Lets try this again: Our Twilight New Year’s Resolutions 2010

Dear whoever

Last year in our infancy we decided to make some New Year’s Resolutions for LTT and LTR and ourselves and since we love accountability almost as much as Kellan does we audited out Resolutions in July and today we’re going to evaluate how we did and then make our 2010 Resolutions!

First up how much did we fail on our 2009 Resolutions


1. Make a pilgrimage to Forks, WA and maybe drag along some pals to terrorize this lovely town
Verdict: FAIL – we never made it to the Olympic Peninsula and we were never named honorary members of the Quiliuete tribe.
UC/Moon: 0          People who want us to fail: 1

2. Bring you coverage and live ‘Letters’ from the red carpet premiere of New Moon
Verdict: Sorta not fail… I mean we were at the premiere and we did see the cast and we could SEE the red carpet but weren’t officially ON it. NEXT YEAR!!
UC/Moon: .5          People who want us to fail: 1.5

3. Torture your eyes and ears with as many 100 Monkeys videos as we can find/take/make
Verdict: WIN. We ruled at these sorta related to, sorta not related to musical events. Not only did we see these bands and report back with our own story times we even saw ROB at a couple of these shows.
UC/Moon: 1.5          People who want us to fail: 1.5

Fail and fail!

4. Convince Stephenie Meyers to finish Midnight Sun in a timely fashion (like by Feb. 1st or something)
Verdict: This is a HALF fail because obviously she didn’t publish it in 2009 BUT we did find out she reads LTT AND she mentioned Midnight Sun on her Oprah Interview because her Mom loves the Edward POV. So If we combine our powers (like Captain Planet) with Stephenie’s Moms maybe… just MAYBE someday (in like 20 years) we will be able to read ALL of Midnight Sun.
UC/Moon: 2          People who want us to fail: 2

See the rest of our report card and read out 2010 resolutions!

5. Make Kristen Stewart aka Sour Puss smile at least 3-4 times by our hilarious commentaries.
Verdict: WIN! I’m pretty sure Kristen Stewart has smiled more since we made this resolution than in all previous years combined. This might be because of Taylor’s abs or working with people like Mike Welch but we’re gonna take the credit.
UC/Moon: 3          People who want us to fail: 2

Let’s toast to a rad 2010!

6. Bring you even more shirtless pictures of Kellan while making inappropriate comparisons between him and that hot guy from your youth group who was nice to everyone.
Verdict: DONE AND DONE. Like 8 billions times. We so ruled this resolution!
UC/Moon: 4          People who want us to fail: 2

7. Start to v-log occasionally
Verdict: WIN! We created videos, we dramatically read Entertainment Weekly and well there’s plenty more coming up where that came from
UC/Moon: 5          People who want us to fail: 2

8. Actually start featuring more Twilight girls on this site!
Verdict: WIN! We declared ourselves BFF with Ashley, we occasionally like KStew and we found our new girlcrush: Anna Kendrick

FINAL 2009 New Years Resolution Tally:
UC/Moon: 6          People who want us to fail: 2

So as you can see opposed to our self imposed exile from Diet Coke (FAIL!) we did pretty darn great on making good on these New Years Resolutions from 2009. So since we’re feeling lucky here’s our 2010 resolutions…

2010 Letters to Twilight Resolutions

June 30, 2010 we know where we’ll be!

  • Actually get ON the red carpet at the Eclipse premiere and not be standing across the street trying to figure out if that’s Rob’s hair or Mike Welch on stilts that the girls are screaming for


  • Get a picture with Kaleb Nation to commemorate meeting him instead of running into him accidentally while looking for a bathroom and then totally forgetting to get a picture since we were too busy thinking about not peeing our pants


Rated XXX for triple Xtra HOT!

  • Watch Ashley Greene’s sex tape when she inevitably makes one and live blog it… blow by blow… um, that’s what she said?
  • Meet Stephenie Meyer and not have her call the police on us


  • Take it up a notch with our video skills & perhaps write a theme song for them
  • Only see New Moon and Eclipse in the theater in numbers below the teens – This goes for Eclipse as well… When the popcorn guy knows you by name it’s time to seek help and a shock collar
  • Host a peace summit in Copenhagen between big name players in the Robsten vs Nonsten world and decide if we can all finally get along. Maybe if we come to an agreement we can sing we are the Rob together
  • We promise to continue to be controversial. We started writing thus blog because we couldn’t’ believe the lameness of the fandom. We still can’t. So we’ll continue to call it as we see it by KIR, you know: Keeping it Real
  • Meet Big Daddy Lautner. Tell him we love him more than the entire cast combined and would love to have a conversation over a Filet O Fish. Try not to act surprised when he has NO idea who we are

Where we will continue to torment Twilight and YOUR lives

  • Roll out our new blog design. Yes, yes we are finally getting rid of the old look and moving over to join the forum on our very own server space


5, 4, 3, 2, 1!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

So which one of these do you think we’re fail on miserably? WHich one is a slam dunk? Are there any resolutions we should add?

Our internet game is still ridiculous: The Forum, LTR, Twitter

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