Interview With The Were/Shifter Part 1 : La Push Edition

Dear Twilight,

Call us matchmakers, call us comedians, call us heroes, call us all of the above, we’ll take whatever you call us (as long as it’s not “Krisbian” ba-dum-ching), but our favorite “role” on LTT is one of enabler– that’s right, even though you wrote a letter for LTT submission back in May or June and haven’t heard back from us yet (because that’s how far behind we are on emails- Summer emailing #fail), we LOVE when you catch the LTT letter-writing spirit & send us the goods. We love that you’ve wasted as much time as we have doing “normal” things like stalking obscure members of the Twilight cast, watching countless fan-made videos & laughing your ass off at 2nd embarrassing people, things and events. And we love when you meet an LTT BFF, start up a blog & share your amazingness with everyone here.

That’s exactly what LTT friends Stacey & Stacey (who met on LTT) did. Today, on Stacey vs. Stacey, they delve into a rarely discussed topic- Jacob & his furry friends:

Vampires, vampires, vampires. It’s like the Supe version of the Brady Bunch. Instead of Marcia and Jan, it’s Edward and Jacob or Bill and Alcide. I can just hear Jacob say, “Edward, Edward, Edward!” Stomps his feet and goes off to pout. These poor puppies get absolutely no play, well a little bit but not like the vamps. So we, the Staceys thought to ourselves, hey let’s help these boys out and give them a say. Taking a page from Anne Rice’s Interview with the Vampire, we will be doing (fake) sit downs with the boys in two parts. First for our LTT friends, we will dive deep (very deep) into the Quilute Wolf pack. Part 2 on [our blog] Talksupe will focus on our furry friends featured on True Blood and Vampire Diaries. These are our transcribed notes: Location 1: Picnic Area. La Push Beach, Forks, Washington

EastCoast Stacey (aka EC): Brrr…it’s chilly out here.
WestCoast Stacey
(Snowwhitedrifted aka SWD): No wonder Bella is always in flannel.
EC: Where the hell are your shirts? It’s like 40 degrees out here * background grumbles *
I get that you’re hot, but seriously it’s just polite to put on clothes when women are around.

SWD: No kidding, hey I think I see “Twin Peaks”. *snickers*
EC: First question, it doesn’t seem to hurt you when you phase. How does it feel?
Jacob: Did you bring food?
EC: Umm…no…Let me check in my bag. Half a bag of Skittles, some Altoids…oh, a Ziploc bag full of GOLDFISH crackers. There you go boys.

SWD: *thinks* that’s such the mom purse snack selection

EC: Hi Leah. *Leah walks off briskly with snacks* Where is she going with the Goldfish?

Paul: Stealing them. Girl, you better bring those back.

EC: Wait…why isn’t Leah wearing a shirt either? Is this a nudist colony?

SWD: Like I said above…
EC: Alright…back to my question. Is this phasing thing actually painless? I watch George on BBC America’s BEING HUMAN and it looks like it hurts! (Honestly, check it out people! The British do it best!)

Jacob: That’s a British Show. I hate British guys. They’re skinny, pale, dress like girls, steal your women… Nope, haven’t seen it. I like watching SPEED and ESPN.
SWD: *says under breath* … and of course the NatGeo channel.
EC: Jacob, I need to ask you about this imprint thing.

*Embry and Jared giggle *
EC: Oh. Hi there, Jared. How you doin’?
Sam: No. If you remember, we signed a contract that you would not ask about Bella’s baby. That question is off the table.
EC: Are you a lawyer, now?

SWD: It’s cool, Stace, J.Jenks gave us the go ahead.

EC: Fine. Good try, Sam. Just calm down. We know what happens when wolf out inappropriately. You know…Emily. I have Charlie’s number on speed dial. Quil? You and the two-year old? Claire?
Quil: Umm…Yeah.
EC: If it was my daughter, I would have a baseball bat with your name on it.
SWD: no kidding.. or scissors.. snip snip.

Quil: I can see that. Do you ladies have boyfriends?
EC: What? We’re both married, to men who wear shirts.

SWD: I make mine wear a black tee so he looks like… nevermind.
EC: Somedays, I make mine wear his gray peacoat. I tell him it makes him look preppy, but really he looks like Ed…
Jacob: Seriously?!? * growls *
Quil: Well Claire and I will be married in sixteen years. I need some companionship. You two are MILFS, and I can tell you like the pecs. *wiggles them*, I’m a vir…never mind.
SWD: I don’t teach.

*Embry and Jared giggle *
EC: Hi Jared! * throws Skittle on the ground * Could you bend over and pick up for me?
Seth: Guys I’ve got to go. My mom just texted me. I have to cut the ribbon to the new Fish Fry on Route 55. Can somebody take me? *scuffs foot sadly* ….or I could hitch hike.
Paul: Hitch hike.

EC: Never mind we’ll take him. Mean puppies.

SWD: I have a carseat.


EastCoast & WestCoast: Staceys

Even though it still takes us forever to respond, we STILL love your letter submissions! Keep sending them in! And make sure to check out the Stacey’s Talk Supe especially in the next few days so you don’t miss Part TWO of the interview!

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  • Rachel B

    Just for the record- Alcide would get plenty of play if he would just swing by my place. I think you know what I’m sayin 😉

    • Stacey

      There is a VERY nice picture of him on Talk Supe. Very nice. He’s wearing one of his plaid shirts. yum.

      The post should be up in a half an hour or so. Waiting for husbands to leave for work so we can post…

      • Stacey

        Nevermind, it’s up!!! :0)

        • Yes, it’s up. Pardon the headline text in the interview portion. I updated and posted before previewing. Go me! #formatFail

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  • superhumanmoron

    Mom purse? I don’t carry a mom purse. *scoffs* Oh wait, that’s right. The diaper bag is my purse now. 🙁

  • Midnight_Cyn

    “I have a carseat” LOL
    Great post! XO
    Happy to report after spending $35 for 6 antibiotic pills and the whole day on the couch.. I am on the mend!! Only 3 more days!! THANKS FOR THE WELL WISHES & SUPPORT FROM MY LTT FAMILY…XOXO


    • Stacey

      I’m glad that you’re starting to feel better! I’ll be thinking of you on Saturday and sending happy thoughts! Have a wonderful time!

    • eatmyjorts

      Will do special praying Cyn! I’m excited to hear about how wonderful it all was, as I’m sure it’ll be brilliant. XXX

    • Sj


    • Bea

      Glad you’re all better! Will be thinking of you Saturday!

    • The Old One

      You go, girl.

  • lindsaylee

    “we are manly men who watch manly shows” still laughing. Great post guys!! Im jealous of your LTT friendship. I keep wearing my “twead serious” t arouind hoping ill find an ilusive nashville LTT-er. Looking forward to part 2!

    • Rachel B

      oh! that part made me think of robin hood men in tights!

      “we are men! Men in tights! TIGHT tights!”


      • theseviolentdelights

        Yet again, something that reminds me of the lumberjack song.

  • eatmyjorts

    Aaaah, music to my ears, wolves being smutty! Seriously ladies, I’m changing my name to British Stacey & insist you include me in all breaking down (& especially bending over) of the Wolfpack. As long as they don’t ‘bend & snap’ we’ll do fine.

    ‘I don’t teach’ – that right there is why I love you. Quality entertainment. Sigh, I don’t teach either. If I’d caught a hold of Jacob when I was in my teens he’d be the world’s best kisser by now, but now my skills are off limits. Double sigh.

    • TeamSeth

      I’d say only Alaric does the bend and snap. Works every time!

  • PerfectDate

    “or scissors…snip-snip”
    This made me laugh, because I just finished re-vamping BD and the imprint thing, well, I am still having issues. And also Leah didn’t bug me as much this time through. Well, I mostly just read the Edward parts, so maybe that’s why.

  • “We’re both married, to men who wear shirts.”

    Bravo ladies. Thanks for the laugh at the end of a craptastic day 😉

  • Nelle

    “I have a carseat” LOL. Love the 2 Staceys!

  • The Old One

    Ah, you included poor Solomon Trimble. Where is he now? Has he cut his hair?

    • Stacey

      He’ll always have that hair! He needs it for when he goes to the very special Twilight meet and greets at the Holiday Inn. He’ s the celebrity guest.

      • ChillinWithCullens

        Haha! Nice! Poor guy… 🙂

        On a side note, I bought my Twilight halloween candy (no joke) today to hand out to the kiddies! This should be fun…

    • TeamSeth

      Trimble updates found here.

      I actually think he’s at grad school some 15 blocks from my office. Um… normal.

      • eatmyjorts

        You know TOO much! I notice he’s single….time for the first twi-notch on your belt?

        • TeamSeth

          Too late for that…

          • eatmyjorts

            TELL! AT ONCE!

  • sonata

    “SWD: I make mine wear a black tee so he looks like… nevermind.
    EC: Somedays, I make mine wear his gray peacoat. I tell him it makes him look preppy, but really he looks like Ed…
    Jacob: Seriously?!? * growls *”

    EPIC! I wish I weren’t in grad school and working two part time jobs and raising 2 kids & a husband and moving across the country this month so I could keep coming here daily. However, in my 5 minutes of breaktime today, I had to sneek over, and I was not disappointed. Thanks for the MUCH NEEDED laugh today!

  • Twi Mom(not like on O)

    Great Post Girls. The carseat comment was HILAR!!

  • TeamJacobEdward

    Gah! I don’t know for certain if it’s my phone or LTT, but for some reason no matter how many times I try to turn off the mobile view of LTT today and yesterday IT WON’T SHUT OFF! It wouldn’t be so bad but the mobile view doesn’t allow or show replies. Grrrr. (end rant)

    SWD: “I don’t teach” – is that because of that old adage, “those who can’t do, teach”? You bragging about your skills? 😉

    Cyn: Thinking about you lots. Thinking nothing but good thomas for Saturday for you. Everything from you feeling well to beautiful weather and everything in between. Lots of prayers for you my dear.

    There was more but I forget now….

    • TeamJacobEdward

      Yesssss! Full version finally stuck! Yey! (Oh the little things that make ne so happy)

  • TeamJacobEdward

    @lindsaylee: I keep wearing my LTT shirts out and around just HOPING someone from here will spot me, but no luck here either. 🙁

    PS – Though when wearing my “That’s Normal” shirt I HAVE been asked, “What’s Normal?” me: “Um…..” Explaining it to someone who doesn’t “get it” doesn’t really work so well. 🙂

    • P.S.

      Wearing my tweed serious shirt today, and I keep hoping someone will notice. At the same time I keep hoping no one will ask! Do we try to explain, or make something up? I’m a really bad liar!

      • TeamJacobEdward

        I’ve learned evasive-ness works best.

        For tweed serious, I’d probably just say I thought it sounded funny. I’m a bad liar too so simple and evasive answers seem best. 🙂

      • TeamSeth

        There were some gals touring the waterfalls along the Columbia River Gorge on Saturday. All wearing Sparkle Girls shirts. Black with red writing in the twi font. I gave them ‘the look’, but I was with my parents so i couldn’t shout out something like, “TWILIGHT YAY!” You know how that is.

        But if you were one of those women, I saw you and I wanted to say hi!

        • TeamJacobEdward

          Nope, not me. 🙁 That would have been awesome to know I was THIS CLOSE to another LTTer. 🙂 …Anyone come to Minnesota keep your eye out for me!

    • lindsaylee

      right! I have to explane to everyone also… Its almost not worth it. I have just started telling people its an inside joke mainly because a) I dont want to be written off as one of those “twilight people” right away and b) I dont have that much time.

      aka rule # 1 do not talk about fight club

      • Stacey

        Fight Club for the win! Mostly Cullen Fight Club. You can’t beat a Fight Club that sparkles. I also like to think that they would break into song like West Side Story.

        • TeamSeth

          Musical knife fight!

          • eatmyjorts

            The words ‘musical knife fight’ alongside that visual of Charlie Swan’s moustache just made me sigh. He could get in between the warring factions with a bit of nifty footwork & get them to take it down a notch.

  • ChillinWithCullens

    Ok, somebody please help me out! This is really 1st hand embarrassing, but I’ve been on here for like 8 months, and still can’t figure out a thing! For example, I’d like to put a picture up next to my name ….*sniff, sniff*… like all the cool kids….*sniff*….but how does that work? Do I have some kind of a profile on here I’ve never seen or something? Any advice would be appreciated!

    • Bea

      Join or and your picture will link in here.

    • TeamSeth

      I do think your green guy is cute.

      • ChillinWithCullens

        thanks guys!!

  • Staceys are Crazies

  • TeamSeth

    Sorry so late in reply, Staceys. Work gets in the way. But I haven’t even finished reading and I must reply to this section:

    “EC: Alright…back to my question. Is this phasing thing actually painless? I watch George on BBC America’s BEING HUMAN and it looks like it hurts! (Honestly, check it out people! The British do it best!”


    (ps-just realised on recent viewing a Being Human commercial during Who that George is Alonso from “Voyage of the Damned” and “End of Time Part II”)

    • Stacey

      George was also on Masterpiece Theater’s Little Dorritt, which also starred Matthew Macfadyen (yum) and Martha from Doctor Who!

      I love, love Being Human! The last two episodes of this season were fantastic and scary! We’re (SWD and I) writing a post about it. I would love some additional input from another fan of show. You game?

      • TeamSeth

        Well…. I just watched my first episode yesterday–inspired by you! So I’m guessing I’m not a good inputer. It was season 2, episode 1. Or series 2? Can a British person explain how you guys term that–ever since my trip to Hull–where’s there’s nothing to do but watch TV–I’ve not known if it’s a series or season. And if it is a series, then what do you call the full show’s run/existence? Am I making any sense?! :S

        (Note to self-must watch Little Dorritt)
        (also, has anyone seen Pillars of the Earth on Starz? It’s a miniseries on right now, but I don’t have Starz so i wanted to see if it’s any good)

  • TeamSeth

    Okay, finished reading now. Yay for Seth! He’s so sweet.

    Can’t wait for Part 2. Um, or whatever part involves VampDi. I mean, perhaps we should see this week’s episode before a full sit down chat with the Lockwolf boys. And can I just say that Uncle Lockwood can jello arm wrestle me any time… unlike Uncle/Daddy John who may or may not have lost his sexy factor after his stint on Alias. Oh how I dote on that man from Grant’s Pass.

  • ChillinWithCullens

    Testing, testing…

    • ChillinWithCullens

      agggghhh!!! not working!! sorry for the outburst – back to the drawing board… 🙁

  • MidnightCougar

    @ EC & WC Staceys: I just visited your Talk Supe Blog & I must say I thoroughly enoyed it, love your humour! So, neat how we find & connect with people! Looking forward to the next post.

    • Stacey


  • operarose

    EC + WC Staceys rock!
    I am looking forward to the other antics you come up with.

    On a random note, the mention of J.Jenks got me thinking of Breaking Dawn and how bizarre that whole sequence was. If I thought I was in mortal danger and needed to find someone to take care of my infant daughter, a teenage wolf who’d imprinted on her would not be my first choice… oh well. Bella needs “raising a 1/2-zombie baby” parenting lesson, doesn’t she?…and that’s for another day, isn’t it?!

    @Cyn hope you continue to feel better and have a wonderful time this weekend!

    • Stacey

      I thought the same think about the Jenks part!!! I keep telling myself, even though she just became the undead she’s still a teenager. A teenager that just had a demon baby. It takes some time to figure things out. I have two real human babies who don’t drink blood and I have rough days, too.

      Even though I’m pushing the Tracy Morgan for Jenks campaign, if Mr. Morgan is too busy with 30 Rock, I have another option…Zach Galifianakis from the Hangover. Just think about it for awhile, it will grow on you.

    • P.S.

      I kinda thought they would leave the whole J.Jenks thing out of BD. Bella has infinite resources. If she needed fake ID’s I think she could get them without going through all that trouble. But I guess since it’s two parts they’re going to need J. for a time filler. Tracy Morgan would be an interesting choice! I always pictured Danny DeVito when I was reading it. (I’m not pushing for Danny though!)

  • Midnight_Cyn

    Hey everyone! Just wanted to say a HUGE THANK YOU to ALL of you for the love, support and prayers that have been sent my way leading up to this wedding! We are leaving at the crack of dawn tommorow and I wanted to be sure that I had a chance to tell you all how much is has meant to me to be able to share, vent and shed a tear or two with my “2nd family”. I love you all more than you know and everytime I panic, get overwhelmed I will think of all of you and I know I will make it through!
    Will “see” you here on Monday with a full report!

    • eatmyjorts

      Go Cyn! XXX

    • MidnightCougar

      So, glad you’re feeling better Cyn! God Bless & Best Wishes to you & all your family! !

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