanduh, you are such an inspiration to all those people who thought they were too chunky, too buck-toothed, too off-key and too out of touch to achieve anything. They are still “too” all of those things to really achieve anything, but you still inspire. Much love.

  • amenityandgrace




  • bobbygee

    This is kinda nuts.

  • Freya

    Oh, yay! I’ve missed AmanDUH. I can’t watch now, but now I have something to look forward to!

  • TeamSeth


    I didn’t even know they sold those shirts w/ the slits in the back anymore! Today just keeps getting better and better.

    Okay, really I had no idea that Sex is on Fire was sung by Kings of Leon. Honestly. All this time I’ve been dancing to it at Independent Bar with no idea of it being KOL. It’s embarrassing how out of touch I am. Ah well.

    AmanDUH makes me feel enabled to go to karaoke. IWL, you need to hurry the hell up and get here! VanCity here we come, baby. I’ll start researching karaoke joints there now…

  • C_Rob

    My stomach actually hurts after watching this. I could barely get through 10 seconds of Sex on Fire. Ugh

  • AKA

    Tick tock….tick tock. That was my first Ride with Amanduh, and OH EM GEE.

  • The Old One

    I think I started reading LTT the very day Amanduh pulled her videos off YouTube. There was a link here, but then you got a message that the video was removed by the author. I was sooo disappointed, I could tell from the stills that I had truly just missed out on a monumental, very special, talent. So glad to see that the talent just can’t be suppressed and it’s burst its bounds again for all to experience and enjoy! Can I hear an AMEN!

  • Every single comment has one down thumb.

    I’m fairly certain that Amanduh has been lurking…

    • operarose

      Yup, noticed it too… I’m pretty sure LTT has had a special visitor today!

  • absolutelyvlc

    I just gave you a thumbsdown fanggy…cuz you didn’t have one.

    • tuesdaymidnight

      Do you think Amanduh went through and gave us all thumbs down or was it one of her legions of fans?

      • TeamSeth

        You make a very valid point. Whomever it was came before 7pm though.

  • whyamidoingthis


    She can’t be serious, right? Like in an “I’m sexy and talented” sort of way? Isn’t this just a joke?

    Please, please, please tell me that this isn’t for real.

    Am I gonna get a thumbs down from her now?

    • whyamidoingthis

      Hey, thanks for the thumbs down, AmanDUH!

  • Cant watch…ears too sensitive….also its sunday here and listening to it constitutes as ear rape and thats a deadly sin. I’m already destined for hell with the Tay-lust and the Kellan pic in my hymnal…Life is far too short to ruin my life with oooogly and tone-deaf.

    p.s. Amanduh…i admire ur guts…I could never post a vid of me on Youtube, especially singing KOL…ure just 11 different herbs and spices of weird…

    Morning everybody!
    The cookie has possibly caught up on her sleep debt.

    • TeamSeth

      Wait, you have a photo of Kellan in your hymnal, too?

      • LOL…I got one yesterday…cause I’m going back to church..after all my lustful thoughts…when Feb hits, Tay’s gonna join him…On the “Amazing Grace” page…LOL

    • absolutelyvlc

      Yup, I agree with you there IWL, Amanduh I admire your guts too. Cuz I’d never have the guts to post a vid to youtube of me doing that stuff!!! So good on ya!

  • southernbelle

    I can’t watch, too embarrassing!

  • Freya

    I seriously think AmanDUH came through with her sad thumbs and instead of leaving a well-thought-out treatise on why her videos are a comment on the power of home-generated media, the re-writing of myth and legend, and the recapturing of their sexuality by housewives and mothers, she just decided to pout and click. Oh, Amanduhhhhhhh.

  • Freya

    Also, I am surprised that Moon didn’t choose to use this video:

    Entitled “New Moon: Sudden Silence”, it has both epic hair flippage and very tight white pants.

    A moment of silence for Sudden Silence.

    • Luludee

      Ahh, what is she doing, writhing around on the rug?!?

      • The Old One

        She is showing us her Martha Graham dance training, an interpretation through movement of her silent pain. Duh!

    • TeamSeth

      Um, please check out minute 1:36 when the pet dog enters briefly in the lower right hand corner.

  • Most of us have thumbs down. So funny …

  • Luludee

    We should cut this poor woman some slack.
    Maybe she’s being held hostage and forced to humiliate herself by making these videos. I’m positive that the jerky “clock” movements were really a coded cry for help in the Semaphore Signal Alphabet.

  • youngonee(:

    Oh my Lord.
    I had to stop when she began to sing
    “I could just taste it”
    She bit her thumb! Sex on Fire has been ruined for me now.
    x x

    • Elisabeth

      I’m so glad someone else watched it to that far. I almost died when I saw that. She bit her thumb and was all licking it.

      And I threw up in my mouth a little bit!

      I’m also betting she’s never driven an actual car considering how she “drives” with her fake steering wheel. Watch out if she gets a license, driving like that she’ll be taking people out left and right!

      Oh Amanduh!

  • Luludee

    I made it a whole minute into Your Sex is On Fire. Did I break any records?

    • TeamSeth

      Oh, I made it through the whole thing. In Barnes&Noble too. During the afternoon rush in Christmas time shopping. I mean, that’s hardcore. But, 1 minute is really really impressive.

      • Luludee

        You are one brave woman. How did you not become first hand embarrassed from drawing attention to yourself by being second-hand embarrassed by/for AmanDUH?

  • undercoverlover

    I couldn’t watch Sex On Fire….more than 2nd-hand embarrasing!! Also, didn’t want to ruin that song for me. I prefer Krystle’s version. Thank you very much.

    • Krystle

      🙂 That’s my go-to video when I need some Rob love.

  • Rob’s Bitch

    Wow. She truly is the definition of “bat shit crazy”.

  • southernbelle

    Holy cow, I watched a little bit of the Sex on Fire one and I had to stop…I don’t want it to be ruined for me! That song holds too much meaning!

  • solid_slender
  • Sammy

    Is she serious??

  • Aurélia

    She is one of a kind…

    We should do fan reaction videos to her magnificent covers !
    To see who is the most… how to put it…. mesmerized !

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