Breaking Dawn: It’s ON

Dear Breaking Dawn,

Well, you know you must be 3 months (to the day) away when I receive official Breaking Dawn pictures via e-mail. It’s never too early to start promoting a movie that will surely break box office records except Harry Potter’s.

I planned to ignore the pictures until Moon & I could give them a proper look-over together (oh yeah- she’s back! She’s safe! We barely talked yesterday because she was busy at work & responding to email threads that were sent 3 weeks ago!) but a few thoughts came to mind that I just had to share when I looked at the pictures for the first time:

Ah the joys of having a husband who doesn’t need to breathe underwater…(one more reason to envy Bella)


DAD’S ON VACATION and not on a business trip like he told you….. oh.. and he took the babysitter with him…

Taylor’s contract stipulates he must always have a romance going on in his films, so this is the scene they wrote in where Jacob & Rosalie consider getting it on for a hot moment.

“Carlisle? I ate 3 dozen eggs in the last 4 days & I think I lost 3 pounds. Is there something wrong with me?”

Why YES the ass of Bella’s short-shorts says “JERZEY 4 LIFE”

And it hit me, this first part of the movie is ENTIRELY about the honeymoon, isn’t it? Yes they get married. Yes- Bella gets pregnant. But other than that it’s threesomes in a canopy bed, worrying about non-existent fat pouches and Edward in Kmart’s finest selection of Dockers for men!

Can November get here already!?


What did you think of the new stills? And, um, besides the occasional scene of Bella drinking blood… is there anything else going on in this film? Do I need to re-read the 1st half of Breaking Dawn again?

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