Help our our friend, cuz she’s #coo

Dear Twilight,

You know her- she’s a celebrity around these LTT parts- It’s JaneTrigs– LTT turned real life friend turned Biggest Loser blogger & cheerleader (with Letters 2 Team Purple) turned money raiser for juvenile diabetes. Well, I think it’s to get rid of juvenile diabetes. I doubt she actually wants to give the disease money. She HATES it. Jane HATES a lot of things.

Anyway, she HATES me because I forgot to mention this after yesterday’s letter, so today she gets a FULL letter to ask you to help her out.

Years ago, Kristen Stewart supported JDRF and so we’ve seen connected it & Jane Trig’s walks AGAINST the disease with Twilight. Of course.

Jane says (sing it. I did):

Sometimes @janetrigs is inspired by @BL11Hannah & @BL11Olivia & borrows their Biggest Loser Team color to raise $ for sick kids.
Please give money to the Janetrigs’ JDRF Purple Team. The walk is THIS Sunday. Please join her hate of diabetes!
She talks in the 3rd person. (Okay I was probably supposed to sound like I was saying that. Another thing for Jane to HATE)
Here are some fun images for you to oogle:
It’s true. She was:
If you don’t love the tattoo in the next image you are a loser:
That Ron, such a nice guy:

And my personal all-time-favorite picture of JaneTrigs:

So do it! Donate a couple bucks!!

UC (and @janetrigs)

PS: Also happy 5 year anniversary to you, Mr. Choice. I hope you never see this message because you should be out planning the perfect anniversary for me xo


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