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Lets try this again: Our Twilight New Year’s Resolutions 2010

Dear whoever

Last year in our infancy we decided to make some New Year’s Resolutions for LTT and LTR and ourselves and since we love accountability almost as much as Kellan does we audited out Resolutions in July and today we’re going to evaluate how we did and then make our 2010 Resolutions!

First up how much did we fail on our 2009 Resolutions


1. Make a pilgrimage to Forks, WA and maybe drag along some pals to terrorize this lovely town
Verdict: FAIL – we never made it to the Olympic Peninsula and we were never named honorary members of the Quiliuete tribe.
UC/Moon: 0          People who want us to fail: 1

2. Bring you coverage and live ‘Letters’ from the red carpet premiere of New Moon
Verdict: Sorta not fail… I mean we were at the premiere and we did see the cast and we could SEE the red carpet but weren’t officially ON it. NEXT YEAR!!
UC/Moon: .5          People who want us to fail: 1.5

3. Torture your eyes and ears with as many 100 Monkeys videos as we can find/take/make
Verdict: WIN. We ruled at these sorta related to, sorta not related to musical events. Not only did we see these bands and report back with our own story times we even saw ROB at a couple of these shows.
UC/Moon: 1.5          People who want us to fail: 1.5

Fail and fail!

4. Convince Stephenie Meyers to finish Midnight Sun in a timely fashion (like by Feb. 1st or something)
Verdict: This is a HALF fail because obviously she didn’t publish it in 2009 BUT we did find out she reads LTT AND she mentioned Midnight Sun on her Oprah Interview because her Mom loves the Edward POV. So If we combine our powers (like Captain Planet) with Stephenie’s Moms maybe… just MAYBE someday (in like 20 years) we will be able to read ALL of Midnight Sun.
UC/Moon: 2          People who want us to fail: 2

See the rest of our report card and read out 2010 resolutions!

5. Make Kristen Stewart aka Sour Puss smile at least 3-4 times by our hilarious commentaries.
Verdict: WIN! I’m pretty sure Kristen Stewart has smiled more since we made this resolution than in all previous years combined. This might be because of Taylor’s abs or working with people like Mike Welch but we’re gonna take the credit.
UC/Moon: 3          People who want us to fail: 2

Let’s toast to a rad 2010!

6. Bring you even more shirtless pictures of Kellan while making inappropriate comparisons between him and that hot guy from your youth group who was nice to everyone.
Verdict: DONE AND DONE. Like 8 billions times. We so ruled this resolution!
UC/Moon: 4          People who want us to fail: 2

7. Start to v-log occasionally
Verdict: WIN! We created videos, we dramatically read Entertainment Weekly and well there’s plenty more coming up where that came from
UC/Moon: 5          People who want us to fail: 2

8. Actually start featuring more Twilight girls on this site!
Verdict: WIN! We declared ourselves BFF with Ashley, we occasionally like KStew and we found our new girlcrush: Anna Kendrick

FINAL 2009 New Years Resolution Tally:
UC/Moon: 6          People who want us to fail: 2

So as you can see opposed to our self imposed exile from Diet Coke (FAIL!) we did pretty darn great on making good on these New Years Resolutions from 2009. So since we’re feeling lucky here’s our 2010 resolutions…

2010 Letters to Twilight Resolutions

June 30, 2010 we know where we’ll be!

  • Actually get ON the red carpet at the Eclipse premiere and not be standing across the street trying to figure out if that’s Rob’s hair or Mike Welch on stilts that the girls are screaming for


  • Get a picture with Kaleb Nation to commemorate meeting him instead of running into him accidentally while looking for a bathroom and then totally forgetting to get a picture since we were too busy thinking about not peeing our pants


Rated XXX for triple Xtra HOT!

  • Watch Ashley Greene’s sex tape when she inevitably makes one and live blog it… blow by blow… um, that’s what she said?
  • Meet Stephenie Meyer and not have her call the police on us


  • Take it up a notch with our video skills & perhaps write a theme song for them
  • Only see New Moon and Eclipse in the theater in numbers below the teens – This goes for Eclipse as well… When the popcorn guy knows you by name it’s time to seek help and a shock collar
  • Host a peace summit in Copenhagen between big name players in the Robsten vs Nonsten world and decide if we can all finally get along. Maybe if we come to an agreement we can sing we are the Rob together
  • We promise to continue to be controversial. We started writing thus blog because we couldn’t’ believe the lameness of the fandom. We still can’t. So we’ll continue to call it as we see it by KIR, you know: Keeping it Real
  • Meet Big Daddy Lautner. Tell him we love him more than the entire cast combined and would love to have a conversation over a Filet O Fish. Try not to act surprised when he has NO idea who we are

Where we will continue to torment Twilight and YOUR lives

  • Roll out our new blog design. Yes, yes we are finally getting rid of the old look and moving over to join the forum on our very own server space


5, 4, 3, 2, 1!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

So which one of these do you think we’re fail on miserably? WHich one is a slam dunk? Are there any resolutions we should add?

Our internet game is still ridiculous: The Forum, LTR, Twitter

  • Merest new wa ladis mawahaeahs mwah you’re y’all Yao awesome
    mwah where’s to anore ye of rob and feeegif anwesomwa!!!!! Mwah!!! Xoxoxo

    • ambushed by twilight

      woah… did you do that on an iPhone? b/c that took some decoding time… english? you musta really wanted to be 1st commenter! but yeah, HERE’S TO ANOTHER YEAR OF ROB AND FEELING AWESOME!!!

      • Ueol iPhone all yhe way!! I love rib and yeilght with they is fucki g awesobf!! Mwah lovaies!!!

      • absolutelyvlc

        I think maybe Jayde’s started in on the happy sauce a little early this new years eve day.

        • egregiousgirl

          it’s not that early in oz, though; is it?

          • Midnight_Cyn

            And I thought I was messed up!!!???
            Happy New Years Eve all… 🙂

          • TeamSeth

            No I think she’s right on time. Well, at least we know the world didn’t end this go round.

  • ambushed by twilight

    Okay LTT Divia! LOVE the list!!! regarding the proposed “fail” on ’09 res, well you did not crash and burn so that’s good. in fact it’s great! i think ya’ll did fab! and i look forward to seeing all the 2010 hopes fulfilled… i’ll be here! so you be there or be square!

    MUAH! 😀

  • teambiceps

    good goals- except for that global summit- who cares about that.

  • JenE

    I kinda don’t want a peace between Robsten/Nonsten. It’s too fun to switch sides every day.

  • NotWutheringHeights

    Happy New Year ladies (and gent).

    Even though we leave the noughties behind, we can always count on you gals for some real naughties. Love your work.

    Peace in 2010.

  • Sorry for cerubky tweeets ja uzpg stuff. Mwah. Zlove yon all do wedding awesome mwahh mwahh wmwahh!!! ,8:8:xixox

  • bobbygee

    100 monkeys stared Bruce Willis and Brad Pitt. This was a cool movie. My wife like it too. Bruce and Rob do a movie together. This would be cool. Throw in Kristen as well. They could Butch Cassidey and Sundance. Sorta a remake of Redford and Newman flick you gotta love it. http://bobbygee.wordpress.com/

    • GriffsSayWhat

      oh bobby…..

    • ambushed by twilight

      i believe you refer to 12 Monkeys, w/ Brad… but Bruce Willis is awesome… loved him ever since he played David Addison in Moonlighting (love “Whole 9 Yards”)… Bruce and Rob… what a combo! Hmm… (i’m getting distracted…) Seeing Him & Kristen do a remake of Butch Cassidey and the Sundance Kid, well that’d be really, umm, weird to me. It was a good movie, very well made, but i’m just not a huge fan of the movies where the stars go out in a hail of bullets (except for “Ned Kelly” w/ Heath Ledger, fab movie)… it’s normally a downer… but you have an interesting concept though!

  • It’s
    new years!!!! Happy o e behest!!! Mwah lie tad all!! Vern
    falling cool. Rob is guck t

  • kristen’s bestie

    Who are these people that want you to fail? Where are they?

    Can’t wait to see the new format! Exciting times! Thanks for a great entertaining 2009 and here’s to another in 2010!

    Oh – and can you add more Robporn to the 2010 Resolutions? (this goes for LTR) You know how I love my Robporn. There should be like a Daily/Weekly dose of Robporn. Just sayin!

  • gizmo

    I see the peace summit in Copenhagen as a no go. But I’m totally down with that. There has to be some equilibrium in the universe. You know, yin and yang kind of thing.

    Meeting Big Daddy is definitely a Slam Dunk, I think we can all agree on that.

    As for what I think you should add is writing a kiss ass letter to Stephenie’s mom, and I’m personally hoping for more Billy Burke appreciation.

    As for KIR, I’m counting on it. That’s why I love you. Happy New Twi-Year girls!

  • Plus really drunks owns now
    night. Lobev y’all

    • JodieO

      You’re drunk now?! You don’t say!

    • southernbelle

      Wow Jayde what have you been chugging over there? 🙂

      • Midnight_Cyn

        After reading Jayde’s comments today…my New Years resolution is to NEVER AGAIN worry about NOT making any sense when I post!! Such a relief!! 🙂

        • southernbelle

          Ang so I assume you didn’t get my email? How are you? What are you up to tonight?

          We’re having a huge partayyyy at my sister’s house and we’re gonna have karaoke! Woot~

          • southernbelle

            OOpps I typed Ang, sorry Midnight Cyn that was for you!

          • Midnight_Cyn

            @SouthernBelle…LOL…like I don’t get confused enough! Yes I did get your email and I wrote you right back!!!
            Sounds like your going to have a blast!!! Have one for me ok….gonna be a quiet night here..just me and the hubs..who ALWAYS falls asleep before the “ball drops”…so I will be a sad puppy tonight….
            Confession: My whole life I have always wanted to get dressed up and go to a real fancy place and welcome in the New Year…never happens….Hey maybe we should plan a LTT/LNM/LTR convention on New Years Eve and then we could welcome in the New Year all together..how cool would that be!!!
            Hope someone is up tonight (twss) so I have at least one person to wish Happy New Year too…..Gawd..I sound so pathetic…sorry 🙁

          • southernbelle

            Midnight Cyn – I will come back here for you tonight to wish you a happy new year! Don’t be sad.
            You know all my life it’s been nothing but parties, my parents found a reason to host parties for even little things! So I grew up like this and sometimes I’m tired of it. I compromised because we had no parties for Christmas(I said NO to all the invites) so I thought one little New year’s eve party ain’t gonna kill me. So weird how I was brought up but in reality I would rather sit at home and cuddle w. my husband while we watch the ball drop.
            I just found out there’s not a single thing I can eat at that party tonight. So I guess I need to go and make food so I can have something to eat there tonight. I’ll talk to you later my sweets :-).
            I actually emailed you back…never heard back, it’s ok, no harm done. Just checking.

  • Ang

    I should make a resolution that I won’t kill anyone if the leg hitch isn’t in Eclipse. Because I’ll want to, and it might not be worth going to jail over. I’m just sayin’.

    • gizmo

      Right. Good thinking. I should add that to my list, too.

    • Bleriana

      I made the same resolution… Even though that one is damned to fail in my case…

    • southernbelle

      Ang I’m picturing you getting rabid ;-). LOL. Sorry, we are much so passionate for the leg-hitch. I think we should form a leg-hitch band….or a leg-hitch recovery group.


      • Ang

        Yeah, the leg hitch has become as important to me as the month pages in New Moon was. Slade better bring it like CW did!

        • Midnight_Cyn

          Hey Ang..forget that resolution….WE WILL BOTH kill him if the leg hitch isn’t in there.. (yeah I know I still don’t really know about the “leg hitch” but for as many times as it is mentioned here it HAS to be IMPORTANT).so we’ll end up in jail together and then we can talk Rob/Edward 24/7 till we die! Whata way to go…..

          • Ang

            MidCyn – All you really need to know about the leg hitch is that it happens in bed with Edward. Oh, yeah, and Bella’s there too. 🙂 Robward 24/7. I can do that.

          • Midnight_Cyn

            @Ang… “All you really need to know about the leg hitch is that it happens in bed with Edward”….thanks..hit the floor again after reading that….never did get to read the rest…..

        • southernbelle

          Yes totally!

          How are you? How’s everything in your neck of the woods! I haven’t talked to you in forever. I might have to just take a roadtrip and come to TN.

          • Ang

            After being off work for Christmas (and becoming a nomad for the holiday weekend) I got totally behind at work! Playing catch up. I’d like to leave early today…which means I should actually do work. LTT or work? LTT or work? Decisions, decisions.

        • southernbelle

          There’s a possibility….there’s a possibility…

  • solitagirl

    i’m packing my bags now. let’s make that pilgrimage to Forks and try our damnest to be the loudest, craziest fans to ever visit. can a person be banned for a town?

    what say you, moon and uc??

    ps – let’s swing by kellan’s prayer group and lovenap him. he seems like he would so dig a road trip with the likes of us.

    • egregiousgirl

      haha lovenap. that’s cute. i can see him being down with that.

  • Bleriana

    Dear UC and Moon,

    since 2009 is coming to an end tonight and I am a bit sentimental and all I just want to thank you two for a wonderful year full of fun, finding new friends and for making my day every single day.
    Thanks for being the great girls you are and showing me that ‘That’s normal!’ and you are not crazy for being a Twilight fan.
    So I can’t wait for 2010 to come and bring us a lot more LTT!!

    Lots of love,

  • Ang

    Moon and UC – I think you should be willing to take one for the team…Let SM call the police on you IF she will agree to finish Midnight Sun.

    • Midnight_Cyn

      I will gladly take one for the team…..UC/Moon, here is the plan..drop me off at SM’s door… I will beg, plead and threaten if I have to until the cops come ….THEN UC/Moon, you can come out of bushes declaring that you are my caretakers and pull my medical card out of my pocket for proof, then before you two “drag me off”….you will have your chance to “apologize to SM” for the intrusion then quickly explain HOW VERY IMPORTANT it is to finish Midnight Sun and list all the reasons why..etc., Hale when she finds out who you REALLY are she’ll probably invite us in for drinks…then after a few sips one of you can excuse yourself and ask “where is the bathroom” find her computer and download Midnight Sun (cause we know its finished) and then we are outta there…..whatcha think???

      • Ang

        That’s a great plan! Let’s put OPERATION:MidCyn-MidSun into action!

      • JodieO

        Hey, Cyn! I got into my email last night to resend that holiday email I sent you and .. uhh.. there’s nothing there! So I guess I dreamt writing up the whole thing. Oops. =( Sorry! I will definitely write to you soon, though!

        I have also ALWAYS wanted to go to a fancy NYE party all dressed up in sparkley clothes and jewelry and have a good time. Next year lets crash one together!

        • Ang

          You said “sparkley.” teehee

  • egregiousgirl

    what are everyone else’s resolutions? mine are
    . get to la for eclipse premiere and meet my ltt/skype posse.
    . stop sneaking and eating cheese.
    that’s it. i’ll be lucky if i can manage that much….

    • fangbanger

      Just eat the cheese.

      You must live!

      • egregiousgirl

        cheese is not required for life. i am just weak of spirit.

        • fangbanger

          Darling Eg,

          Cheese may not be required for your life but if I didn’t eat it, I wouldn’t be me anymore.

          I’d be a “a weakling weighing 98 pounds”.

          And no one would love me. And they may even kick sand in my face…

          And I have done my quota of comments that have nothing to do with anything. Thank you and goodnight.

        • Ang

          Cheese is not required for life? It is in my world.

          • Midnight_Cyn

            Mine too…I live for cheese pizza!

          • southernbelle

            Lucky you Ang!

    • TeamSeth

      Sneaking? Like Golum? You are quitting cheese? I think we need to have a little chat about this.

  • southernbelle

    Happy New Year Moon, UC and everyone! Feliz año nuevo! Keep doing what you’re doing! I love your blogs and I look forward to your new shenanigans everyday.

    One of my New Year’s resolution is to have a girl’s night out with girlfriends and watch Twilight/New Moon/any other movie w/ Rob in it. As long as he’s in it, I’m in(thatswhatshesaid). While watching I’ll serve Heinekens, Hotpockets and white chocolate chip cookies :-).


    • mountainlion


      Can I come to your girl’s night out?

      If so…can we add a dramatic interpretation of Twi? I wanna play Bella’s parts and think that when Edward says, “this is who I am,” the SPARKLEPEEN will make it’s grand entrance…that what she said.

      I hope we are making you proud Moon and UC because I’m really starting to think like you 2.

      Thanks for EVERYTHING!

      Happy 2010.

      • absolutelyvlc

        “this is who I am” *flaump* and he just plops it out on the table. Mountainlion you’re clayzee.

        • mountainlion

          Who doesn’t love a sparklepeen ploping on a table? I’m just saying…

        • southernbelle

          “sparklepeen plopping on the table” LMAO!

          Wow, that sounds like really huge sparklepeen! OMG what am I saying? *hangs head in shame*

      • southernbelle

        LMAO, mountainlion I <3 you! Hahah, yes you are more than welcome to come to my GNO! We were already doing the reenactment the other night, remember? So next time we can just add costume and lighting!

        Honestly though, my other friend mentioned this to me last night!

        I think Bella will pass out when she sees the "real sparklepeen!" This is gonna be one hell of a GNO won't you think? My girlfriends will turn rabid! I see a lot of hair pulling and screaming. The neighbors might call the cops on us and raid my house.

  • Good Job! Let’s Do This!!!

  • My new year resolutions?

    Make Twi-venture 2010 a reality…
    Make BFF’s with Tay…
    Be less annoying with long-ass comments….

    Happy New Year everybody! The hamster is sauced…muah!

    • Ang

      Illegal – so the hamster says less when sauced? Hmmm. I say more!

      • Teehee…I wish I was sauced enough Ang but Jayde seemed to have drunk my share of the little bottles as well lol…I was just too tired to come up with a witty comment…*whispers* I think people are getting sick of me ranting about nothing of importance* lol

        • Ang

          Girl please – we ALL rant about nothing of importance!

    • gizmo

      this will definitely be your year as you will be legal to love a certain wolf.

      • Thanks luv!muah! The question is…will he accept my offer of BFF-dom without calling security (and calling me ugly with the personality of Paris Hilton) therefore branding me a twi-crazy forever? That would suck….that would suck real bad….lol

    • TeamSeth

      Twi-Venture 2010 BABY!

  • fangbanger


    You did so well…

    But Imma miss the old look. It’s just so familiar.

    Oh wells. Happy New Year!!!! Well later anyway. Except for Illegal & Jayde. Lucky dogs.

  • Jess

    Love the resolutions!
    And may I point out that as of February, Chris Hansen is gonna have to take you off his watch list. 2010 will be a good year!
    Happy New Year guys 🙂

  • Rob’s Bitch

    I’m sorry, I’ve only gotten as far as “we saw ROB” at some of these concerts. Like close up, talked to him, touched him, bought him a drink? Did you blog about these encounters? If so, archive links please!

    I want to see ROB – it’s my dying wish. You know, before I die..

  • MichaelSheenisaDILF

    Sorry 2009, Imma let you finish, but 2010 is going to be the best year OF ALL TIME! OF ALL TIME!

    UC and Moon, I have to say thank you for your brilliance, for making me feel “normal” but still letting me make fun of people who like Twilight. It’s like being a smoker who doesn’t like smoke!

    My resolutions:
    Hire Taylor’s trainer
    See Michael Sheen in a lead role (in a movie actually shown in the U.S.)
    Figure out what Remember Me is about
    Try not to get into “the cougar thing” when Tay turns 18
    Write my own fan fiction Bromance featuring Buttcrack Santa and Big Daddy

    Love to all ya’ll!!

    • TeamSeth

      That was hilar. Can’t wait for your FF…that might the first FF I can get behind. (twss)

  • lapushbaby

    I know that you will succeed at every single one of these, I have total faith in you. Total.

    I decided yesterday that my NY resolution is to get a personal @itslapushbaby reply on twitter from Eric Yorkie, er, I mean Justin Chon….think I can do it?

    • TeamSeth

      Um, YEAH! Just make sure your tweets aren’t locked.

    • Justin Chon is on twitter? awesomesauce! With ur avi u cant lose….worse comes to worse…go gaysian…go gaysian hard….lol

  • i LOVE how appropriate is it that today the first comment is a DRUNK COMMENT!!!!!

    • TeamSeth

      I think LTT has truly stepped it up a notch past the #drunktweet. TURN YOUR PHONES OFF TONIGHT, LADIES! Let’s keep it classy.

      • Ang

        Let’s keep it classy? Really? I think it’s too late for that. 🙂

        • absolutelyvlc

          *cough FUCKTASTIC cough*

  • KinkyKiss

    I jumped the gun yesterday by
    sayin my resolutions

    but as for yours, they sound great!

    Can’t wait for 2009 to be over!

  • TeamSeth

    Your new look?! :'( I like this look! I’m glad you warned me though so I can save it off as a desktop snapshot to put into my digital scrapbook.

    I think that the Copenhagen one might be the most challenging of all the resolutions, so I’m really expecting the European (are there any Danish readers?) LTTers to step it up for the cause.

  • Dixie Rae

    Oh I’ve missed you guys… Been away from the internet for the last 9 days or so, but I’m back and can resume my daily ritual of reading LTT and LTR.

    Heart you Moon and UC.

    *raises glass*
    To 2010…may you complete your Resolution Mission!
    Happy New Year’s!

  • Ashley Frag


    i love you gals.
    You, are my life now.

    xo Ash

  • Rob4president

    I just read an awesome fanfiction she has just started and really could do with some readers.The writing is quite good and plot looks interesting.It is called fate and coincidences and it is wrote by TizTiz ,look it up on fanfiction.net and review

  • Bleriana

    Just came back from watching the fireworks… It’s finally 2010 in Germany…
    And guess how I started the first day of the New Year? By watching a double of Twilight and New Moon…

    Happy 2010 y’all!!!

  • Sorry guys … haha.
    But hope you all have a fab night tonight!

    • TeamSeth

      *hugs* Never apologize.

  • KittTatt

    New Year’s Resolutions:

    1) Drink more.
    2) Umm… whatever else I can accomplish after I complete #1.

    Love you all & thanks again, UC & Moon, for a safe haven for Snark & Robsessing.

  • Midnight_Cyn

    HAPPY 2010 TO EVERYONE HERE AT LTT/LTR/LNM etc…I can’t think of anywhere I would rather be than right here at the stroke of midnight….ok…I am sooo lying…..SORT OF….the ONLY OTHER place I would choose to be is with Eddie at the Cullen family residence sipping champagne and toasting all things sparkling and bright while waiting for THAT kiss when the bell tolls…ok maybe I am still fibbing alittle…IF my hubs were to shock the shitz out of me by holding 2 tickets to a huge party where I could dress in a very sparkling long slinky dress and heels and him a tux so we could sip champagne and kiss at midnight…I would so go…ok..now I am just delirious! So yes THIS IS WHERE I WANT TO BE…SHOULD BE..(especially on a BLUE MOON) CAUSE I LOVE LTT & ALL MY TWI FAMILY! HAPPY HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! xoxoxox

    • southernbelle

      Midnight cyn- Happy New Year!!!! My voice is going out from singing so much karaoke tonight!

      The blue moon is awesome!

      Sending big hugs from me! I’m totally lucid by the way!


    • JodieO

      HUUUUGS! HAPPY NEW YEAR! I’m so glad to know you!

  • yahhyahh

    I met Stephanie and she didn’t call the cops on me 🙂 woohoo!
    Happy New Year everyone 🙂 🙂

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