Watch UC live at the AOL MovieFone Twilight Night Event!

Dear Superfans,

Tonight moviefone is hosting ‘Twilight Night’ across the US. Superfan, UC, got to be a part if the action in Philly!

Tons of details & pics to follow, but you can watch the live stream here starting at 10 et/ 7 pt & pray UC does us proud (and learn her real name & hear Jackson say it wrong!)


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  • fangbanger

    Woah. David Slade is British?!?!?!? I had no idea. I’m not sure I’ve ever heard him speak before.

    Can’t watch it all. I’m out in the boonies and the wifi is a bit shaky.

    Your pic with Jackson is soooooooo cute, UC! Hope it was a blast. πŸ™‚

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  • Luludee

    Awesome job UC! That was totally professional! You looked beautiful!! I think Jackson thought so too! πŸ˜‰

  • Vanna

    Becca!! You sounded like a pro. Lovely.

  • BabyMomma

    UC! You were great! You are absolutely adorable!

  • natashadushi

    I am watching now too (not live anymore ofcourse)

  • igoogleit

    Hi from SouthAmerica, first time commenting here, I just want to tell u that I so looooooove this blog and LTR. So I’m watching the moviefone thing and litterally LMAO at the red mullet suggestion, love jackson’s positive response to it as well. You guys are like my heroes!! srsly

  • LoveSpelledBackwards

    Red Mullet…haha. Love it! You looked gorgeous UC and I wasn’t 2nd hand embarrassed at all! Very cool.

  • lysin

    Great job with the Jbone interview… Red Mullet… too funny! And “I just want a check” (the look on his face). I think he was disappointed when you walked away though leaving him hanging with his arm out!

    Cute out fit too, but I’m sure you had your Twilight Super Fan button pinned to your bra!

  • IrrevocablyInLove

    Another Hi from South America, I’m from Brazil. I’ve been reading the blogs since January and I love both.
    You guys have been doing a great job e so deserve what you got so far. Interviewing Stephenie: Oh-My-God (in Janice’s voice). I hope you get your names “drew” out of a hat and you get to hang out with Rob too, for a whole day this time and not just four hours. :p

    Congratulatios and keep up the good work. You make me laugh every day.

  • Sj

    Betsy..Becca, I think it’ll be easier to stick with UC. So secondhand proud!
    Never noticed Jackson’s accent, has it always been like this or has he started channeling Elvis? I like.

    • Athena

      LOL, I noticed this, too! Has he always had the southern drawl?

  • TheRedHead

    Hi…I recently discovered LTT and have been giggling at my computer screen ever since (when no one is looking of course). I was some how compelled to drive in to Philly for the event last night and it was literally 2nd hand embarrasing as I watched non-fans get trivia wrong like what time of day is best for vampires – duh – twilight. UC, you had better questions than the Moviefone people (one of whom called Bronson Branson). Probably won’t be able to stomach another event like that any time soon but needed to stalk…um…support UC. Great job!

    • awwww! i wish I could have met you!!! NEXT TIME! (you WILL come :):) )

      • TheRedHead

        You might be able to twist my arm…but start preparing good excuses to tell my husband for where I’m going…I think he’s starting to get suspicious although I do my best to hide the sparkle in my eye when the subject of Twilight comes up

  • kasey

    wow! ive only been following the AMAZING blog for little over a week but im already obssesed with it! i stayed up till 2 last night watching the stream and i must say that you did an absolutely professional job! and you were soo cute! i cant wait to see pics of this special night!


  • Jamie

    I cannot get the video to work. Does anyone have a link to it?

    • agusap

      hey, guess what? I couldn’t watch it either and I was going to reply to your comment asking for the link as well but then I hit play again and it worked, idk maybe refresh the site until it works?

      • eatmyjorts

        Even when it works it just goes on at random points (some kind of loop) so I’ve seen 40000000 differrent bits, none containing our very own Superfan. UC, can you chop your bit out & post it? Pleeeeeeeeease.

  • fayted17

    You did so great! You did better than some of the official hosts. Who else was really tempted to photoshop Jackson into a red mullet and make Breaking Dawn posters? There was so much to be second hand embarrassed about on that video. I got the impression that there was someone from Summit just off camera with a gun pointed at Slade’s head, forcing him to participate in Twilight night.

  • Elliebelle

    Cute dress. Excellent mike positioning. Smart questions. “Red Mullet”, indeed! Jackson even went for the extra arm tap as you walked away. Nice.
    I agree, Twilight Jasper has my favorite hair.

    I’ve been reading your site and many of the archives to get ready for Tuesday night, Eclipse. So delish. I laugh a lot. Thanks! I had no idea there were so many cool Twifolk.

  • Wendy

    YAY!!!!!!!!!!! You did so great!
    Love how you threw the “when I interviewed Stephanie Meyer” comment in there…heeheehee…
    You did us proud girl!

  • Alice_NaA

    You’re such a natural at this! You could tell from Jackson’s answers that he was very happy not to be meeting some lame ‘superfan’, but a cute funny girl.

    Btw That Bronson dude made me throw up in my mouth.

  • Rob’s flaming dashboard

    UC, that was such a professional performance. I am deeply impressed. Hope you remember us when you are sitting in Katie Couric’s chair.

    Dear Summit,
    See how many views there are for the early interviews Rob did with that fan Laura Culpepper? {Love, love, LOVE these!}

    Well, UC and Moon have gravitas: they are ready for the highest, holiest crown of the superfan – so set them up to interview Mr Pattinson already!

    Love and other indoor sports,
    The LTR / LTT fans

  • FacePunch

    Umm………… I thought your name was Bunny!?!?! :O


    Loved the vid, and you looked really nice and did such a great job up there! Wow… he totally freakin’ wanted you. πŸ˜€

    Do you sometimes pinch yourself and wonder how the hell all of this happened? LOL! πŸ™‚

    • I agree…When I read the post I thought – “How does anyone mispronounce Bunny?!?!”
      I’m not at all 2nd hand embarassed, but I’m totally 3rd hand proud πŸ™‚

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  • Athena

    UC, you were absolutely adorable in your interview. I probably would have fangirled and salivated and I don’t know what else… ahh!

    I attended the Miami Twilight Night, I had a great time… so much free merch and an incredible drunken evening with a friend!


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